Puffy Mattress Reviews – 2020 updated [Complete Guide]

Puffy, a Los Angeles based Company was founded in 2016 but it has been gaining a lot of public attention lately, as being featured on Ellen’s Christmas 2018 12 Days of Christmas giveaways. In which she gave away one Puffy mattress to each and every person in the audience.

So let’s find out what the fuss is all about and dive into the Puffy Mattress Review you have been waiting for.

What is a Puffy Mattress?

A puffy mattress is made up of a two-layers of memory foam mattress infused with a gel and consists of a foam core that provides the sleeper with a cool top-layered surface to sleep on.

As the consumer explains it; the overall experience with the Puffy Mattresses has been pleasant. Mostly, because these mattresses have been constructed to find hot spots which most of the foam mattresses are unable to figure out.

How did Puffy come into being?

According to the brand itself, the idea of Puffy mattress came into existing b staring out of a plane’s window, wondering what it would be like to sleep on a cloud.

This imagination turned into the catalyst for Puffy to initiate their research and to build a mattress that is more or less like a cloud to sleep on.

What are the Pros of buying a Puffy Mattress?

1. Best Motion Isolation:

One thing Puffy mattresses offer that others are behind in is motion isolation from one end of the bed to another. This feature is a main shining light for the brand, as you are sure to never wake up your partner from the tosses and turns, those too even if they occur.

2. Total Temperature Regulation:

Puffy mattresses are perfect for places with constant weather fluctuation. The mattresses are always cooling or heating according to the surrounding warmth, and are very breathable with multi-direction airflow. These always provide the same comfy feeling, any time of the year!

3. Charity:

Puffy donates mattresses to the children in need. With every 10 social media posts, a mattress is donated to a child in need of good sleep, to wake up refreshed and thrilled for a brilliant day ahead!

4. Free Delivery:

Being an online store, Puffy delivers to all territorial US states absolutely free within a week! For Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, shipping is charged. The mattress is also delivered in a box, so it’s easy to carry around!

5. Great Warranty, Trial and Return Policies:

First of all, a lifetime warranty is offered for the Puffy mattress, which means even if you find an issue or two, you can easily exchange without any queries! The brand also has some of the best trials and return policies, with full-refund if disliked by the customer! So if you figure out in your 101-night trial that Puffy isn’t the best for you, simply return for whole payment!

6. Easy Financing:

You can always pay for your Puffy mattress through KLARNA! And better yet, 0% interest is charged if paid within 6 or 12-month plan, so sleep without thought of payment issues!

7. Other Products:

Puffy also sells other products, from bases to pillows, frames to pads, foundations to comforters! So you don’t have to wander around in markets (online or not) for other bedding items!

What are the Cons of buying a Puffy Mattress?

1. Higher Cost:

Puffy Mattresses are among the costlier memory foam mattresses, with the lowest price of $795, making the customer consider if it actually is worth the money, and can turn off buyers easily, even with the amazing features!

2. Lack of Versatility:

Puffy doesn’t have any options to adjust the heights of mattresses, choose between comfort levels and only manufactures two models.

This is a huge disadvantage compared to other brands who manufacture tens of hundreds of models with varied thickness and firmness, better for people who prefer a long list of options to choose from!

3. Weaker Edge Support and Average Durability:

Puffy mattresses have questionable durability and are particularly not the best at enduring pressure over the years. And although the warranty has you covered, it is still not a favorable experience.

The other major issue is weak edge support which means that even if the mattress is firmer, it wouldn’t be any good to give better edge support than others.

4. Lack of Physical Stores:

A minor issue is the lack of physical stores. While the helpline is very useful, and a 101-night trial is quite extended, it is always better to feel a mattress at the store before inviting it over to your home.

The Puffy Mattresses:

1. The Puffy Mattress:

The Puffy mattress is the regular 10’’ high, weighing between 41lbs to 87lbs for different sizes. While the firmness is Medium, the mattress still cushions and contours for a better night’s sleep.

