Review: The 9 Best Twin Mattresses of 2020

If you are wondering which brand twin mattress to get; whether it’s for you, your kids or your guest room, you must be 100% aware of all the options available out there.

After all, you don’t want to wake up feeling a backache that keeps you from having a great day!

Let’s have a look at what Twin Mattresses are and what are some pros and cons of this these.

What is a Twin Mattress?

Twin Mattresses are one of the widely popular options and generally found rivaled only by queen mattresses among buyers. A twin sized mattress is considered to be an ideal choice for children’s bedroom, guest bedrooms or college dorms.

It is very easy to find a twin mattress of any popular brand in the market, since its flooded with several options to choose from. However you must consider all the factors to ensure the mattress you choose provides support, relieve your pressure points and keeps you comfortable.

Twin Mattress – Pros:

1.   Easy to Move Around

The best part about twin mattresses is that they are so lightweight, you can practically flip, rotate or throw it around with just one hand.

So if you are planning to revamp your guest room by yourself, go ahead!

2.   Affordable

Twin mattresses are comparatively more affordable than any other. You get tons of options to choose from when it comes to bed style, type and bedding accessories for twin size.

Most of the twin mattresses cost a few hundred bucks, depending on the manufacturer you choose.

3.   Ideal for Children

Twin Mattress is the perfect choice for your guest room and children’s room, since a queen or king size mattress would not be ideal for such limited space.

4.   Can accommodate multiple beds in a single room

If you are planning to fit multiple beds into guest room or a dorm room then twin mattresses are best suited for this.

Twin Mattress – Cons:

1.     Too narrow for a Couple

Twin mattresses are not made for couples; unless you like to sleep separately to your partner then you can have two twin beds in your bedroom. Or you can go a size up!

2.     Can throw off room’s balance

Twin size is not suited for master bedroom. A twin mattress would fit comfortably in a  7’ x 10’ room size.  But If you are planning to have two twin beds in a single room, then the size of the room would have to be at least 10’ x 10’.

3.     Comfort

If you are like me and prefer to stretch out a bit while sleeping peacefully, then twin mattress won’t give the room you need to do so.

Let’s have a look at some of the best twin mattresses:

IKEA Twin Mattresses:


IKEA is one of the biggest household and furniture stores anywhere in the world, so of course they provide great options for mattresses. IKEA’s twin mattresses are very popular, and have the good qualities for a less costly one.

Some of IKEA’s best twin mattresses include HAUGESUND, MATRAND and MORGEDAL.


is a firm innerspring mattress with a poly-foam comfort system and separately wrapped pocket springs, which move independently to follow the position of your body and give you comfort and support all night long. The mattress just costs $199.00.


is a firm, foam mattress that features poly-foam support core and high-resilience poly-foam comfort layer. The mattress absorbs all your movements to provide a comfy sleep. The mattress also costs $199.00.


is a firm, memory foam layered mattress that contours to curves and shape of your body, relieves pressure and helps to relax featuring a poly-foam support core. The mattress is available only for $299.00.

IKEA provides great firm mattresses, so if you are one interested in firm beds rather than plush, IKEA is an amazing option!

Costco Twin Mattresses:

Costco, as you probably know, is an international wholesale warehouse club, where members can purchase items in huge bulky packages (well, except for mattresses and furniture, that is).

For all the Costco members reading, they do have Twin Mattress options, but the pricing is not ideal and has mediocre quality. Longevity and durability isn’t their strength, but noisiness is one thing they promise will never show up. They do have great return policies, but a very average experience should be expected.

Costco doesn’t produce their own mattresses, however retails from many trusted brands such as Novaform, Spring Air and Sealy.

Here are two of their more popular options:

i. Novaform 8’’ Twin Gel Memory Foam Mattress

provides a medium firm feel, while keeping you cool and breezy. The mattress keeps its shape top-notch for quite some time and is great for relaxing your worn out pressure points with its personalized support. The mattress costs $199.99.

ii. Sealy Response Essentials Twin Mattress

provides quality, comfort and support at affordable price of $429.99. The mattress features response coil system and has a height of 8.5-9 inches, with three layers; Comfort layer, Quilt layer and Woven Fabric Layer.

Costco isn’t definitely the go-to mattress store, but you’ll find what you like if you’re lucky!

Serta Twin Mattresses:

Serta is an Illinois-based mattress manufacturing company. They offer a wide range of Memory Foam Mattresses, from Medium-Soft to very Firm. Innerspring and Hybrid mattresses are also available.While they are said to have less longevity than expected, Serta offers warranties for a really long period of time.

