Lull Mattress Reviews for 2020 (updated)

Lull Mattress is a brand that sells its Ultimate Premium Hybrid Mattress, along with related products. The brand aims to provide customers with a hassle-free experience with a mattress fit for all!

The Inspiration:

The main inspiration behind the brand was to give the customers, betrayed by other brands due to false marketing, extraordinary service, and great products within the average market value.

What makes Lull Mattress Special?

i. Sustainability:

Lull Mattresses cares about the environment, so much so that they use recyclable and organic materials most of the time, leaving the least bit of harmful impact on the environment. Their packaging is also eco-friendly and supports non-toxic substances!

ii. Loved by Customers More Than Anyone!

Lull Mattress has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings around the internet, making the brand acclaimed by the people who have used their mattress!

What are the Pros of buying Lull mattress?

1. Accommodating all Positions:

Lull mattresses specialize in accompanying all sorts of sleeping positions, including stomach, back, and side sleepers, so the mattress benefits all types of sleepers.

2. Accommodating all Sizes:

Lull mattresses have the great quality of supporting all the different body shapes and sizes, so anyone can order from the comfort of their home, and once their new mattress arrives, they can enjoy sleeping without hesitation about their weight or size’s effect on the bed!

3. Noiselessness:

Another good quality of Lull mattresses is how virtually no noise is produced; even when the mattress bears a lot of weight and one person moves a lot, there is no such squeaking or creaking to be heard, ensuring quite a peaceful sleep, alone or with someone else.

4. Durability:

Unlike most other brands and their hybrid foams, Lull mattress has a confirmed lifespan of at least 6 years,  with a longer warranty, covering most of your expenses in case of a defect. The mattresses are made long-lasting with their 3 layer technology.

5. Delivery and Financing:

Lull delivers its mattress across the states, with warehouses in about four or more locations. The shipping is free and is delivered within a span of 1-5 working days. And don’t worry if paying a large sum is difficult! Easy financing plans are provided by Lull, generally through Affirm.

6. Motion Isolation:

This mattress also possesses the ability to stop motion transfer from one end of the bed to another, helping and preventing waking up your partner!

7. Trials and Warranty:

By allowing at-home trials for 100 nights, Lull totally trusts in its customers! The warranty for the mattress is also 10 year, so for the first few years, all major and minor is covered, but no minor issues are covered later into warranty.

8. Pressure Relief:

The mattress is fairly decent for relaxing your pressure points and feeling like you are in soft, comfortable heaven. Lull mattresses give the best coziness to the tired spots of the body!

9. Other Bedding Products:

Aside from a mattress, Lull also offers a few other products, such as pillows, sheets, and duvets among bed frames and adjustable beds, to provide all you want in a perfect bed in one place!

10. Environmental Friendly:

The mattresses by Lull produce the least carbon footprint possible, and stay away from using toxins and harmful chemicals, making it one of the more eco-friendlier mattresses in the market!

11. Competitive Customer Care:

The customer service on the website is truly very helpful and they are promised to help solve any of your Lull Mattress issues! FAQs section on their official website also helps to answer a question that other people had and isn’t too specific!

What are the Cons of buying Lull mattress?

1. Heat Issues:

Some people have heat issues with their new Lull mattresses, calling their marketing strategy of cool mattress not so true

2. One Model:

The biggest disadvantage of the company is one model. You don’t get to choose even the height. While all the materials and measurements are taken from what the general consumer audience prefers, you have no control over customization.

3. Limited Firmness Options:

Lull offers very limited firmness options, throwing off buyers looking for very plushy or solid beds.

The Mattress:

The Lull mattress is manufactured by the highest quality of three mattress layers; the bottom layer is a strong and stable support base of 7’’polyurethane foam, the middle layer is a 1.5’’ is a comfortable blended foam transition layer, which is a mixture of latex and polyfoam materials & the top layer is a very cool 1.5’’ thick gel-infused memory foam.

The 10’’ mattress is covered by a polyester and rayon fabric cover, stitched with perfection.

The mattress has a medium firmness level. It cushions and contours to the shape of your body, while simultaneously regulating the temperature of your bed, to help sleep cool. Greater support is provided and you don’t get bounced a lot by the bed!

The mattress doesn’t like sinking much and is firm just according to the need.  The spinal alignment also helps to relieve the body of any strain. And to make it even better, the mattress is free from any sort of toxic particles!

The mattress prices range as follows; $600 for Twin size, $650 for a Twin XL size, $800 for Full size, $900 for Queen size & $1,000 for King and California King sizes.

Our Unbiased Opinion About The Lull Mattress:

While the mattress may have only one model, that is its main attraction. One hybrid mattress model that caters to everyone’s needs and wants!

The Lull Mattress is pretty affordable, and has great features of any mattress on the market, targeting a big audience with average height and medium firmness. This may not get the attention of buyers who prefer customizable beds, but for most people who don’t have much knowledge of mattresses, the idea of a suitable for all piques the interest.

Overall the mattress is quite decent, with nice features, providing a very good sleep overnight. If you are someone who doesn’t care for detailings according to your likeness and needs just a sleep buddy that fits the bill with A* grade, then surely Lull is a fantastic choice!