Best Waterproof Mattress Protector Reviews

In this era of modernization, people have turned smart enough to create hacks of different kind. One such product is a mattress protector. It is a bed cover with waterproof material which keeps the mattress safe from all kind of liquids, dust, bed bugs and harmful bacteria. Growing up children, skin allergies, dusty environment and untrained or long haired pets are some of the reasons people opt toward mattress protectors. The mattress protector is kind of barrier which keeps the mattress safer from all kind of dirt and liquids and ensures a pleasant sleeping experience for the sleeper.

 There are many companies which are making mattress protectors; one good brand with positive reviews from customers and researchers is “SafeRest”.

Saferest Mattress Protector

SafeRest is a brand making mattresses, encasements, protected mattresses and mattress covers. The mattress protectors of this brand have some real good reviews. Main features are shared below.


This is the main feature to be considered for a mattress protector. The manufacturer claims 100% protection and zero leakage. The claim is true that is tried and tested by many people.

Some people have issues of night sweating, so this is also a good choice which protects the mattress from absorbing the sweat and provides protection from the dwelling of all kin of harmful bacteria and other microbes.

Human body sheds the upper dead layer of the skin which is a good dwelling place for bacteria of all kind. So mattress cover protects the mattress from this dead layer and bacteria .Softness:

The mattress protector of SafeRest is pretty soft. Most protectors are not very soft giving a feel of rubber sheet on the bed which gives an uncomfortable feeling during the sleeping time.


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The SafeRest mattress protectors are made up of hypoallergenic cotton terry fibers.


The protectors are available in different sizes according to the size of the bed. There is elastic on the edges which help it to get fitted on the mattress. The depth is of 22 inches so it can be easily used for a thick mattress. One drawback is that the brand is not providing for full size mattress.

Noise Less:

The product does not make noise during the night, which ensures peaceful and comfortable sleeping experience. The irritating sound made by most of the mattress protectors is a strong drawback of other brands.

Heat Retention:

The mattress covers are usually heat retaining because of being made up of cotton materials. This is still made up of breathable material and better than other protectors in the market.


The SafeRest comes with a warranty of 10 years which is a good time span for a mattress protector to be under the warranty. The product is easy to be use. The only care required I to avoid the high levels of heat which can destroy or burn the sheet.

The company provides 14 days refunding opportunity until the packing is not opened.


Sarah Lewis says that she has twin toddlers which love to play on the bed and spill all kind of liquids on the bed. She is using SafeRest mattress protector and her mattress is safe from being spoiled and her life is easier. 

Andrew Patterson says that he has skin allergy and an issue of sweating at night due to some hormonal disturbance. The SafeRest mattress protector is good for him as his mattress is safe from absorbing sweat and dead skin cells which are harmful for health.

Anna Robert says that this SafeRest mattress protector is a good product in this price range.


Another good brand with positive reviews is SlumberCloud Dry line mattress protector.This is a high end thick mattress protector of good quality. It is made up of soft plush material. 



One great feature which is not available in SafeRest Mattress is that it absorbs the liquid while protecting the mattress. So the liquid does not remain pooled on the cover.  This brand does not mention the protection from allergens and bed bugs which somewhat decreases the protection satisfaction of the customer.

Temperature Regulation:

The temperature regulating technology fluctuates temperature through out while the person is sleeping. Heat regulating feature is one of the most beneficial feature of the product while other mattress covers turn hotter during sleep which make them lesser comfortable to be used.


It is very soft and comfortable. It doe not make any annoying sound like other mattress protectors to ensure maximum comfortable sleeping experience.


The product is odorless.

Inner Material:

It is made up of Lycra and Polyester which ensures a soft, silent and protected sleeping experience.

Warranty and Maintenance:

It comes with a warranty of 60 days which is lesser than many other protectors in the market. This is an average warranty while others are providing more and still others are coming without any warranty. It should be protected from high heat and washed in lower temperatures.

Customer Services:

The customer services of the brand are good and approachable. This availability of good services leaves a good impression on the customers.


Mark Harry says that his wife wanted a mattress cover which absorbs the liquid while protecting the mattress. As my 5 year baby boy sometimes shows issues of bed wetting so SlumberCloud mattress protector makes sure that the boy is not sleeping in the pool of liquid while it protects the mattress as well.

Sarah Peter says that she wanted some soft mattress protector which does not get hot during the night. SlumberCloud provides both great features. This is expensive but totally worth the purchase. 

Paul Gray says that his wife is very sensitive about the comfort level. She wanted some soft mattress protector which does not make irritating noises as if you are sleeping on some plastic. He read good reviews on the internet and purchased this mattress cover. His and his wife both liked the peaceful and comfortable sleeping experience obtained from the SlumberCloud Mattress protector. They highly recommend the product to other users.