Serta’s more popular and higher rated Twin mattresses are from their famous lines, Perfect Sleeper and iComfort:

i. iComfort Hybrid Blue Fusion 100 Firm

combines Gel Memory Foam layer with Balanced Support Foam by Serta, making it firm but very breathable, cushioning and supportable all at the same time. The 12’’ mattress may cost $659 but is amazing for moisture and heat regulation.

ii. Serta Perfect Sleeper Kirkville Super Pillow Top

is a 13.75’’ high soft mattress with Individually Wrapped Innerspring Coils. This super soft and cuddly mattress not only has an extra deep layer of foam, but the support it gives is just remarkable, all only costing $489.

Serta is obviously trusted because of its mattress history, and their quality shows how they managed to be at the top of their business!

Casper Twin Mattresses:

Casper is one of the leading mattress brands and a very marketable bed-in-a-box company. Casper offers two memory foam mattresses and one foam-latex mattress. Casper offers mattresses that make you feel weightless yet gives the good ol’ support and comfort.

i. The Essential

has three layers of firmness, support and softness, because why not get all in just $350. Breathability and durability are, as reviewed by customers, a bright feature of these.

ii. The Wave

not only has a wool cover to counter the humidity and layers that adjust to your body’s shape and provide comfort like no other. A top-layer of ‘Flo-Foam’ pillow poly-foam, second layer of latex, third of memory foam and base of high-resilience support core poly-foam is, however, very costly at $1,250.

iii. Casper

is their most trusted and adored production. Having 4 layers of foam, it is known for alignment support or zoned support, by which it treats different parts like shoulders and hips with different levels of comfort, while keeping it all cool with pores that lead all the heat out! All it costs is $595.

While Casper may cost more, it’s definitely worth considering, as it will surely last the days to come!

Twin Futon Mattress:


Futons are popular foldable mattresses, which can convert to couch and back to bed whenever you want! Provided by many household names such as Target, Walmart, Amazon and IKEA, they are easily available, comfortable friends.

The best picks for Twin Futon Mattresses you can make are:

i. Serta Liberty Futon Mattress

is a 4’’ one by the trusted mattress brand, Serta, available on Walmart, only costing $113.00. Available in a variety of colors, it is designed so it can fold thrice! It is filled with cotton fiber and has a natural cotton cover, providing a very comfy feel. The mattress is 38’’x 74’’x 4’’.

ii. Extra Thick Premium Twin Futon Mattress

from Amazon is the perfect 39’’x75’’10’’, the perfect size of any Twin sized bed. It is sold by DCG stores, costing $228.00, and is available in 11 different colors. It has layers of high density and resilience black foam, natural cotton and poly blend to reduce moisture, increasing its longevity and providing great support and comfort you can hop on!

So whenever looking for a mattress, for a guest or something that consumes less space, Futon Twin is the way to go!

Memory Foam Twin Mattress:

A memory foam mattress is perfect for those who want a cloud to hug them! Molding in the shape of body’s curves, these mattresses provide a lot of comfort to the light-sleepers, so they get drowsy and sleep like a child.

While almost all brands provide Memory Foam Mattresses, our best picks are from Amazon:

i. Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Twin Mattress

is the best available in market, with a price not too expensive at $99.00-$156.99 and having different heights for your liking! This Plush mattress has Bio-foam to keep you fresh, while the dimensions are 39’’x75’’, ideal for any twin bed. It has a Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam Layer coupled with High Density Airflow Foam Layer, that provide you comfort, relieve tense muscles and last longer than other mattresses!

ii. Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam Twin Mattress

has three layers of supporting foam, with a base of High-density Base Support Foam, and Bio-Foam replacing Petroleum, keeping the bed fresh! It is 39’’x75’’ with height of your choice, costing you just $94.00-$199.00!

For those who have kids that don’t go to bed on time, this comfy mattress will surely send them to sleep early!

Purple Twin Mattress:

Purple Mattress has a unique patented Hyper-Elastic Polymer™gel material and foam construction in. As for the sizes, this mattress is  9.5-inch tall and is available in Twin XL, Queen, King, and California King sizes. However the purple mattress is not available in regular twin size, only twin XL and the measurements are 37.5” in  width, 79.5” in length and 9.5” in height.

The Twin XL weighs 70 pounds and it is currently priced $699. Its unique polymer technology is ideal for hot sleepers; excellent for your pressure points. Although the price may seem a bit on  the higher side but is provides great value for it.
However this twin mattress is said to be little heavier than average mattress of the same size. Also, it doesn’t have a good edge support as the mattress would sink between 2.5 to 4 inches, not very ideal anyone who usually likes to sit on the side of the bed or for heavier couples.

