Zinus Mattress Reviews – 2020 Updated [Complete Guide]

Zinus is an e-Commerce business that manufactures and sells mattresses and furniture. Since being established in 2004, after the launch of their early bedding products, the company has grown rapidly.

Zinus offers memory foam, coiled innerspring and hybrid mattresses, usually delivered compressed or in the form of bed-in-a-box.

Why Consumers Like Zinus?

Zinus is known for its relatively cheap products. All of their mattresses cost under $500 (shipping excluded), which, in comparison to brands that sell mattresses for over a thousand dollars, is very affordable.

They introduced Bio-Foam and organic compounds in their mattresses in 2007, making the mattresses and their production eco-friendly and a favorite of people who care about nature.

Where is Zinus located?

Zinus has the main branch located in California, however, is situated in 9 different places across the world such as United States, Canada, Australia, China etc. All of their mattresses are manufactured in China. Zinus delivers in 48 states, except for Hawaii and Alaska.

Zinus is available through their website, Amazon and Walmart, while is sold by retailers in different locations across the globe. It isn’t available by a physical outlet.

What are the Pros of buying Zinus mattresses?

1. Quite Less Costly:

The most expensive Zinus mattress costs $467.00 through their website, which is way cheaper than a luxurious brand’s twin sized mattress. This quality makes Zinus a popular name, as being affordable to everyone attracts a large number of audience.

2. Cooling:

Zinus innerspring mattresses are very airy while the gel-memory foam based mattresses are great at absorbing body heat, keeping you cool all night long either way!

3. Free Delivery Across The States:

With the exception of Hawaii and Alaska, Zinus delivers all around the US, so it doesn’t matter if you live on the East coast or West, you can get your Zinus mattress in the same time span, with no shipping costs added!

4. Variety In Thickness and Softness:

While Zinus offers just 8 models, which may seem like limited, almost every model has many options of firmness and thickness. So whenever you pick different options separately, remember you’re making your (almost) unique combination!

5. Eco-Friendly:

Zinus mattresses are one of a kind, as they use organic compounds in the production of their beds. Their bio-foam and eco-foam use plant oils and don’t leave much carbon footprint.  Their mattresses contain seed oils, activated charcoal and green tea extract, ensuring that the mattress stays fresh!

6. Return Policy and Financing:

By filling an online form, you can easily submit a request to exchange or return your defected mattress, and the issue will be resolved quickly! Zinus also allows monthly payments through Affirm, usually approved through soft credit check.

7. Easy To Install:

Zinus mattresses are delivered compressed in a box, which you can easily move upstairs or downstairs without needing a lot of muscle power! Moreover, these mattresses can be kept up to a week in a box, if you’ve not discarded your old mattress yet!

8. Trials and Customer Services:

Zinus offers trials for a 100 nights, so you can test the product in your very own home! Zinus also has a California warehouse with a team willing to help you out, with all their models stored there. Customer support is available through their website and helpline. Zinus also has an FAQ page, and basically any question that isn’t too specific, you can find an answer for!

9. Other Products:

Zinus offers mattress toppers, in case you don’t want to get rid of your old mattress just yet. Zinus also sells a removable mattress pad layer, to add comfort to your current sleep buddy. Other products Zinus offers include bed frames, foundations, platform beds, and even sofas!

10. Couple-Friendly:

Zinus mattresses now provide great sleep to couples, with good quality support and decent motion isolation, so you can cross one reason of arguing off the list!

What are the Cons of buying Zinus mattresses?

1. Less Durability:

Zinus mattresses, in comparison to some other memory foam brands, don’t last that long, and their warranties are either 5-year or 10-year, making them not the best option for the long run.

2. Too Firm?

The firmer options provided by Zinus mattresses tend to be too firm for some consumers, which can attract those who love sleeping on a very solid surface but repel those who prefer a little more in firm that just support and slight cushioning.

3. Not Luxurious:

Being one of the lower budget mattress suppliers in the market, Zinus definitely is not what you go for when looking for luxury and feeling like a king or queen! For that, you may have to go for a more expensive route, which is a good distance away from Zinus!

