Helix Mattress Reviews – Updated 2020 [Complete Guide]

Looking to buy a Helix mattress read our updated review guide for 2020.

Helix Sleep was established as an e-Commerce site in 2015. The US based site delivers across the States and in Canada, with free shipping in America. Their two studios/outlets are located in Portland, Oregon and in Manhattan, New York.

The founders were motivated towards introducing a new style of selling mattresses; personalized beds. A method of learning what’s better for you when you can’t make up your mind. Their main idea was to treat different audiences like individuals and cater to everyone’s needs uniquely.

Helix Mattress Reviews

How does Helix Sleep help me choose the right mattress?

When you take part in their online quiz,  Helix Sleep uses different algorithms of height, body weight and sleeping position among other things to figure out your perfect match! The Helix Color Match system decides from their range of mattresses, each one colored different.

What are the Pros of buying Helix mattresses?

Helix Sleep has been successful in breaking through as a strong competitor in the mattress market with the benefits they provide their consumers:

photo of a helix mattress

1. Best Edge Support:

Don’t worry about your kids (or you, no need to be ashamed!) falling off while sleeping because your old mattress sagged whenever you rolled to the corner. Helix mattresses are one of the best when it comes to edge support!

2. No Creaking or Squeaking:

Helix mattresses never disturb you with annoying noises you’d have to examine! Squeaking and creaking is almost guaranteed to never show up!

3. Free Shipping within States:

Spend more on the mattress or pillows/bedding, if you live anywhere in America, you can have the mattress shipping cost saved because of their free delivery policy! Their delivery to Canada is also one other reason of their large market business, slowly and gradually spreading around.

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4. Great Return Policy:

Their return policy is quite simple, and they also offer 100-night trials, making it easier for you to decide if the mattress is worth it!

5. Financing:

Klarna and Zibby are two financing options, through which you can pay monthly installments, without interest in the first 6-12 months for the former. Both have a relatively simple user interface and are secure methods of transaction.

6. Motion Isolation Technology:

Helix mattresses are optimal for couples! Because motion doesn’t transfer from one end of the bed to the other, less arguments and more peaceful sleep are sure to be experienced!

7. Other Products:

Helix Sleep sells many more products including specially designed pillows for different people, adjustable bases, foundations and adjustable bed frames, bed sheets and mattress covers, making it a place to acquire all bedding needs!

What are the Cons of buying Helix mattresses?

helix mattress review 2020Helix mattresses don’t have many faults in them, but there are a few factors to consider before making a permanent purchase!

1. Few Heights:

Helix Sleep doesn’t give its customers many options for height and people may have to settle for a 10’’ or 14’’. While those are the average heights most people buy, it’s still better to have a few choices other than displayed.

2. Endurance Issues:

Sometimes, Helix mattresses tend to grow spongy or sag before their designated expiring age. While it is covered in warranty, a durable mattress is a definitely more liked by consumers!

An Overview of Products:

What materials does Helix Sleep offer?

Helix offers Hybrid mattresses, a mixture of latex foam, memory foam and coiled springs, and excels in fitting the bill for ideal mattresses for everyone!

*Memory Plus Foam:

The layer of memory plus foam greatly relieves pressure, amazing for those who have a lot of physical strain or elders with backbone issues, and gives your body the comfort it deserves!

*Wrapped Coils:

This layer of the mattress gives the softer mattresses their bounciness and contouring to the curves of the body in all firmness ranges, to give you the deep sleep you desire with the warmth of a hug!

What range of firmness of mattresses does Helix Sleep display?

Helix mattress displays a wide range of mattresses, from soft to medium to firm, allowing consumers to choose their preferred texture.


i. Soft:

Recommended for those who want to dive into a cloud like feeling. Helix Sunset and Helix Moonlight are their soft-plush mattress options.

ii. Medium:

Recommended for those who want to stay balanced by firmness yet want to feel a softer surface. Helix Midnight and Helix Dusk are their medium firmness options.

iii. Firm:

Recommended for those who want to don’t want to sink in the bed, rather be supported by a strong base. Helix Twilight and Helix Dawn are their firm mattress options.

