10 Best Futon Mattresses to Buy in 2020 Updated [Complete Guide]

It’s common to hear people say how cozy their Futon mattress is, or how better or worse it is than the Innerspring or Memory Foam one on their beds. But what IS a Futon mattress?

Well, a Futon mattress is a traditional Japanese style of bedding.

Specifically, a mattress capable of being folded, rolled and converting back to its straight posture. The term is used modernly for a sofa-bed, one that stretches out when it’s time to sleep but otherwise provides a very effortlessly cool lounge couch.

What materials go into Futon Mattresses?

Generally, Futon mattresses are made of a mixture of fiber, foam and cotton. Firmer Futon mattresses have more cotton, but the ratio of foam increases as they get plushier.

But the mattress technology isn’t far behind, so we now have bouncy Innerspring, body-hugging Memory Foam and supportive yet elastic Latex Futon mattresses available in the market.

What would I need for my mattress?

Available at online stores or any bedding point, you certainly need a convertible frame, one that switches from sofa to bed. They aren’t usually that expensive and are mostly wooden, but there are unique ones around!

A mattress cover is also preferred, since you don’t want a plain white mattress. Why not bring color to your living/guest room?

Pros of a Futon Mattress

Nothing is popular if it doesn’t provide benefits others don’t, so here’s why these mattresses are as favored as they are:

1. Consumption of Space:

Obviously, the biggest advantage of a futon mattress is the ability to be stored, and how small the area it consumes. Since they are easily converted to beds from couch and vise-versa, they can be placed in a corner (or in the lounge) and won’t look bad at all, yet when there is no one around, you can have an amazing nap!

2. Convenience:

Futon couches look gorgeous when in the living room, and the colors of their covers match any theme you are going for! And whenever a friend or relative decides to drop by for the night, you can just pull the frame and hop on the cloud! They are also fairly easy to move from one place to another, so your guest room bed and your lounge couch can be the same futon!

3. Friendly for the Wallet:

Futon frames are pretty light on the pocket, but so are the mattresses. In fact, their total cost accumulates to less than an actual couch! Even high-quality luxurious futon mattresses aren’t all that expensive, at least compared to what high-end sofas cost. A simple way to add a comfy seat to your living room is to buy a plush futon mattress!

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4. Variety of Types:

There are a lot of futon mattress types nowadays, ranging from simple cotton to eco-friendly bio-foam to even natural latex! You can choose between the different foams, gel materials and what not! Futon mattresses display huge varieties of materials, textures and shapes!

5. Cleaning:

Futon mattress is the easiest to clean, with several methods working for it. Vacuuming is the most effortless way, while sofa shampoos and conditioners work like a charm in removing stains and dried dirt. And when you want to clean the frame, these light mattresses are easy to remove!

6. Tons of Styles:

While we mentioned that they come in many materials, their another amazing customizable feature is the texture of their covers, from wool to velvet, cotton to leather. With a palette of hundreds of shades and patterns of self-color or vibrant, popping contrasts, they easily add a spicy pop to the look of your living room, leaving guests impressed!

7. Frames:

The frames aren’t also behind on that feature of bespoke, as you’d find plenty of options. Wood is the most common, with colors in maple, brown, chocolate etc. and different textures of firmness, such as oak or pine wood. Metallic options are also popular, with multi-colored palette of frames. Plastic, although not recommended, is a super cheap alternative.

Cons of a Futon Mattress

Without a doubt, everything comes with a fault or two, which may or may not outweigh the ideal factors. Nonetheless, these are some of the things a Futon mattress doesn’t provide:

1. Thinness:

Futon mattresses are mostly thinner than their un-foldable mattress counterparts, so they may not be the ideal bed for anyone who likes a thick 12’’ mattress. That is because they can’t be folded if they aren’t kept under 10’’. But since their job isn’t to be a full-time bed, they still are good at what they promote, coziness in less space!

2. Fragility and Short Life:

Regular foam mattresses don’t tear easily or sink in the middle, however, futon mattresses of lower quality and less-costly material tend to bear creases and sag. Futon mattresses aren’t generally durable anyways, as one in constant use has a life of about 1.5-3 years, whereas a foam mattress lives for 10-20 years.

3. Uneven Distribution of Body Weight:

Futon mattresses may give you comfort, but it’s usually incomparable to that provided by a proper foam or innerspring mattress. The reason for this is the uneven distribution of weight, as the cotton or wool may clump. A solution to this are polyester foam mattresses or gel memory foam mattresses, if your futons are in daily use, that is.

1. Full-Size Futon Mattress:

A full size futon mattress is the same size as any regular and perfectly fits on any full-size bed including their own frame, the dimensions being 54 inches in width and 75 inches in length. On the sofa, it measures 75 inches between arms. They are usually bi-folded but you may find a rolled one or tri-folded on online stores!

A full size futon mattress is ideal for a single adult, as the dimensions are around the same as the built of an average grown man or woman. The height you should consider for futon mattress of a huggable couch yet a comfy bed is around 8-10 inches.

We, as always, are here to help you find your loveable partner in slumber, and we picked the best for you from Amazon, as it is fairly convenient to deliver from them, anywhere!

