Mattress Firm Review – 2020 updated [Complete Guide]

Mattress Firm is a reputable retailer of mattresses based in the US has constantly supplied the market with an array of high quality mattresses. Over the years, the company has gained a lot of popularity due to its high quality products and its different brands which have gained high preference among customers. With more than 3500 outlets all over the United States, their customers cannot miss out on their high quality products. The company was founded in 1986 and has been doing extremely well until the latest trend of beds in a box hit the market. But, despite this, their products are still part of the most popular ones in the mattress industry.

One important thing Mattress Firm has done is to ensure that there is something for everyone in terms of product type and price range.  The company has made tremendous efforts in bringing in new innovations in order to meet the different needs of customers in the market today. The prices vary between $300 and above $1600. You can stick to your budget and still find and still find a mattress to buy from this reputable company. As an esteemed customer, you are privileged to browse through the list of mattresses available for your most appropriate product based on several factors including level of firmness, price, type, brand and size.  

Mattress Firm Brands

Mattress Firm has ten mattress brands and buyers have a wide variety to select from. The prices of the mattresses vary based on firmness, brand, size and type. They include:

Simmons Beautyrest

This is brand is among the most loved from Mattress Firm. It is a creation by SertaSimmons, the brains behind the Serta brand too.  It is a unique mattress with comfort foam layers and super support for the spine and back give by it pocketed coil system. They mattresses are a mixture of mid and luxury mattresses and the lowest price is starts from $500.

Chattam & Wells

Chattam & Wells is a top notch mattress brand that features a decent design. The hybrid mattresses are either made of latex or memory foam. The interior comprises of high quality foams and pocketed coils for great comfort to the user. Chattam & Wells is a luxury brand and therefore it’s’ price ranges from $3399 to $5299.


Eclipse is a popular brand of eco-conscious mattresses that offers hybrid mattresses as well as innerspring mattresses. All materials used to manufacture these mattresses are acquired from natural sources. The prices for eclipse mattresses range from $299 to $1999.

Hampton & Rhodes

Hampton & Rhodes is popular for its reasonable price. Many buyers prefer Hampton & Rhodes because it is a good for any shopper on a tight budget. It comes with several layers of pocketed coils and comfort and cooling foam. Its price ranges from $189 to $699.



Tulo is yet another top-notch brand offered by Mattress Firm. It offers buyers three firmness options to choose from. The firmness options include soft, medium and firm. Its price ranges from $375 to $800 which is quite affordable to buyers.


Sleepy’s brand has both medium and plush options. It is made of memory foam layers and it’s popular with buyers. However, most of them want to test the firmness because there have issues with comfort. The price ranges between $799 and $1099.


Dreambed is a brand from Mattress Firm and was their first attempt in the bed-in-a-box creation. However it has gone through a number of changes and today it’s more focused on giving buyers a plush memory form mattress. It is highly priced, but has different firmness options. The price of the Dreambed mattress ranges between $2779 and $4899.


Serta Brand has a variety of mattresses. They are either memory foam or innerspring hybrid options. They are popular due to the iComfort brand that comes with memory foam hybrids and pocketed coils.  The prices and options give customers an excellent range to select from whether they are stomach sleepers, back sleepers or side sleepers. The price ranges between $299 and $3499.

Rest and Relax

Rest and Relax is a brand that is currently competing with the likes of Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattress. It is an expensive brand with amazing features including graphite infused foam. It is the winner among the rest thanks to its ‘phase change’ feature that gives the user an excellent response compared to memory foam. The price ranges between $2199 and $4799.

Snuggle Home

Snuggle Home is an affordable memory foam mattress.  It also provides options including sofa mattresses and bunk beds that can be used by children. The price is cheap, but you have to check the comfort level. It works well with kids, but may not give you a permanent option. So, most people use them temporarily. The price is between $239 and $699.

Other Bedroom Accessories Available

Other than just ensuring that you get the kind of mattress that perfectly meets your needs, the company has ensured that you have easy and quick access to other products that go hand in hand with your mattress. For this reasons, shoppers can check out Mattress firm for furniture such as bed frames, chairs, headboards, Ottomans, and love seats among other furniture. Accessories such as mattress firm topper, comforters, pillows, pillow cases and bed sheets are also available at Mattress Firm. 

Mattress firm return policy

To improve on customer satisfaction, the company has a return policy which allows customers to turn mattress bought from Mattress Firm in a span of 30 to 120 days. Customers can take advantage of the 120-night trial to test the mattress and decide whether it suits them or not. After 120 days, the company cannot accept sold mattresses back. It is important to note that damaged or stained mattress cannot be taken back or exchanged for another. Also, the mattresses come with a law tag on the foundation and mattress which should not be removed before the trial period lapses. Mattress without the tag on both the foundation and mattress cannot be accepted back.