The Special Mattresses:

helix mattressAside from the options that vary by the general firmness, Helix Sleep has three mattresses that approach the concept of firmness or softness differently.

Helix Nightfall:

The mattress provides medium feel, but is specifically designed for heavier or bigger individuals. With just the right support, temperature regulation and comfort, this one is perfect for plus sized people. The price ranges between $700-$1,440 for different sizes (Twin to King).

Helix Dual Balanced:

The mattress is designed for couples with different sleep preferences (or someone who wants different every night!). Basically, one side of the mattress is soft like a stuffed toy while the other is solid firm. The mattress has increased airflow, temperature regulation and is a better option for side sleepers. It is available in Queen size for $1,190 and King/California King for $1,440.

Helix Dual Extra:

Unlike Helix Dual Balanced, the mattress supports all sleeping positions with great comfort. Other than that, there are pretty much the same features, including split sides with softer end and firmer end, body contouring to help relax pressure points and temperature regulation. This mattress also costs $1,190 for Queen size and $1,440 for King/California King.

The Two Models:

All of Helix Sleep mattresses (apart from the special ones) have two models, Standard and Luxe.

*Standard Model:

These models are available in all firmness options, with the classic Helix Hybrid Spring Foam Design, and can match your sleeping preference according to the results of your quiz. These mattresses are 10’’ thick and have 4 layers of different materials.

*Luxe Model:

These models have all the features of a standard model (firmness options, hybrid design and matching capability to your sleeping preference) plus more!

The Luxe Models are luxurious hybrid mattresses with additional features, including Zoned Coil Support, Quilted Pillow Top and Ultra Breathable Cover. They are 14’’ thick and have 6 layers, each with a different property. Though they cost more, they are for those who want a fancier sleep!


The Best Helix Mattresses:

Since there are many options, we will choose two best from the variety, one soft and one firm!

Helix Dawn (Standard):

This firm mattress is comfortable yet quite supporting and solid, and you don’t feel diving or giving into like you would in a plush mattress. The mattress acts about your body shape with Helix Dynamic Foam and is sure to give great support to all sleeping positions with high density foam!

A breathable top cover makes it airy and keeps you cool. It possesses a durable base and a cushioning transition layer of high-grade polyfoam. Low motion transfer and great edge support are key features!

The mattress is available in 6 different sizes, with the price ranging around $600-$1,245, making it one of the cheaper double bed options available in market.

Helix Moonlight (Standard):

You can just hop on this extra soft bed and feel like you’re riding on clouds! This mattress has increased airflow with a breathable top cover that also helps in regulating temperature that keeps you cool all night long!

Perfect for all position sleepers, the mattress gives great support to people of all ages! Contouring to the shape of the body, this one is amazing for relaxing your stressed pressure points!

Possessing a base of durable foam and a transition layer of Memory Foam Plus, extra cushioning is guaranteed! The wrapped coils cradle you to sleep while also limiting motion transfer!

The mattress costs between $600-$1,245, so it’s affordable to most of the general audience looking for a good bed!

Note: Both of our picks are Standard options and not Luxe, since the latter has just a few added features (mentioned above).

Our Unbiased Opinion on Helix Sleep Mattresses

Without any doubts or confusion, Helix Sleep definitely offers some of the better mattress options currently available in the market. Even though their Luxe options cost equal to most expensive mattress brands, Helix Sleep provides great quality of mattresses!

Their unique feature of putting their audience through a quiz to determine what’s best for them not only helps people choose without conflicting doubts, but it also makes piques the interest of customers.

With a fairly decent range of firmness, textures and styles in mattresses, Helix Sleep is surely going to stay a top competitor in the mattress business and hopefully will continue to produce mattresses that enjoy great reviews, published by authentic sources!