Casper Mattress Review – 2020 [Complete Guide]

Casper is a renowned company that creates high quality box beds. Their latest mattress version has gained popularity due to ability to relieve pressure. They construct the foam with four different layers giving it a great interior support of about 10 inches. Over the years, Casper mattress has changed its design many times and the latest one has zoned support. This is a unique feature to give the user essential support while providing the user with pressure relieving spots.

 This Casper king mattress is unique because it comprises both soft and firm forms for different parts of the body. The softer form is for the shoulders and a firmer one is for hip region. For the first time, a mattress that provides comfort for different body part according to their sensitivity is available in the market.  Read to learn more about this highly rated mattress.

Features of the Casper mattress

Soft and Smooth Cover

 Both Casper king mattress and Casper twin mattress come with a soft and smooth cover made of polyester. It is thick and comfortable to lie on and does not bunch up. When pulled up, it snaps back and will not have any uncomfortable bunches regardless of how many times you turn and move around in bed. The cover has a removable zipper making it easy to clean it together with other beddings. However, it can only be manually cleaned.

The Comfort layer

The Casper mattress has a comfort layer made of a foam material that bounces like latex.  The user can enjoy nice response once they press it down with their body weight. It sinks in a comfortably allowing the body to relax. Besides, it has latex-like properties that allow excellent cooling and therefore your bed will not hot and sweaty.

Contour Layer

Below the Casper mattress comfort layer, you find the contour layer and it is part of the memory foam that gives the body a contouring feeling. It extends the amazing pressure relief found on the top layer to every part of the mattress. This is one of the unique features of the Casper mattress.

Transition Layer

This is the third layer of the Casper twin mattress and this is where all support is zoned. They make it of strong and long lasting poly foam that has varying softness with softer sides being on the edges of the mattress and the firmer ones in the middle parts. The placements help to offer pressure relief by providing sufficient support.

The Foundation Layer

The base of the Casper twin mattress bed is made of high quality heavy duty poly foam. This is the main support of the bed and gives the Casper mattress its firm and stable structure.

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The Casper mattress is firm and soft at the same; it is almost neutral. This mattress has it all including firm support, medium firmness and the soft layer. These are the qualities that make it most ideal for your stomach and your back.  The upper layer feels soft, but the ones below it are firm and they are all combined to make the mattress feel medium. The zoned layer in the second layer provides firm support for the hips, but allows the rest of the body to feel soft on the rest of the mattresses surface.

The Casper mattresses are available in varied firmness; the essential firmness is 7.5. The Casper mattress is a medium with a 5 and the Casper wave mattress has 4.5, which is medium soft.

Motion Isolation

This is the main feature that makes the Casper mattress worth every cent you pay for. It makes a perfect bed for couples because you can turn in the bed without disturbing your partner. The mattress can isolate movements and you can get out of bed without troubling the person sleeping next you.

People who have used Casper have found it motion isolation 4excellent. The sinkage while lying on the mattress is ranges from 1 inch to 5 inches. However, while sitting its 2 inches. This is a good performance compared to other mattresses. It spreads evenly your weight and you can move easily and do not feel you are sinking. Casper gives your partner peaceful night’s sleep regardless of your movements at night

How Does Casper Mattress Feel?

They intend the construction of the Casper king mattress to give you as much comfort as possible.  The surface is bouncy if you press it lightly, however, if you press it harder, you can feel its contouring effect due to the layer made of memory foam. The best thing about is that you do not feel stuck.

People feel the firmness of this mattress differently depending on their body weight. So what you feel when you lie on the bed differs from someone who is heavier or lighter than you.

How Does The Casper Mattress Support Your Sleeping Position?

Someone knows the Casper mattress to be comfortable. So how do you sleep at night? See how it helps you depend on your sleeping position.

Side Sleepers

The Casper king mattress is perfect for side sleepers because your spine remains straight. This causes back pain in ordinary mattresses. This unique mattress will respond and adjust to comfort you regardless of your sleeping position. As you move around your bed and change positions, it adjusts and ensures you are comfortable all night. Most side sleepers are combination sleepers and that’s why this mattress is a good option for them.

Back Sleepers

The Casper queen mattress gives back sleepers the comfort they need. Lying on the back after a long day can cause pain in the lower back, but not with Casper mattress; the body does not sink and therefore the spine and neck are strained. Its medium firmness is ideal for back sleepers.

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Stomach Sleepers

The Casper mattress has zoned support technology, and this benefits stomach sleepers most. The foam framework provides contours to different parts of the body and even distribution of the body weight and that’s what every stomach sleeper needs for real comfort.

