Purple Mattress Reviews – 2020 [Complete Guide]

Having a good rest at night on your bed is among the best things you want to do for your health. A supportive bed not only allows a comfortable night of sleep but also prevents physical and mental health problems for example, back pain, sore muscles, stiffness and stress.  Many mattresses you find in the market lack the features that help provide the much needed support and pressure distribution when a person is sleeping. That’s why many people continue to experience problems that are caused by improperly designed mattresses.

Purple Mattress is a scientifically engineered mattress that is soft and firm to help reduce pressure on bumps, edges, joints and other areas of an individual’s body thus providing the comfort and support you need for a good, healthy sleep. It is designed to help in preventing hip, shoulder, and back discomfort. It works best for all kinds of sleepers including side, back, and stomach sleepers. It also works best for different body weights, though extra heavy and much lighter persons may experience some differences when sleeping on the bed. For example, if you are too light in weight, the firm grid may not collapse, so you feel like you are sleeping on a hard surface. 

In this review, we look at how Purple Mattresses are designed, the features they possess, their prices, and how they compare with other popular mattress brands.

Design and Features

Hyper-Elastic Polymer is the magic material used to make Purple Mattress. The material has grid formations that create walls to allow support and folding depending on the amount of pressure put on it.

A 2-inch first layer made of Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid is pressure erasing. It allows the mattress to release as well equalize pressure in the grid thereby evenly distributing weight for a comfortable sleep. A second layer that is 3.25 inches is made of medium-soft polyurethane foam making it act as a comfort layer. This layer also creates a smooth transition between the top and the bottom layers. The base or bottom layer is 4-inch thick and is made of polyurethane foam too. It provides a medium-firm support that gives the mattress shape and durability.

Some of the features that come with Purple mattresses are:

  • The mattress’ column design allows free airflow to prevent trapping of moisture and enhance the life of the mattress
  • The patented technology offers spine support and pressure relief
  • Made of durable material, the mattress can last decades and you won’t get those body impressions. Purple Mattress also buckles within certain pressure levels to allow excellent isolation of motions so a person won’t feel another person moving in the bed.
  • The top layer is made of recyclable material that is allergen resistant and not toxic.

Pressure Erasing: After pressing the mattress down and release it, it responds quickly compared to slow-responding memory foam mattresses. A bounce in the upper layer allows a person to reposition easily. For body areas that don’t need pressure relief, the column structure is able to offer support.

You have experienced that feeling where you sit for long and the butt becomes numb. This is because of the pressure that is exerted on the tissue. It prevents the circulation of blood and if not checked, it could result in sores. Bed sores, numbness, and pain are common problems when you sleep on mattresses that cannot release pressure. The most affected areas are the pressure points. The many hours you sleep can make the effects of pressure on the body to cause trouble.  The pressure absorbing power of Purple Mattress ensure that you don’t sleep in an uncomfortable, painful position. When pressure gets to one column, it is pulled on the walls of other columns to ensure that the body’s weight is dispersed. Under pressure, the walls of the columns relax to give you gentle comfort.

Accommodates Different Sleeping Positions: Back sleepers will have their weight evenly distributed while their lumbar region is adequately supported. When on the mattress, under hip’s weight, the polymer grid will collapse to redistribute pressure while also keeping the spine aligned. 

Stomach sleepers don’t experience uncomfortable curving in their back.  When sleeping on stomach, the hips remain supported rather than having them sink into the mattress. There is also neutral spine alignment.


In those people who sleep by their side, they get a big advantage since the grid is able to release as well as redistribute pressure among other cells. The shoulders and hips benefit from this feature because they tend to have most weight within condensed area.

Heavier side sleepers have a free trial period that can help them determine if the pressure relief is sufficient for their weight. In the same way, those people who are much lighter may find that the mattress feels firmer since they don’t have the weight that is needed to make the polymer grip collapse and distribute or equalize pressure. That being said, a majority of body types or weight will have a good night’s sleep when on Purple Mattress.

It’s Firm and Soft: Purple Mattress has a unique feel, depending on your sleep position and weight, the firmness level can feel slightly different. It has a medium range firmness which is preferred by many people. When you push down into the mattress, you will feel the Hyper-Elastic Polymer and further down, there are the foam layers for support and maintaining structure or shape of the mattress. When sleeping on the mattress, it gently contours your body, but there is a different cradling depending on your position.

A side sleeper should expect to sink a little into the mattress when compared to someone who sleeps on their back or stomach since the gel-like grid tends to interact with pressure points.

