Mattress One (1) Review 2020

Mattress One is a mattress retailer store, based in the South-eastern United States. The retailer houses tons of products from popular and well-reputed mattress brands. Their e-Commerce website offers delivery around the states!

Where is Mattress One located?

Mattress One has over 300 stores in Florida, Texas and Georgia combined, having a massive impact on mattress sales in the particular area with a concentration of physical stores!

The Difference between buying from Mattress One and buying directly:

The Good:

Mattress One offers better warranties, selects higher-quality mattresses for display and has a clear view of products, unlike the brand’s own websites and stores. Mattress One also provides better customer services and quick delivery.

The Bad:

Generally, the prices are higher than the original sites, as the firm has to pay its workers and you have to pay for more convenient services.

The brands offered by Mattress One:

1. Sealy:

Sealy is a high-quality mattress brand with all sorts of materials and comfort levels. The Sealy Posturepedic is a great line for people with arthritis or injuries.

2. Tempur-Pedic:

The brand offers TEMPUR-material mattresses, which specialize in unmatchable cushioning and support.

3. Sleep Inc.:

The brand offers a decent range for all positions of sleeping, being deemed as the main quality.

4. Stearns and Fosters:

Stearns and Fosters produce semi-luxurious and luxurious mattresses with different lines of mattresses.

5. Sleepalo:

Sleepalo is a comfortable mattress brand with newer technologies invested!

Pros of buying from Mattress One

1. Extensive Variety:

Mattress One offers a huge variety, with multiple mattresses from many trusted brands and their acclaimed mattress lines. Mattress One also possesses all kinds of materials including Innerspring, Latex Foam, Memory Foam, and Hybrids.

2. Broad Price Range:

Mattress One has a broad range of mattresses in terms of their costs as well! This caters to all sorts of people; from those who want to save every dollar, to those who want to spend a man’s 6-month salary on a bed! Beginning from just a few bucks to $9,449, Mattress One clearly has any price you thought of!

3. Trials and Returns:

You can exchange your mattress with them (if you don’t prefer) after a whole 120 days trial at your own home! Cancellation is only possible before accepting your order, and after that returns are allowed for warranty, comfort issues or trials!

4. White Glove Delivery:

In most areas, free delivery with a free set-up, including removal of old mattresses, is provided by the company, so you don’t have to worry about hiring someone to get rid of your old and boring mattress!

5. Financing:

Mattress One allows easy payments monthly by credit card, in case you can’t afford to buy one directly! The prices are also fairly cheaper anyways, so you can pay with different available methods!

6. Comfort Levels:

Mattress One provides many types of comfort levels, not easily seen in the market, including Ultra Firm, Plush Soft, and Ultra Plush Firm!

7. Accommodating all Sleeping Positions:

There’s a high chance that you find the best mattress for you with the accommodation of all sleeping positions, from sleep to the side and to back even weird alien poses; comfort will always be by your side!

8. Other Products:

Mattress One also offers other products than just mattresses! The company also currently sells, pillows, mattress protectors, foundations, platform beds, and adjustable bases!

9. Exclusivities:

In many of the brands, some mattresses are only available through the retailer or have a feature or two, or some sort of discount through Mattress One. That is why you should always consider looking up on the retailer’s website!

Cons of buying from Mattress One

1. Higher Prices:

Mattress One has some prices higher than the regular, and even if it has extended warranty, a fair price for materials is always preferred!

2. Lack of Wider Network:

While having 300 stores sounds impressive, 300 in 3 states doesn’t sound so cool. Mattress One should expand their business with physical stores around the coasts.

3. Unsatisfactory Work Environment:

Many current and past workers, representatives and managers have anonymously given their reviews towards the company as an unhealthy, boring and overall unsatisfactory workplace. While this may count in personal vendettas as well, it’s better to stay precautious of how their employees perceive their own jobs.

Best Mattress One Mattresses

1. Sealy Conform Essentials Upbeat Mattress:

The mattress is available online or at any Mattress One location around. Sealy Essentials Upbeat mattress offers a great night’s slumber with the ideal medium-firm comfort level simultaneously delivering the support, quality and comfort unbeatable by others for a fair price.