What are some of the Best Mattresses offered by Zinus?

Zinus offers 7 mattress models, which include gel-based memory foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, and hybrids. So for your ease, we picked the best three affordable yet comfortable Zinus mattresses!

1. Zinus Green Tea Pressure Relief Memory Foam Mattress:

This mattress has the amazing qualities of being light and very airy, while contouring to the shape of your body to give you a hug and relieving pressure points simultaneously. The top layer of gel-based memory foam is infused with green tea extract and activated charcoal, to keep you and the bed both fresh!

The mattress is available in 4 different sizes; 6’’ with support base of 5’’ and memory foam layer of 1’’, making it feel firm, 8’’ with support base of 4’’, comfort layer of 2’’ and memory foam layer of 2’’ giving a firm feel, 10’’ with support base of 5.5’’, comfort foam layer of 2’’ and memory foam layer of 2.5’’, giving a medium feel and 12’’ plush mattress with 3.5’’ base support foam, 3.5’’ high-density foam, 2’’ comfort foam and 3’’ memory foam layers.

The mattress is available in all standard sizes, costing somewhere between $112 and $410 for different thicknesses and sizes.

2. Zinus Euro Top Pocketed i-Coil Pressure Relief Hybrid Mattress:

This mattress is one of the more luxurious Zinus mattresses, with a quilted soft cover and hundreds of coil springs, making it bouncy and very cloud-like. The mattress relaxes pressure points, and being fluffy yet supportive is its great quality. This one is perfect for kids or those who are kids at heart!

The mattress is available in two thicknesses, 12’’ and 13’’. Both the heights have 4 layers; 7.5’’ layer of coil springs at the base, 0.5’’ layer of high-density base foam, a 2’’ (for 12’’) or 3’’ (for 13’’) layer of comfort foam and a top layer of 1.25’’ high-density foam.

The mattress is available in King, Queen, Full and Twin sizes, costing you from $226 to $442 for the different sizes and heights.

3. Zinus Cooling Gel-Based Memory Foam Mattress:

This classic Zinus mattress makes a perfect bed for the heat of countryside or beaches, as sleeping on it feels like you are in a chilly refrigerator! This mattress keeps you cool all night long with its fabric layer that resists heat, and memory foam that regulates temperature!

This mattress is available in 4 heights; 8’’ and 10’’ which are available in all sizes but California King, while giving a fairly firm feel & 12’’ and 14’’ which are available in all sizes but Twin, that give quite a plushy feel.

The 8’’ mattress has a 4.5’’ base of support foam, 1.5’’ layer of comfort foam and 2’’ top layer of gel memory foam. The 10’’ one bears 6’’of base support foam, 1.5’’ layer of comfort foam and 2.5’’ top layer of gel memory foam. The 12’’ features 7’’ of high-density support foams, 2’’ of comfort foam and top layer of 3’’ gel memory foam. And finally the 14’’ possesses 8.5’’ of high-density base foam layers, 1.5’’ of comfort foam layer and 4’’ of gel memory foam top-layer.

The mattress price ranges between $172 to $467 for the different sizes and heights.

Our Unbiased Opinion On Zinus Mattresses:

Zinus is surely a brand that strives to give its customers the best. While yes, they might not be luxurious like a $2000 innerspring, or may not last for a generation, but they still reign at the top of the market because of their prices (plus being available on Amazon is nifty too!).

Their most luxurious and largest mattress is cheaper than a simple Twin from a well-reputed brand, and while it may differ in quality slightly, it surely still uses the best materials around, and can easily compete against the costlier brands for their marketed audience.

Their mattresses always keep you fresh and relaxed, and heating is one thing that will never occur in any of their beds. And even if there is a defect, the company is very generous in terms of returns.

All things summarized, Zinus mattresses are really one of the best. Very modern-esque mattresses, great eco-friendly technology and variety of comfort options, all make Zinus a great mattress brand to opt for when looking for something amazing to lay your hand (or body) on!

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