Free Airflow: Many mattresses tend to trap moisture that comes from sweat. When you have that moisture building up in the mattress, it makes it damp and begins to release bad odor. It also encourages the growth of mildew and molds, which may cause respiratory complications. Mattresses that retain moisture will degrade fast and won’t last for long. Purple Mattress has column design feature that allows  free flow of air thus preventing moisture from being trapped. This way you have a cleaner, comfortable sleep and the mattress lasts longer. A breathable, yet soft-to-touch cover allows more comfort.

The open grid design not only offers free air floor but is also temperature regulating ensuring that you sleep cool throughout the night.  You remember those sweaty nights when you have to wake up and find that you are soaked in sweat. That is pretty frustrating, and over time, it ruins your sleep quality and the quality of your mattress.

No-feel Motion Transfer: A common problem when you sleep with your partner is that you may experience disturbance because of motion. If you don’t sleep soundly at night and you wake up a couple of times to head to the bathroom, you may be causing sleep problems to the other person. Purple Mattress has the no-feel motion transfer feature, which ensures there is excellent motion isolation. You won’t feel the other person move in bed and you maintain your sleep even if your partner moves out of the bed or makes many turns.

Is There a Purple Mattress Topper?

Purple Mattress doesn’t come with a topper. A mattress topper is a kind of mattress pad or underpad that is removable. It sits on the mattress top part to help provide an extra layer of comfort by ensuring cushioning and support. The aim of having a mattress topper is to add comfort or address other limitations that your mattress could have. If you are asking yourself whether there is a Purple Mattress topper, then the answer is no! At the moment Purple doesn’t offer a topper. The Purple Mattress is designed to offer greater comfort and you find that those using the mattress may not need additional topper. 

What’s The Purple Mattress Powder?

The Hyper-Elastic Polymer coupled with the Purple Powder are considered the secret sauce of the comfy mattress. The powder is used to ensure that the polymer material does not stick to itself when applied pressure during shipping. The mattress is rolled up by a machine to place it into the shipping packaging. Because of the nature of the Hyper-Elastic Polymer, without having some kind of ultra-light coating, it is likely to stick to itself when pressure from the rolling machinery is applied. A slight coat is applied to the mattress as well as the pillow through a tight-compression procedure to ensure safe door-to-door shipping.


The Purple Mattress powder is a non-toxic plastic powder that is made of chemically inactive substance or inert substance. The plastic powder is designed of a food-contact-grade material. It is 100% non-toxic and completely harmless, it is as safe as eating from a plastic plate or with a plastic fork.

In fact, in a lawsuit that challenged Purple’s non-toxic plastic powder, Purple won the preliminary injunction against GhostBed. The Court found out that there was a false and misleading fight against Purple regarding the anti-tack powder. The Purple Mattress lawsuit further helped support the safety of Purple’s powder.

Purple Mattress Protector

If you want to protect your Purple Mattress from pets, kids, food, and Aunt Flo, a Purple Mattress Protector comes in handy. It does the job of protecting the mattress without impacting the comfort level. The protector is made of completely water resistant material so, if kids and pets have an accident, it is not going to ruin the mattress. The material is also water absorbent and stain resistant making it always look clean. When kids have an accident in bed, they won’t soak in urine, because the protector absorbs it while also not allowing it penetrate to the mattress. There won’t be that pool like experience to your kids even after wetting themselves. The breathable fabric ensures that there is a cool airflow.

In essence, Purple Mattress Protector comes with these features:

  • It’s stretchy: The non-stretchy protectors make beds to be hard and uncomfortable, however, Purple Bed protector allows you to sink into the mattress thereby giving you that deeper sleep you so desire.
  • Sleep pretty cool and quiet: Since the Purple Mattress Protector is designed to be quiet and breathable, when sleeping, you have the comfort you need for a sound, uninterrupted sleep.
  • Stands up to spills and accidents: You won’t worry about the kids wetting themselves because the urine will be absorbed and the mattress remains clean.
  • Saves you time: Stains are a big problem to most bed protectors, but Purple Mattress Protector is stain resistant so you won’t be feeling the cinch when you wash it. It has an extra-durable elastic band that makes it easy for you to put it on mattress.

Purple Mattress Cover

Purple Mattress has a cover that is made using a mix of polyester, viscose, and polyester-lycra. These materials are combined in a such a way that they make the cover to be highly elastic with a greater level of breathability. There is consistent flow of air in and out because of the thin design.

How Does Purple Mattress Compare to Casper and Ghostbed Mattresses?

Both Casper and Ghostbed mattress are top of the line bed products; they are engineered to ensure comfort and a great sleeping experience.  

Purple Mattress vs Casper

When purchasing a mattress, many things come into play. Firmness is an important feature and when you examine Purple Mattress vs Casper, you find that both have similar firmness. A 1-10 firmness scale is used to indicate how firm a mattress is with 1 being the softest and 10 indicating the firmest.  Most mattress firmnesses are in the medium range, usually falling within the scale of 5 to 7. Casper and Purple are both in the medium range firmness. Purple Mattress is somewhere around 6 averagely while Casper is between 6 and 7 meaning that most people find Caster to be a little bit firmer than Purple Mattress. When you sleep on both mattresses, the firmness feels the same.