This gel memory foam mattress is perfect for cushioning to the shape of the body and relaxing the stressed points. This works well with adjustable bases too!

The mattress is available in all 6 sizes for different bases. The bases include 5’’ Low Profile Box Spring (available in Twin, Twin XL, Full and Queen), 5’’ Low Profile Split (available in King, California King), 9’’ Standard Box Spring (available in Twin, Twin XL, Full and Queen) and an option of no base, which is available for all sizes. A 10-year warranty by Sealy is offered!

The mattress is picked by us because of its affordability! The mattress costs $499.00-$899.00 for the different sizes and bases!

2. Tempur-Flex Supreme Breeze Mattress:

This mattress is for those who care more about luxury and amazing sleep more than the money they are spending! Between the bases and the 5 sizes (Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King), the mattress costs $3,848.00 – $8,297.00.

But why should one consider this mattress when they are willing to spend so much? Well, this one is one of a kind. The mattress has a medium-firm feel and is perfect for sleepers of all positions, with a high comfort level.

The mattress provides unbelievable support that adapts to your body as soon as you lay on the bed, and the innovative temperature regulation system of the mattress keeps you cool all night long! The mattress also gives a little bounce with its springiness!

The 11.5’’ memory foam mattress has 3 bases available; Ergo Plus Adjustable Base, Ergo Premier Adjustable Base and Tempur-Up Adjustable Base. The mattress is also anti-microbial and has an ultra-breathable design.

3. Sleep Inc. Saybrook PT:

The mattress is made from wrapped coils, and lies in a softer comfort level. The handcrafted finishing is what makes this mattress worth it. The mattress is durable and will last long, especially with a 10-year warranty.

The mattress features Platinumrest Pocket Springs, TENCEL Premium Cover and 360 Degree Foam Encasement. It is a fairly good product for the people who prefer sleeping on their backs, as the cloudy foam absorbs your stress while you sink into the snowy texture!

The mattress is manufactured in 5 sizes (Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King), possessing either no base (which is available in all sizes) or one of the 4 bases; 9’’ Standard Box Spring (available in Twin & Full), Low Profile 5’’ Box Spring (available in Twin, Full & California King), 9’’ Standard Profile Split (available in Queen, King & California King), 5’’ Low Profile Split (available in Queen & King).

Among all the different bases and sizes, the price range goes between $799.00-$1,097.00, which isn’t the cheapest but quite affordable.

4. Stearns & Foster Estate Addison Louise Cushion Firm Pillow Top Mattress:

A perfect blend of luxury, style, and affordability!

The 14.5’’ mattress has a fairly firm-feel, although much more is going on! The bottom has a layer of coils, which give bounce and support the weight of your body in all forms, a dense border surrounds the mattress for extraordinary edge support, and the cover is a silk and cashmere mixed in eco-friendly fabric that stays airy and prevents moisture.

A gel-based memory foam layer contours to body shape and keeps you cool, while a Latex foam layer helps in balancing the weight and helping to relax. The brass air-vents allow the mattress to breathe, while the cover also performs the same job!

Alongside the 4 available sizes (Twin XL, Full, Queen and King), the mattress has the option of choosing either no base or 4 bases, which include; 5’’ Low Profile Box Spring and 9’’ Standard Profile Box Spring (available in Twin XL, Full and Queen) & 5’’ Low Profile Split and 9’’ Standard Profile Split (available only in King). Between the sizes and bases, the mattress costs $1,327.00-$1,979.00, which is still a good price for a luxury-budget mattress.

Final Thoughts on Mattress One:

Mattress One is a great source of buying branded mattresses, without having to look upon their official websites or through different stores. This helps so that if you don’t like a brand, you have plenty of other options around! Only the very well-reputed and acclaimed brands make on their retailer’s list, guaranteeing overall better quality.

Basically, when you buy from Mattress One, you pay extra for the services they provide and it’s totally 4worth it! The gigantic variety of mattresses and related products is a feature local to this webpage.

Having physical stores also is a great feature, meaning that you can also test before the trial begins! Since you can find a needle in a haystack, finding a good mattress for yourself among the best will take time, but the ideal place for it is surely Mattress One.

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