Sealy Twin Mattress:

One of US most popular mattress brands and known for its posturepedic mattresses. Sealy was founded back in 1881 then known as Sealy, Texas. It is now a part of Tempur-Sealy Intl., which is the largest mattress manufacturers in the world. Their mattress prices range from mid to upper-end.

A few consumer popular choices of Sealy Twin mattresses are:

I. Twin Sealy Posturepedic Response Performance Santa Paula IV Cushion Firm Euro Top Mattress

From generation III to this, the mattress has made some progress, including updates to the coil system and foam quality. If your preference is a soft mattress and sleep on your side then this is ideal for you. This twin mattress is great if you and want a lot of pressure relief or just want to enjoy a mattress to sleep peacefully. The Posturepedic technology layer is filled with Sealy Cool Gel Foam which helps reinforce the center third. It also encourages better support for your lower back with more durability.

It measures 13″ x 38″ x 75″ and weighs 36 lbs and retails for $549.

II. Twin Sealy Response Essentials Bale IV Firm Mattress

If keeping cost down is the goal, then Twin size Sealy Response Essentials Bale IV Firm Mattress would be your best bet. Twin Bale is designed for sleepers who are looking for an extra firm leveled comfort. Honestly, I would recommend this to back sleepers or people who sleep over stomach. But not for side sleepers because they will almost certainly don’t like it since it’s too firm. A single layer of Sealy Cushion Air Foam provides a bit of initial padding and the Foam Core gives support. Its foam core is solid; helps lower transfer of motion while movement occurs. It’s also very adjustable base-friendly.

The twin size measures 5.5″ x 38″ x 75″ and weighs only 13 pounds. To sum up its very cost friendly for $319.

Twin XL Mattresses:

Twin XL mattresses compared to King or Queen size mattresses, can fit very comfortably and hassle-free in smaller rooms. Takes up less space as the minimum required space for a twin XL is 39”  in width.

2 of our best Twin XL size Mattresses are:

i. Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam 8-Inch Mattress

An all-around great twin mattress for people who prefer firm support.
It is made from memory foam which provides support for a refreshing sleep all night. It rises to full thickness in only a few hours once opened. The Mattress layers have: 2 inches Memory Foam, 4 inches High-density Base Support Foam and 2 inches Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam.

ii. Arctic Dreams 8-Inch Cooling Gel Mattress

This twin xl Haven 8″ Cooling Gel Mattress is a happy balance between soft and firm which will keep you comfortable and cool throughout the night. The gel-infused foam will make you stay cool while you sleep. For shipment, it is compressed and rolled into a box for convenience; make sure to allow it up to 24 hours to fully expand and any strong smells to go away.

The mattress comes with a 10 Year Warranty, however it’s a little on the pricier side so if you are thinking of the more affordable option, there are plenty other out there.

Final Thoughts?

Twin mattress is an excellent choice for compact spaces. A single person can enjoy a twin size mattress for a good night’s sleep. However, if you are a couple and planning on getting two twin beds to combine you might be able to get a queen or king size bed in almost the same price and it will look more suited for your bedroom.

Twin beds are ideal for guest rooms, children bedrooms and college dorms. You can choose from many options available in the market, keeping your comfort, mattress type and budget in mind.

Plus there are tons of bedding accessories for twin and twin xl sizes available so go ahead!

FAQs :

1. What is the size of a Twin mattress?

A twin mattress, also popularly known as ‘single mattress’, is the smallest size after the baby-crib sized mattresses. It is the perfect size for a child or a young adult. The size may be too small or have little space for a grown adult with a fair built or height. In that case, they should check out other options, such as Full or Queen size. Twin XL mattresses have the same width but are longer than Twin Mattresses.

So if you’re in a dorm room or are looking for a mattress for your kid, Twin mattresses are a good option.

2. What are the dimensions of a Twin mattress?

Twin mattresses size 38-39 inches or 96.5-99 cm in width, while they size 75 inches or 1.9 m in length. The height of the mattress depends upon the material, the manufacturer or the type of foam you are seeking, and it can range anywhere from 6 inches to 18 inches or 15.2 cm to 45.7 cm, the ideal range between 8-14 inches. Twin XL mattresses have more length than Twin mattresses, about 5 inches more.

These dimensions are perfect for a small room, for a single guest or for a child’s room. It all comes down to the needs of the customer!