Another important thing to look at when choosing a mattress is the kind of sleep experience it offers. Both Casper and Purple provide balance, resilience, and support when you sleep. So in regard to sleep experience, both are equally the same, though there may be some slight differences.

It is common to experience overheating when you sleep and it mainly happens when the body goes too deep into the mattress. When this happens, air is unlikely to move free around an individual’s body meaning you won’t cool down fast. Again, foam material that is used to make many mattresses tends to retain heat. So when you sleep on these foam-made mattresses, they will increase temperature at night and this can disrupt your sleep and make you feel uncomfortable.

The Hyper-Elastic Polymer doesn’t retain heat like most foam mattress and many people who like sleeping cool will find it a greater choice over Casper that is made using foam material. Purple is also resilient in that it prevents an individual’s body from feeling swallowed or trapped in the mattress. The free airflow in Purple Mattresses and the temperature regulation ensure you sleep cool all night. The Casper Mattress also has a temperature regulation feature because it is designed with open-cell foam. That being said, when you look at Purple Mattress vs Casper, Purple performs a little better than Casper when it comes to coolness.  

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Casper and Purple help with motion isolation thus liming disruptions associated with movement of persons when they share a bed. Responsiveness may be another factor to consider when you choose a mattress and both of these mattress have a responsiveness feature. A more responsive mattress has tailored levels of cushioning to different parts of the body. Although Casper and Purple Mattresses have the responsiveness feature, it works differently in these mattresses.

In Caster mattresses, responsiveness comes from the top layers designed of a memory foam and a proprietary polyfoam allowing them to contour evenly to the body. Purple Mattress, on the other hand, uses the Smart Comfort Gird that allows proportional compression to different weights. Purple mattresses have less of feel of the contouring compared to Casper mattresses, but they still allow tailored cushioning to align the back and neck.

Purple Mattres vs GhostBed

Purple and GhostBed mattresses have similar properties. Although Purple and GhostBed are designed using foam mattress, there is a difference in the engineering of the foams and layering.

The GhostBed cover is soft, thin, with good stretch and good cooling and on the other hand, Purple has a soft, moderately thin cover that offers great cooling and stretching ability. GhostBed mattress is made of foam with a 1.5 inch top layer of latex foam, a 2 inch middle layer of gel memory foam, and the third layer support foam of 7.5 inches. Purple Mattress is designed with a top layer of 2 inches hyper elastic polymer, a middle layer of 3.5 inches polyfoam, and a bottom support layer of 4 inch polyfoam. GhostBed mattress maximum height is 11 inches while that of Purple is 9.5 inches. Both of these mattresses have a similar firmness of about 6 to 7 on the firmness scale of 1 to 10, but GhostBed is slightly firmer.

GhostBed and Purple have temperature control features. The Smart Comfort Grid of Purple Mattress reduces heat retention while the rapid reaction of this material prevents the body from hugging something that can block airflow. When it comes to GhostBed mattress, it has an aerated latex within the comfort layer. When comparing the effectiveness of the heat prevention features in these two mattresses, Purple comes a head.

Besides, both mattresses offer minimal motion transfer. When it comes to motion isolation, GhostBed has a slight edge over Purple. Memory foam that is used in GhostBed has an excellent motion transfer limit. In terms of responsiveness, GhostBed also steps a bit higher because of the thickness of the upper layer made of aerated latex and memory foam, which is 3.5 inches compared to 2 inches of the Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid layer.

Purple Mattress Price

The prices of the original Purple Mattress range from $699 to $1299 depending on the model. The lowest prices if $699 that the Twin XL model goes for while Queen sells at $999 and Full model sells at $899. California King goes for $1,299.  

Purple Mattress Pros and Cons


  • Multiple firmness and thickness options
  • Exceptionally cool with its temperature regulation feature
  • Good motion isolation
  • Very comfy with great pressure relief and ability to reduce pain
  • Free shipping within the contiguous U.S.


  • Quite heavy making it difficult to move
  • Slightly higher price levels compared to similar mattresses in the market
  • May have difficulties to get in and out because of the low profile
  • The edge support if fair

Wrap Up Purple Mattress stands out as a comfortable mattress that can help you do away with many problems associated with poorly designed mattresses. It’s bounce, pressure relief, and cooling allows you to have the most of your sleep experience. Purple is an ideal choice for those looking for a medium firm mattress. It’s also a preferred choice for those who want a versatile mattress because it works well for different sleep styles.