Leesa Mattress Review – 2020 Updated [Complete Guide]

Leesa is among the pioneer companies that introduced the bed-in-a-box. Over the years, this mattress company has grown and succeeded in the mattress industry.  It has created mattresses that offer universal comfort in a unique way. They are known for having great mattress products including the hybrid Sapira and Leesa beds. The Leesa is a highly reputable model and has undergone numerous changes, giving it an improved design.

The Leesa mattress has excellent firmness according to the firmness scale. It is made of mixed foam and has LSA200 polyfoam layers combined with memory foam and supportive layer at the base, which is made of high density polyfoam.

Leesa was launched in 2015 and in the three years it has been in the market, this mattress has racked an impressive resume. The brand is also famous for other reasons apart from being a quality product. One of them is the One-Ten initiative, where they donate a mattress for every ten they sell.

Leesa mattress is one of the highly respected mattresses in the market and is mostly compared with big giants in the industry such as Casper and Purple. These mattresses have unique feels and different feels, but they have the similar purpose and fall under the same price range

Construction of Leesa Defined

The Leesa mattress is made of three foam layers and each is different from the other. They are combined to create a supportive and firm structure. Most of the construction used in making this mattress comes from the previous iteration, but the updated Leesa model has a new layer built to provide extra comfort. The new layer is LSA200 and it’s different from Avena form, which was used in the previous version.


The Leesa mattress cover is made of a blend of thick polyester making it comfy and soft to touch.

Comfort Layer

The comfort layer was made of Avana foam originally, which is bouncy and latex like. It was updated and the current one is composed of LSA 200 foam. While this material is also bouncy and equally responsive like Avena foam, it is denser than the former.  It makes the sleeper feel a bit higher and comfortably lifted on the structure and keeping you cool on a hot night.

Transition Layer

The second layer after the comfort layer is made of memory foam. It does not have much response when pressure is applied like the LSA 200. It allows the body to sink and contour. Leesa mattress is made like this to prevent the sleeper from feeling stuck in bed, which happens to memory foams when they get hot at night.

Foundation Layer

The foundation layer is made of high-density polyfoam. This thick layer is the main source of the beds stability and beautiful shape. It supports all the softer layers above it and the sleeper can enjoy endless comfort.

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The firmness of the Mattress

The Leesa mattress is firm and once you lie on it, you will notice the body sinks into the comfort layer. The top layer made of LSA 200, however, does not restrict your movements. The body enjoys immense relief from pressure as the foam massages your back while giving you some freedom to move around, no matter how deep you dig in, you will still be comfortable because the mattress has firm support from the high-density solid foundation.

People with different weights will feel the firmness differently. But according to proven testing, the mattress has a 6.6 average rating. The standard of the mattress industry is 6.5 for medium firmness so this mattress is of medium hardness. Other reviewers rate it at seven because of its study support due to the perfect combination of the different foams. The poly foam at the bottom is high density increasing its firmness and ensures you remain positioned comfortably.

Motion Transfer

Foam mattresses handle motion transfer very well. When a couple is in bed, and one of them wants to get out or keeps turning, the other person will not feel disturbed. The Leesa mattress ensures motion is not transferred to the sleeping person. This makes it an ideal mattress for couples.

Leesa Mattress is Suited For Different Sleepers – Who Benefits Most?

Leesa mattress is comfortable, but every user has a different experience depending on their weight and style of sleeping. No one can give a perfect description because the feeling is personal and somewhat influenced by personal preference. However, even though the rating is subjective, it tells you what to expect depending on your sleeping position. When choosing a mattress the essential thing is spinal support and overall sleeper’s comfort. The Leesa mattress has the following to offer depending on your sleeping position.

Stomach Sleeper

If you roll on the side, you will feel the firmness of the mattress, which gives the shoulders and the hips some pressure. While it’s a comfortable mattress, it’s not the perfect choice for side sleepers.  Soft structures are the best for side sleepers because they offer sinkage and deep contouring of the body. If you are a heavy sleeper who loves the side position, you may have to look for another option to get perfect sleep and comfort.

Side Sleeper

Stomach sleepers get along with a firm mattress. The shoulders are aligned with the hips and they will feel extremely comfortable if the mattress has the firmness. The spine is well taken care of by this mattress as you sleep on the stomach and you can wake up feeling refreshed.

Back Sleeper

Lying on your back on this mattress, you can feel the comfort of the LSA 200 foam. It feels the lumbar perfectly, which provides you incredible pressure relief. However, even when you feel slight sinkage, your movement is not restricted.  You can still move around with ease.


Edge Support

The edge of a bed is important especially if a couple shares the bed. They have to know how far they have to get into the bed to enjoy 100% comfort. The Leesa mattress feels secure even on the edges though they are bit softer than the interior parts of the matress. You will compress through the first two layers, but you can easily roll into the comfortable zone of the structure.

