Denver Mattress Review 2020

Denver Mattress is definitely the place to stop by when you are out hunting for a mattress, as their professional and polite staff will surely help you in picking what’s best for you!


Denver Mattress, established in 1998, comes under the banner of the coveted Furniture Row, that was established back in the 1980s. With a network of over 110 stores spread across 31 states, Denver Mattress is undoubtedly one of the best go-to companies if you’re ever in need of a comfy friend!

Initially just starting from a simple waterbed business, the company has grown bigger ever since. The company offers an astonishing over 15 different brands of mattresses and over 10 different types of materials including Air Beds, Memory Foams, Gel Mattresses, Innerspring Beds and their infamous Bed In A Box. And what’s more attractive to all the people out there looking for a comfortable sleep, is their wide range of sizes, from King to Twin, from Queen to Full.

If you’ve ever thought, “Why should I consider Denver Mattress?” while reading this article, here is why:

What are the Pros of buying from Denver Mattress?

1. Wide Network Of Stores:

Denver Mattress has more than a hundred branches all across the United States. So the nearest store is probably just a few kilometers away! The stores are in located in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, Wyoming, Arkansas, Texas, Iowa, Illinois and of course , Colorado amongst many others!

2. Professional Staff:

Denver Mattress has salesmen in all their stores. So whenever you decide you want to stop by, they are always there to help you out and find you the best according to your needs! The salesperson will show you a large catalog of their best productions, so mattress shopping with a family member or two isn’t boring or tiresome!

3. Online Ordering:

Denver Mattress website offers a relatively simple interface, so you can order a mattress without much hassle! Just choose what you want, pick the size you prefer and have it delivered right at your doorstep in a span of a few days!. The online ordering service provided by the giant is not only helpful to those who are busy with work and can’t find the time to go mattress shopping , it is also very convenient to the elderly, who are looking for a mattress but are having trouble going to the store!

4. No Odor or Heat:

It is a great quality of Denver Mattress that for a long period of time, your bed won’t absorb any odors and will provide you with a comfortable sleep. And if you’re a sleeper who doesn’t like warmth of the bedding, Denver Mattress surely provides great options for mattresses that don’t absorb the heat overnight, so you enjoy a deep sleep with sweet and cool dreams!

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5. Low Cost:

Reading so many positive reviews, a thought crosses everyone’s minds. What if the mattress is super expensive? Well don’t worry, it’s not! Infact, Denver Mattress offers cheap options that cost just a couple hundred bucks! Denver Mattress also has a sale almost all the time, so you can avail cheap offers before they’re gone!

6. Mattress Types:

Denver Mattress offers wide range of models to pick from according to your needs, from Firm Air Mattresses to soft Plush Mattresses. Innerspring Mattresses are the most popular option as they are very comfortable to sleep on. Other options include Gel Mattresses for people who prefer to sleep cool and airy, a body hugging Memory Foam, Latex for a very weightless comfort sleep and Individual Wrapped Coils for support like no other!

7. Payment Methods:

While PayPal and all credit cards are accepted, Denver Mattresses very own Furniture Row Credit Cards are very popular. They are a secure, easy and fast way to pay for your comfort cloud! Monthly payments and leases are now made even easier, so you can always go ahead and buy yourself your very own Denver Mattress with variety of payment options!

8. Availability Of Accessories:

Of course the dream sleep won’t happen without the best bedding or pillows! But don’t be bothered! Denver Mattress also offers tons of bedding accessories, so you don’t have to look for a second place to go!

What are the Cons of buying from Denver Mattress?

As it is obvious, nothing comes with perfection. While Denver Mattress is a great option, there are a few Cons of buying:

1.  Cheap Models:

The cheaper models displayed by Denver Mattress, especially those that cost under $300, usually show lack of longevity. Squeaking and creaking may become a pain in the bed. So as it is always said, the more you spent, the better you get, or in this case, at least $500, so you don’t have to worry about buying another for years!

2. Not The Best Reliever:

If you’ve come after a long trip, and are expecting to be refreshed in a matter of hours, you may not want to buy from Denver Mattress, as their range of quick strain relieving mattresses isn’t quite wide. Sure, a day’s tiredness will be absorbed away. But after a journey around the state or country, it’ll take a full day (or two) for these mattresses to work their charm and ease those stressed muscles!

3. Non-durability Of Innerspring:

Innerspring mattresses are notorious for sagging earlier than intended, and that is the same case for the Innerspring Mattresses by Denver. More than 20% of the time, reviews have come in complaining about the mattresses and how they have deflated quicker than they anticipated. So if you’re looking for an Innerspring Mattress to last a long time, maybe you should look elsewhere before purchasing from here.

Denver Mattress Doctor’s Choice Line:

Ever woke up and were still fatigued? Slept all through the night like a koala but still were mentally and physically tired?

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Or perhaps you’re a patient of arthritis?

Well, thanks to Denver Mattress, you can have a deep, peaceful slumber. If back pain, tense muscles, osteoporosis or arthritis have made your life harder, and sleeping is a big task for you, the Doctor’s Choice Mattresses are your best bet. These mattresses are surely an elderly person’s best friend, which wake them up energetic in the morning!

What are some of the best mattresses from Denver Mattress Doctor’s Choice?

We’ll help you find the doctor recommended mattress according to your liking! These are the best and most liked by the customers!

