Costco Best Mattress Reviews – 2020 (updated) Complete Guide

Costco is an international chain of warehouse clubs. Based in United States, it is the second largest retailer brand in the world, just after Walmart. Since being established in Seattle in 1983, under the same name, the company has grown exceptionally, providing its members great benefits and lower costs on all products.

What is a warehouse club?

A warehouse club is a retail store where only members can purchase a variety of merchandise, usually at a lower cost and in bulk amount. In return, a yearly fee of membership has to be paid.

Warehouse clubs are popular among small businesses and local shops, as they can purchase in bulk to stock their shelves and storages.

Where is Costco located?

Costco currently own 762 warehouses, out of which 533 of them are located across about 45 states and Puerto Rico. Costco has 100 warehouses in Canada, 28 in United Kingdom, 38 in Mexico, 26 in Japan, 15 in South Korea, 10 in Australia and a couple more in Spain, France and Iceland.

Review: What brands of Mattresses does Costco offer?

Costco doesn’t produce its own mattresses, instead collaborates with different brands and retails their production. The brands currently offered by Costco include:

1. Sealy:

Sealy is a very popular mattress brand, selling wide range of memory foam, innerspring and latex foam mattresses.

2. Tempur-Pedic:

Tempur-Pedic is a brand associated with Sealy that offers mattresses with their exclusive TEMPUR material, used for high support and cushioning.

3. Sleep Science:

Sleep Science is manufactured for Costco, and is a relatively high cost memory foam mattress brand.

4. Spring Air:

Spring Air is a nation-wide popular brand that specializes in innerspring or coiled spring mattresses.

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5. Novaform:

Novaform offers memory foam mattresses with different layers of added materials, primarily sold through Costco.

6. Stearns and Foster:

The brand is a part of Tempur-Sealy and offers luxurious mattresses with middle to high levels of comfort.

7. Brentwood Home:

This brand offers luxury mattresses made with eco-friendly materials and leaving behind less carbon footprint.

8. Sleep Eight:

Sleep Eight offers smart mattresses with abilities such as controlling temperature, reporting sleep time, built-in alarms, number of tosses and turns etc.

9. Beauty Rest:

The brand offers extreme firm or extreme plush mattresses among normal comfort levels, with pocketed coil and hybrid material options.

Costco Mattress Reviews

Here we review the best mattresses at Costco.


What are the Pros of buying a mattress from Costco?

1. Great Customer Service:

Costco’s helpline and salesperson at their retail outlets are very helpful when you come to them with any queries regarding your Costco mattress you just purchased!

2. Noiselessness:

Costco mattresses are known to have no issues regarding squeaking and creaking, giving you a very peaceful sleep!

3. Large Variety:

Costco offers large variety of mattress brands, such as Novaform or Sealy. These brands display their own choices and lines with different levels of comfort and tons of materials, so you have the option of choosing a bed from a thousand unique ones!

4. Huge Network of Stores:

Aside from the shipping and delivery service, Costco has 762 warehouses in around 10 countries. In United States alone, it has a network of over 500+ warehouses in 45+ states! Being just around the corner is one benefit why people prefer Costco!

5. Return Policies and White Glove Delivery:

Costco has brilliant return policies, so if you don’t find your mattress flattering, you can easily return or exchange! Costco also provides the option of white glove delivery where their team sets up your mattress, so you don’t have to go through the hassle! Fast-delivery is also possible by FedEx on certain mattresses, sometimes in 3 days!

6. Good Pressure Relief:

Even with a large variety tackling different audiences, one thing common is their pressure relief system in mattresses is better than many, and is great for workaholics!

7. Satisfied Consumers:

Almost every mattress by Costco has above-decent rating, making their products quite satisfactory for their customers. They also don’t remove or delete bad reviews, so you get a clear idea of the product you may purchase soon!

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What are the Cons of buying a mattress from Costco?

1. Exclusivity:

This may not come off as a surprise, and it may not necessarily be a con, but almost all of Costco’s products are exclusive to members. Although it is what Costco is all about, exclusivity, but for someone just looking for a mattress, they wouldn’t pay annual fee for membership, which diverts audience.