Construction Takeaways of the Leesa Mattress

  • The Leesa mattress comes in different sizes including Queen, Full, King, Twin XL, California King and Twin.
  • Even though the cover is thick, you still feel the comfort of the mattress and can move without restrictions. The mattress keeps you cool, and you will not be hot and sweaty when sleeping on Leesa. The top foam is breathable and allows circulation of air in your bed. 
  • The new proprietary foam. LSA 200 is softer than Avena. It is meant o give you pressure relieve better than the previous version.
  • This new Leesa model has 4-inch comfort layer, and most sleepers should feel comfortable regardless of their sleeping position. Even heavy sleepers will not bottom out the mattress.
  • The Leesa mattress is perfect for back sleepers because it conforms to the body and provides sufficient support for the back.

Leesa Mattress versus the Purple Mattress

The Leesa and Purple mattress look different by just looking at them. They both come with different constructions and even the materials are different.  The Leesa’s comfort layer is made of memory foam and proprietary foam making the layer responsive. The Purple’s comfort layer has hyper-elastic gel polymer, which makes it unique and extremely cosy for the sleeper. 

The two mattresses have a completely different feel. While Purple is firm, it offers pressure relieve, but has a squishy feel, which is not found in any other mattress. The Leesa provides a balanced feel and gives comfort to most sleepers. Heavy sleepers will find the Purple mattress softer than what a light sleeper would feel. Those who sleep heavily tend to activate the gel polymer giving the mattress a soft feel.

Between Purple and Leesa, side sleepers will choose Leesa. It will give them better relief for pressure. But for those with a low weight, it will feel different. On the other hand, stomach sleepers will go for Purple; it will give them sufficient support than the Leesa. The Purple mattress is supportive and firm and offers stomach sleepers comfort for quality sleep.

What Makes the Leesa Matress Stand Out Among Others?

  • You enjoy sleeping on foam without feeling trapped or stuck in the mattress. The responsive top layer is incredibly soft and gives you heavenly pressure relief while allowing easy movement.
  • The mattress is cooling and you will wake up sweaty in the middle of the night. Unlike the other form mattresses that overheat, the Leesa mattress does not cause you that discomfort. The top foam layers keep you cool at night because they are breathable.
  • It makes a perfect choice for back sleepers all the time. It is made to give pressure relief and support that back sleepers need. The stomach and side sleepers will also find it comfortable.

How to Unbox the Leesa Mattress

The Leesa is shipped to you in a compressed form. It is a bed-in-a-box and comes in a small box compared to its size when unboxed. The first step is to get the mattress out of the box and roll it out. You must get some help to enable you to place the mattress o your bed. Cut the layers of plastic to allow the mattress to lie down flat. After that, remove all the excess plastic so that your mattress can breathe and expand fully.

Warranty of the Leesa Mattress

The Leesa mattress has a sleep trial of 100 days. It also has a 10-year limited warranty for UK, Canada and US buyers. The mattress can be replaced or repaired within the ten years if it is affected by any of the covered defects.  There are no deductibles even when some parts need to replaced s long as it falls within what the warranty covers.

The warranty is not transferable and is only available to the original buyer. If you sell or relinquish ownership, the subsequent owner has to accept the product with its faults. The warranty covers the following:

  1. If the mattress deteriorates and has indentation bigger than an inch and it is not caused by improper foundation base support. A buyer is required to give the bed proper support by having a solid foundation, frame or base strong enough to support the mattress and occupants.
  2. Craftsmanship flaws that can lead to permanent damage of the mattress despite the mattress being set-up as required in normal use.
  3. Any problem with the cover including zipper and seams. Leesa can choose to repair or replace. If the company replaces the cover, the customer gets the latest style covers and it is most likely to be a different color or even material from the original one bought with the bed.

The limited warranty will not cover the following:

If the mattress has increased softness; it is normal and does not reduce the ability of the mattress to relieve pressure.

  • Any damage caused physically on the mattress including stains, burns, cuts or soiling and much more.
  • Damage caused by an improper foundation, bed frame or platform bed.
  • Any product sold by the original purchaser


  • Reasonably priced
  • Has a cooling ability and does not get hot
  • Free trial for 100 days
  • Easy to set up
  • Seamless cover
  • Excellent motion isolation


  • Edge support needs to be improved
  • Not good for some sleepers due to its firmness
  • Complex returns


Leesa is a high-end bed-in-a-box that offers superior comfort. The foam mattress balances support and comfort and it’s almost the perfect bed for all sleepers. The newly improved Lees model has changed dramatically; it fantastically relieves pressure even for the side sleepers who tend to need a special mattress to feel pressure relief. The stomach sleepers will need a firmer mattress than Leeser to feel extremely comfortable.