Doctor’s Choice Plush Mattress:

With a high density 1.8lb foam and Zoned Coils that instantly respond to any pressure, you won’t have to toss or turn overnight because this cloudy mattress cradles you with support and comfiest feeling you’ve ever known! The mattress lines to your body’s shape and gives your spine the best surface to lie on.

For a 15 year warranty and approximate height of a foot, the mattress is available in all sizes from California King to Twin and a great quality of the Balanced Orthopedic Sleep System and a layer of Natural Rayon Fire Insulation and one layer of Flex Net Insulator, it just costs from $499.99 to $1,949.97.

Doctor’s Choice Elite Firm Mattress:

For a very steady sleep at a very affordable cost between $699.99-3,599.97, the Elite Firm Mattress is the go-to choice for anyone with back-pain. Enhanced support of Balanced Orthopedic Sleep System and Inherent Rayon Fire Barrier are both available in this mattress.

With a height of solid 11 inches, and 15-year warranty, it possesses individually wrapped coils. A Flex Net Insulator and 4lb Gel Memory Foam for a cool sleep are its main quality. A 2lb Luxury High Density Firm EF Foam and a one-inch Anti-Microbial Super Soft EF Foam provide high comfort. So when looking for a comfortable and firm at the same time , this is your best option!

Doctor’s Choice Euro Top Mattress:

Titled “The Best Mattress Under $800” by Nation’s Leading Consumer Magazine, the mattress costs between $499.99-1,999.97. The height of the mattress is 13 inches with 1.8lbs in density. Balanced Orthopedic Sleep System provides great sleep to those who have any orthopedic issues.

Among the best in customers, this one bears Flex Net Insulator and Natural Rayon Fire Barrier. Micro Denier Jacquard Ticking and 1 inch EF Foam are the perfect qualities for the dream mattress (and one that gives you great dreams too)!

The Factory Direct From Denver Mattress Company:

With no middleman make up, no troubles of dealing with a third party and idealistic costs, the factory’s direct production are very popular among the customers, Doctor’s Choice being their most popular line.

The Factory Direct insure lifetime warranty and high quality for the sleep of your dreams! Some of their best from their varied mattress lines include:

The Summit Mattress:

For an unrealistic price range of just $149.99-359.99, the Summit Mattress is Denver Mattresses cheaper side of mattresses, which is a great quality that makes it affordable to anyone!

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The sizes include Twin, Full and Queen and a 10 year warranty comes along with this 10.5 inch high mattress. A Natural Rayon Fire Barrier, 1.5 Density EF Foam, one inch of Super Soft Foam and 1.5 inch 1.5lb Convoluted Density EF Foam, Damask Ticking and of course, the Balanced Orthopedic Sleep System are its best qualities!

Aspen 2.0 Air Foam Mattress:

A singular layer of this innovative and advanced air foam creates heavenly, breathable yet firmly supportive pressure relief all while its cooling technology helps get to sleep quickly. The increased airflow gets rid of excess heat, for an all-night tight sleep.

And what’s better is that all these materials are eco-friendly and yet it still costs between $419.99-1,949.97. The sizes available are King, Queen, Twin, Full and Twin XL, meanwhile the height is around 9.5 inches. Ice Fabric and Woolen Cover keep you chilling from dusk to dawn! A 3-inch 1.8lb Foam compares to the relatively thinner and lighter mattresses around. A 6-inch Rebound Core and 1-inch base layer of Rebound Foam are definitely the perfect qualities for an Air Bed!

Dove Creek Luxury Firm Mattress:

Perfect for your luxurious master sleep, an extremely high quality mattress would be none other than this right here! Boasting superior firmness with over 1147 coils each wrapped individually and about over 4″ of quite the high-density foams, the Dove Creek Luxury Mattress offers incredible support and durability that will withstand the days and years to come and give unyielding comfort to the sleepers who prefer a firm and sturdy bed.

For a price range between $999.99-3,999.99, it may sound expensive, but it is the most luxurious yet comfortable mattress you’ll ever lay your nap on! Unbeatable relaxation and compatibility to adjust to your tailoring, it’s fantastic for anyone who wants to customize!

A height of 12 inches with King, Queen and Twin XL sizes, the mattress can fit in all your rooms! And with that 15-year warranty, you won’t have to worry about the cost being a rip-off!

Other features include Luxurious Knit Ticking, Individually Wrapped Coils, Foam Encasement on all sides, 1-inch of Supersoft Foam, 1.5 inches of Convoluted 1.8lbs Foam, 2-inches of High Resiliency Foam that denses over 2.2 lbs, and a revolutionary Fiber Pad Insulation Layer. This mattress surely is the best who want extra in their lives!

Final Thoughts a.k.a Unbiased Opinion About Denver Mattresses:

While the prices may seem high for an average person, there are many cheap options that provide benefits the more expensive from other companies may not provide, and the more expensive ones have great life-long warranties and stay with you for years, providing you comfort and satisfaction.

Our opinion would be, keeping in mind the feature of widespread network of outlets and online delivery, to buy a mattress, you should definitely consider Denver Mattress.

A hundred great options, easy payment plans and great quality of mattresses, Denver Mattress has established its name with the products it provides. This paradise of beddings and mattresses definitely has one for everyone, and quite possibly, the perfect for you!. So what are you waiting for? Go get you a Denver Mattress today if you want one!