The mattress works fine for people sleeping on all sides but is more effective in giving amazing sleep to lighter and average weighted people. A 6’’ support core base layer, made with high-quality polyfoam, intends to relieve pressure while giving the support you need.

Over that is a 2’’ layer of temperature-regulating polyfoam, which keeps you cool in warm nights and vice versa.

Following the two is a Cooling Cloud comfort gel-based layer, which excels in molding according to the shape of your body, relaxing the distressed pressure points, while also focusing on breathability, allowing cooler sleep.

These layers are all enclosed in a stain-resistant, soft and white-as-snow polyester cover.

The mattress comes with a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your sleeping buddy in a dumpster, ever!

The Specs:

The mattress is available in all the standard 6 sizes; Twin for $795, Twin XL for $825, Full size for $995, Queen size for $1,150 and King & California King sizes for $1,350. The cost is moderate for high-end branded foam mattresses, but quite on the costlier side for regular mattresses.

2. The Puffy Lux Mattress:

The other product produced by Puffy is the ultimate luxury mattress, fit for a king or a queen!

The mattress, unlike the regular, is 12’’ high, with a Medium-Firm feel, which makes it better for those who prefer sleeping on the bed, rather than in it. The mattress caters to all sleeping positions and weights but lacks a greater performance on healthier individuals.

The bed features 7’’ of resilient polyfoam support core, which works to align your spine, providing the firmer feel and increasing blood circulation, along with the usual extra-support.

Over the base is a temperature-regulating polyfoam layer, the Climate Comfort, which heats up or cools down according to the atmosphere and weather, to make sure you get the same feeling while sleeping throughout the years, thanks to the lifetime warranty!

But the main difference between regular and luxury is a Dual Cloud layer, whose expertise is to ‘melt away’ the stress from the body’s pressure points, giving a much more luxurious sleep.

The top of the mattress has the gel-based memory foam layer, Cooling Cloud, which also relaxes the pressure points, but increases breathability and especially works to strengthen the different joints.

All of this is covered in a layer of stain-resistant, pure polyester cloth, which gives the soft feel when you lay down! The mattress differs in weight too and is between 45lbs and 95lbs, not the same as the regular.

The Specs:

The mattress is however pretty expensive; The Twin size costs $1,445, Twin XL costs $1,495, Full size is available to purchase for $1,595, Queen for $1,795, while King and California King cost $1,995, making the mattress quite heavy on the pocket.

Our Unbiased Opinion on Puffy Mattresses:

Puffy Mattress is definitely recommended for the people who prefer spending a larger sum once, for ease of tomorrow. The mattresses have a lifetime warranty, but at the same time, cost more than your average memory foam mattress.

On the brighter side, the mattresses are excellent for sleepers of all positions, have an unbeatable motion and noise isolation, and are good for a healthier body. But on the not-so-bright side, they are pretty average in case of durability, weigh a bit heavier and don’t give good support to a healthier bunch.

Our verdict would be that the mattress is brilliant for a specific type of people. When it excels in a particular category, it will be extraordinary. And even when it lacks in some things, it makes up for with better features and has no area where it is completely underwhelming.

So if you are someone, looking for a mattress and you fit the bill Puffy, you will surely not be disappointed after purchasing this mattress!


Q: How is the Puffy Mattress good for your health?

The different layers of a Puffy mattress work to align your spine, relax joints and increase blood flow by contouring to the curves. This is beneficial from the views of doctors and healthcare specialists, as a large portion of the day is spent in bed. When you have the support and ease required, you gain the energy to spend the rest of the day stronger!

Q: How does the lifetime warranty work?

Once you make a purchase, with or without trial, you have the lifetime warranty from Puffy. And in case your mattress sags or doesn’t do the charm, it is easily replaced, free of charge! The solution is just a call or email away!

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