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i. Serta Cypress Innerspring Double Sided Futon Mattress:

From the trusted brand , Serta, this mattress is available in 6 different colors, so you may not even need a cover! 8-inch thick and bouncy, this is perfect for children who are constantly jumping up and down! A top layer of Foam and Fiber with base of Innerspring, the mattress provides great support to you and your budget, pricing at a fairly decent $203.43.

ii. DHP Futon Mattress with Independently Encased Coil:

Costing just $122.57 for 6’’ and $137.51 for 8’’, the mattress is very easily affordable, that too with availability of 5 colors. Not too plushy or too firm, the mattress is great for day and night use. Durable with coils and polyester foam layer and covered in microfiber, this one provides great support yet feels relaxing to touch. A cover may be preferred as stains are hard to get out from this one, but it surely is fantastic for the price!

Japanese futon mattress

A Japanese futon, commonly known as the traditional Shikibuton (also Shiki Futon), is constructed to give your sleeping space a minimalist approach. However, it is a little different than the regular futon we know of and the difference in its style and construction is what makes this a very versatile product. Compared to its bulkier, framed futon mattress counterpart.

Shikibutons are rollable (or foldable) slim, rectangular cushions, filled with cotton batting  which provides a hugging comfort and support. Thinner than modern filled futon cushions, these usually measure only 3 to 4 inches high.

Our pick:

EMOOR Compact-Sized Japanese Futon

EMOOR Japanese Futon Mattress comes with a Kakebuton, comforter in other words, a Shikibuton (Futon Mattress) and a Pillow. It might not be as thick enough to sleep by placing it directly on the floor. To have more comfort on the floor, you may use it above a bed-mattress, foam mattress or a Tatami mattress.

This futon is lightweight, very easy to store, as all  items are foldable and can be kept in a closet. You can simply roll it out on the floor when you want to sleep.
This mattress is stuffed with anti-Bacterial stuffing.

Queen futon mattress

Serta Cypress Double Sided Innerspring Queen Futon Mattress

If you are looking for a great futon mattress under an affordable price, then look no further. Serta Cypress has an innerspring unit, wolf corporation’s own cottonique fiber and CertiPUR certified foams. This 8” futon mattress is lace tufted to give a superior comfort; featuring 288 Bonnell Innerspring Unit, has a fiber and foam cover top and bottom of innerspring and provides a medium support.

This Cypress futon mattress has a khaki duck fabric cover and comes in queen size of 60″ x 80″. Like all other serta futon mattresses, this one is rolled, compressed and boxed; making it easier for shipping and installation.

IKEA Futon Mattress


This one is a simple, firm foam futon mattress for your use every night. This mattress is said to be little on the firm side, so if you prefer firm mattresses, this one is definitely for you! It takes very little room yet a good size bed and comfortable, especially for your kids. However, some users recommend to keep the usage for short period of time since it does not provide a lot of back or join support for your body, neither very ideal for your pressure points.

This futon mattress is 74 inches in length, 55 inches in width, approx 4 inches thick and weighs only 20 pounds. It comes with a cover made of 76 % cotton, 24 % polyester, which keeps it clean but if need be, it can be removed and dry cleaned.


Twin Futon Mattress

Futons are the famous foldable mattresses, that can simply convert to a couch and back to a bed, if and when you want! Available at almost all household names such as Walmart, Target,  IKEA and Amazon.

These are our best picks for Twin Futon Mattresses:

i. Extra Thick Premium Twin Futon Mattress

This one from Amazon is the ideal 39’’x75’’10’’, which is the standard size of any Twin sized bed. These futon mattresses are sold by DCG stores, costing $228.00; available in 11 varying colors. They have layers of high density and resilience natural cotton, black foam and poly blend that helps reduce moisture and increases its longevity, provides great comfort and support so you would hop on when you want!

So when you are looking for a mattress for your guests or short on space, Futon Twin is the way to go!

ii. Serta Liberty Futon Mattress

This mattress is a 4’’ one by a trusted brand, Serta and is available at Walmart and  costing only $113.00. These futons come in a variety of colors; they are designed to fold thrice. It has a natural cotton cover, filled with cotton fiber and provides a true comfy feel. This mattress measures 38’’x 74’’x 4’ in inches’.

Our opinion on Futon Mattresses:

Futon Mattresses, coupled with their frames, are perfect for anyone looking for a less expensive way of having a couch that matches their desired themes. Their unique ability to fold and convert to a sofa/couch and expand to convert to a very cushiony bed is ultimately very helpful.

May a guest drop by your house, your pulled out couch can give them certainly a good night’s sleep. While they may not last longer than two years or so, they are not meant for daily use, and do their job as an occasional sleep pal really well. We recommend polyester over just cotton, so you don’t get uneven sleeping surface at night.

Futons also excel in the case of customization, as you can pick totally different frames from a large variety and different covers for any style you want! Coupled with a cushion or five, they are sure to leave the guests energized by the morning!


Q: What sizes of Futon mattresses are available in the market?

Futon mattresses have all the general sizes, here is a simple table below:

Size Length Width
Twin 75’’ 39’’
Twin XL 80’’ 39’’
Full 75’’ 54’’
Queen 80’’ 60’’
King 80’’ 76’’
California King 84’’ 72’’
Loveseat 75’’ 54’’
Chair 75’’ 28’’


Note: The length of your sofas will be the breadth of each arm of the frame and the length of the mattress combined!

The Loveseat size is practically the same when used as a bed, however, when in the sofa, it is about 21’’ shorter than Full because of the extension under the sofa that pulls out.

The Chair size is better for kids (or for adults in need of a place to sleep other than the floor) when stretched out, as it is quite not wide enough. And don’t worry about its length! Usually tri-folded, the 75’’ of length don’t make a very long chair! This futon is definitely best for an Ottoman.