Does the mattress last and for how long?

Casper mattress is highly competitive, but still new in the market. Few people have owned the mattress for many years. So there is no data based on owner experience, which can give accurate information regarding durability or lifespan of this classy mattress.

The information available shows that the mattress can last between five and ten years. So the average is about six or seven. The best thing is that the mattress comes with a 10 year warranty. As a buyer they assure you the mattress is high quality and will last for all those years.

What Are The Sizes Of The Mattress?

Casper mattresses come in six sizes. Their dimensions include:

  • Casper twin: 39 inches by 75 inches
  • Twin XL: 39 inches by 80 inches
  • Full: 54 inches by 75 inches
  • Queen: 60 inches by 80 inches
  • California King: 72 inches by 84 inches

 Every Casper mattress has a thickness of 10 inches and a height of 10 inches. This makes it suitable for different bed sheets.  So if you are wondering whether the mattress will find enough space in your house, you can check with a mattress expert or check the space available and compare it with the mattress you intent to keep.. The mattress has to fit through your doors and corridors.

A good example is the Casper queen mattress that weighs around 70 pounds unpacked and when inside the box, its 80 pounds.

What Do You Do About The Initial Odour?

For several days after buying your mattress, cope with an odour that smells like chemical. This common in mattresses made of foam and it occurs due to the manufacturing process that a mattress has to go through before it’s ready for sale.

The Casper mattress is different and has very little odour and not over 4%. However, your Casper twin mattress has this odour. Let it air out for two or three days. The smell dissipates leaving you with an odour free mattress.

How Do You Take Care Of You Casper Mattress?

Your Casper mattress may look elegant, strong and adorable when new, but it is prone wear and tear after some time. However, you can give good care to prolong its lifespan. This is unnecessary but can keep it in a good shape; rotate it the mattress after every six months. If you and your partner have a substantial body weight difference, it will help prevent too much straining on one side of the mattress. However, not that the mattress need not to be flipped, it works on a single side only.

Being a delicate material, latex needs proper protection. You can do this adding a waterproof protector on the Casper mattress. Make sure the protector is thin so you can enjoy the benefits of the latex.


The mattress is easy to main and other than getting a good cover, everything else is simple. You can clean it with a damp and soap cloth to avoid any permanent stains; then leave it to dry before use. Also note that the cover is removable, by cannot be washed with a machine.

Can Latex trigger allergies?

Casper’s website states about the latex used in making the mattress. They say its synthetic latex got from Pennsylvania and contains none proteins that the user can react with. People who react with latex are well taken care of and the risk involved is minimal. They have their own plant to make blended latexes and synthetic latexes for buyers to ensure safety for all users.

Latex allergies are mainly triggered by touch and not inhalation. The components of the form are well covered with a fireproof sock and a cover and you cannot be exposed to the latex directly.

Guarantee- 100 Nights of Pure Comfort

Since Casper feels unique, your body needs a few weeks to adjust to its firmness. If you are not sure, do not worry, you have 100 days of trial and if you are not comfortable, you can the mattress back and get 100% refund. There are no hidden charges or restocking fees; the manufacturer sends someone to get the mattress, and it gives you back. The rejected mattresses are recycled or donated to charity.


The Casper mattress comes with a ten-year warranty and it covers:

  • Deterioration on your mattress caused by over one inch indentation; however, it must not be caused by poor bed based. The mattress should rest on a flat on a comfortable flat surface even if it has a stable foundation.
  • Defects due to splitting or cracking of the foam despite proper handling.
  • Any defects that affect the zipper system of the mattress cover.

If the mattress has any damages arising from mishandling, the warranty will not cover for that.


  • It is perfect for a combination sleeper due to the transitional layer.
  • The foam breathes through the upper layer, which is open-celled and therefore keeps the hot and sweaty sleeper cool.
  • Easy movement at night because it does not stick
  • You get 100 nights of free trial and 100% guarantee refund.
  • Innovative and beautiful design


  • The edges are weak
  • The Casper wave mattresses is heavy and hard to move
  • The price is not cheap for the average buyer.
  • Casper mattress is not for you if you prefer a soft one.


The Casper mattress is excellent for people of all sizes and works fine for all sleepers. You will find comfort in the zoned support. It is the right choice if you want a firm or soft mattress. It is a combination of both. If you are not sure, take advantage of the 100 nights of free trial and you can return it to get your money back if does not meet your expectation. Hit the stores for trials and confirm if it’s what you are really looking for.