2. Lack of Durability:

Costco mattresses generally lack durability, with or without their warranties. Even though if it differs from brand to brand, a mattress that lasts for years to come by definitely is the preferred choice!

3. Consistency of Firmness:

Some of the mattresses Costco provides have issues with firmness and softness, as they either don’t maintain their comfort level or they simply are not what they market online. A visit to the store, call to the helpline or trial of mattress can all somewhat help solve this issue.

4. Limited Information:

Even on their main website, they don’t necessarily dive into the details about the products and leave a fairly vague description for the most part. So people who like to know smallest particle’s details, they may not like their detailing method.

5. Heat-Trapping:

Some Costco mattresses, the ones not gel-based or porous innerspring, have shown to trap heat and don’t help in keeping you cool all night. While this differs between materials, an airy mattress with light cover will always top one that traps body heat.

What are some of the Best Costco Mattresses?

Picking from a large variety tends to be difficult, but we are here to help choose you the best!

1. Eight Sleep Venus:

This 11’’ smart Latex mattress is designed to possess amazing features of temperature regulation, tracking of sleep phases, pulse rate, respiration rate and smart alarm. This mattress can connect to almost any device such as Google Home or Alexa. The mattress resides more on the plushier side, with structure of cells that spring back to original position.

The mattress features a 2’’ layer of premium latex for contouring and better airflow, a 3’’ base layer of high density support foam, a 2’’ layer of comfort transition foam that distributes weight equally and a 4’’ layer of innerspring coils that keep you cool all night long!

The mattress is available currently in 3 sizes; Queen for $1,299.99 and King-California King for $1,499.99 (shipping included in pricing).

2. Novaform Serafina Pearl:

The Novaform Serafina Pearl is a Gel-Based Memory Foam mattress. It is Firm (also available in Plush, but our pick is Firm).

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The mattress is a solid 14’’ high with Premium 3-Layer design. The 2’’ layer of ComfortLuxe gel pearls provides coolest sleep around, while the 3’’ layer of LURAcor provides customized weight distribution for partners, and gives great support with firm feel, cradling less and forcing straight posture. The 9’’ bottom layer is for incomparable support!

The advanced quilted cover has fabric that stays cool and keeps the bed fresh! The mattress expertly relieves pressure points while bearing motion isolation technology!

This mattress is available in 3 sizes; Queen for $799.99 and King-California King for $949.99 (all shipping costs included).

3. Sealy Posturepedic Response West Salem Premium Cushion Firm:

With a flat foundation height of 9’’ and a crown height of 13’’, this mattress is very luxurious and royal. The mattress provides a Medium feel, cushioning the body but also providing strong support.

This innerspring mattress allows ease of movements with full body support. It possesses a Supreme-Loft Knit Cover that enhances sleep, freshens by removing moisture and defends against allergens and bacteria.

A layer of fiber foam is present for support, and below that is a Gel Memory foam layer, to help keep you refreshed and relaxed! The mattress has great edge support coupled with a layer of 960 zoned coils!

The mattress is available in 5 sizes; Twin size for $519.99, Full size for $579.99, Queen size for $599.99 and King-California King size for $749.99 (shipping included in all). The mattress is also available with a foundation for different pricing.

Our Unbiased Opinion on Costco Mattresses:

This opinion is directed towards the members, of course!

Since they do have a huge variety, you can find a very amazing mattress for yourself at a fair cost among the thousands. This is what makes Costco what it is today; a warehouse full of variety.

Now for those who require tiniest bit of detailing in every inch of the mattress, Costco may not be the mattress heaven. Costco doesn’t necessarily sell mattresses that blow your mind or give you the best sleep you’ve ever had.

As for those who don’t necessarily care for details about each particle of every layer, Costco is a decent place to purchase a mattress. With fairly good pricing and average to decent sleep, an overall good experience should be expected.

But hey, if you can find a needle in a haystack, you can find a perfect mattress among the many, just requires dedication!