Customers who wish to exchange their mattress for another should be prepared to incur an additional cost of $79.99 to facilitate redelivery.  Those who choose to return their mattress without exchanging for another get a reimbursement on the buying price. However, they don’t get reimbursement for shipping fees.

Information on Mattress firm warranty

Before purchasing a mattress it is very important to read through warranty information. This kind of information guides you on how to deal with faulty products that fail to meet the desired standards.  Under very rare circumstances mattress sold at Mattress Firm have some flaws, faults or defects. The defects are mainly attributed to faults during their manufacture. Not all manufacturing processes are perfect and for that reason weakness or defects may set in during manufacturing process.  In such circumstances the company comes in to help the buyer. All the customer has to do is contact Mattress Firm and get help. However, it is important to note that the manufacturer of Mattresses sold at Mattress Firm provides cover for what they manufacture.  Mattress Firm on the other hand helps customers undertake warranty process.

Mattresses sold at Mattress Firm come with a warranty that varies significantly from one product to the other and also from one brand to the other.

The Warrant Process

The warranty process has three main steps which all buyers should follow. The three-step procedure has been outlined below.

Step 1

Identifying what the Manufacturer’s warranty covers

One important thing that all customers must know is that manufacturer’s warranty does not cover all defects. It only covers defects that result from a faulty manufacturing procedure. Damages that come as a result of normal wear are not covered by manufacturer’s warranty. More information on what is covered and what is not covered by manufacturer’s warranty is provided on the warranty card that comes with the product.

Step 2

 How to file warranty claim

The buyer should be able to identify the brand of mattress they have since manufacturers of different brands handle their warranties differently. The main responsibility of a manufacturer in the warranty process is to see to the fulfillment of the warranty. On the other hand Mattress Firm is responsible of facilitating the claim process.

Customers whose brand is manufactured by Sealy, Tempur-pedic®, Stearns & Foster, Mantua Protect-A-Bed® and Leggett & Platt should contact their manufacturers directly. This is because these manufacturers handle the whole warranty claim process.

Step 3

 Warranty e-Claim

Warranty e-claim is a free of charge service available online for all Mattress Firm customers. It is notably the quickest and easiest way to launch warranty claim. A customer is taken through a short procedure and is asked a number of questions. Upon answering all questions correctly, the customer should then download a device for measuring damage and print it. The customer should then upload pictures of the faulty product to provide evidence that they are actually faulty. The whole process can take a maximum of 15 minutes provided the claimant is able to provide all necessary information needed at once. An additional advantage of having all needed information at hand is that the inspection process is bypassed hence making the procedure much faster.  A determination is made on the very same day the claim is made by the buyer.

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A Buyer can file a warranty claim to be done through third-party inspection

 This procedure takes approximately two or three weeks. A buyer presents a claim and from there he can book an appointment with third-party inspector. The third-party inspector makes physical visits to the claimant’s home at a $79.99 fee. This procedure is suitable for persons who lack testing devices and those who lack sufficient resources.

Step 3


This is the final step of warranty claim procedure. After the buyer has presented a warranty claim, the manufacturer reviews the claim and gives an outcome. The outcome is communicated to the claimant via mail. In some cases, the claimant may be needed to provide additional information. In such situation, the claimant should respond immediately to make the process quick and smooth. If the manufacturer finds the product to be faulty, he can either replace it with another comparable model or the initial model.


A wide variety of products

Mattress Firm offers different brands of mattress and therefore customers have a wide variety to select from. With nine different brands at Mattress Firm, customers are able to compare one product against others and select one that works well for them.

A good price range

Mattresses available at Mattress Firm vary significantly in terms of price. You will find extremely affordable ones and luxurious mattresses with high prices. It is therefore easy to find a product that goes well with your budget and personal preference.

Easy to compare both quality standards and prices

Since you re shopping online, you can check prices and compare qualities and take all the time you want. It is east to settle for the best deal without being pushed by a sales person.


Shipping fee

  • Complains on quality; some mattresses do not provide comfort as promised.
  • No testing the mattress when buying.
  • Returning some mattresses is not easy. It is a long process that will take too much if you do not like the mattress.


Mattress Firm is a big retailer dealing in high quality mattress. It’s passion to deliver and satisfy its customers remain unparalleled. This company has brought mattresses right at your door step through their online stores. You no longer have to go for miles looking for high quality mattresses. All you need to do is check for the mattress of your choice online and place your order.

Due to the stiff competition in the mattress industry, you can easily find a good deal including trial nights, free shipping and discounted prices for high for mattresses with high quality construction.  Find the best available at Mattress Firm.