Best Sleeping Mattress Under $1000

Are you looking for a sleep mattress for under $1000.   All of us humans are created in a specific way that it has proper and specific needs of each nature. Diet, exercise, sunlight exposure, socialization and proper rest are the basic need of all humans. These necessities can not be ignored by anyone if he or she wants to achieve a healthy life style and healthy body. Doctors and experts have created certain levels for each requirement. Like all details of dietary components are designed for regular intake of healthy body. Like all other needs sleeping time is also calculated by doctors. Almost 6 to 8 hours are essential for every human body to maintain its proper functioning. Quality of sleep is a very crucial factor. There are many factors which affect the sleep. Some of these factors are proper sleeping time, suitable temperature, peaceful atmosphere, and comfortable sleeping place. Time of sleep is also very important as experts advise that best time to sleep is around 9pm to 5 am in the morning. Mattress is a popular important part of each and every house these days. No home and bedroom is complete with a mattress. Nature and quality of a mattress is very important in the comfort it provides to the sleeper.

Under $1000 Sleep Mattresses

This is an era of modernization and competition. Market is flooded with different kinds of mattresses by different producers and companies. The following key factors created difference in the nature of the mattress:

  • Quality, 
  • nature,
  • internal stuff,
  • price ,
  • size , 
  • shape, 
  • durability and  
  • thickness

Layla Memory Foam Sleep Mattress:

This is considered to be best mattress to be purchased under 1000 $.According to the makers it has much better qualities as compared to other memory foams.

Important features are as under:

  • This is infused with Copper.
  • It is made in flippable design.
  • Claimed to be better than others.
  • One of the most unique features is that it is softer foam one side and firm from other side, and is flippable. This feature makes it very useful .it can be used by all kind of sleepers that is side sleepers as well as back sleepers because of its availability of both kind of surfaces. Even one person can change it for the change of sleeping surface nature. The softer side is almost 4.5 in thickness while the thicker side is 7.
  • It comes with money back guarantee and the makers claim that if the users don’t like the mattress they will take it back. Free trial of 120 days will be given. 
  • Its pressure release system makes it a good option to be used for people with body pains like shoulder, back and hip pain.
  • This comes with a life time warranty from the seller.
  • The price is around 850$ while it keeps on fluctuating under 1000$ during holiday season and other sale offers.
  • It comes in different sizes:
  • Twin XL is around 550 $, full size is 750 $, Cal king is 950 $, while king is 949$.
  • This is made under thermo gel technology which makes it a good temperature regulator.


The official website displays some of the reviews and certifications. 

According to Tuck, it is tested by the testing team and they found it to be the best mattress for the side sleepers. It is suitable for the weight of all kind of sleepers.

According to Sleepopolis,

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Layla mattress is created in layers incorporate the foam for pressure relief and they termed the mattress as “Cool” during sleep.

According to Frederic C. a verified buyer, he and his family uses this mattress and is a comfortable option. Even the guests also feel that this Layla mattress is better than the one they are using at home.

Kira R. is also a verified user and she is totally in love with the mattress. She had back pain in the past but now the mattress has cured her health issue.

Jared S whose age group is under 25 to 34 says that he totally loves the mattress.


Bear Mattress:

 One other best option is a Bear Mattress. This comes with under mentioned features.

  • It is made with the cover material of Celliant which is a breathable material. Cellint’s infra red yarn technology is used to create the mattress, which is an innovative technology. This is advised by doctors to enhance tissue oxygen levels. This in turn provides better sleep and better health. 
  • Graphite cooling gel material is used in the inner material. It removes the heat of the body so is ideal in summer.
  • It offers pressure release system. So it adopts the shape of the sleeper to provide maximum comfort.
  • It is made on open cell technology which allows air flow. This is kind of a temperature moderation system.
  • It is of durable nature.
  • It comes with 10 years warranty.
  • 100 free nights trial is available and delivery and exchange is free on the official website.
  • Its firmness is around 7. It provides a firm base and the body does not sink in the mattress during the sleep.
  • It is also good for back and stomach sleepers to provide a proper angle to get up in a good body state.
  • It is available in different sizes like twin, large, and extra large which provides users a customized sense of buying.
  • Its price is around 700 $ which may fluctuate during the sales.


Kyle R. a verified buyer says on the official website that she recommends the mattress and people should look no further then the bear mattress .it is highly recommended for the users with back pain.

Kelly Jain, a comfort enthusiast says that she and her family bought this mattress in sale in 2018 and it was a nice experience. I would recommend others to buy this as it is good mattress and the price is also suitable.