Best Sleeping Mattress For Side Sleepers with Shoulder Pain

Human body is created in a specific manner that it needs a certain amount of rest or sleep to perform its functions in a proper manner. So resting is essential for human body and can not be ignored.  Asleep deprived body can not perform in a healthy manner instead it gets certain internal issues due to lack of rest. Doctors advise that healthy sleeping time is around six to eight hours for all of us. Quality of sleep is also is also an important factor which depends upon many factors. Time of sleep, suitable temperature, peace and comfortable sleeping place are the important factors for a good sleep. Mattress is nothing new to anyone. It is an essential part in each and every home. Quality and nature of mattress is considerable in the comfort level it provides to the user.

This is an era of modernization and competition. Market is flooded with different kinds of mattresses by different producers and companies. The following key factors created difference in the nature of the mattress:

  • Quality, 
  • nature,
  • internal stuff,
  • price ,
  • size , 
  • shape, 
  • durability and  
  • thickness.

 Shoulder pain:

With the changing pace and lifestyles, body requirements and problems are also changing. Shoulder pain is very common in people with a habit of side sleeping. According to experts almost 30% of people wake up with a shoulder pain and majority of them are the ones who have a habit of sleeping at their sides. As it is easily understandable that sleeping on one side of the body for longer periods of time with improper posture or poor quality of mattress may lead to shoulder pain which makes the person very uncomfortable in daily routine. Taking painkillers is not a healthy solution for this. Doctors and physiotherapists advise to select a good quality mattress especially suitable for side sleepers. 

Mattress Scale:

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Like all other units of measurements, experts have created a scale to measure the firmness of mattresses. The scale ranges from 1 to 10 depending upon the thickness of the inner material. 1 is softest and 10 being the firmest.

While three basic scales are also used which are soft, medium and firm.

 Mattress for shoulder pain:

Soft or medium firm mattresses are usually more suitable for side sleepers as it becomes comfortable for the person to sleep on a softer mattress if he or she is sleeping on the side. The scale is usually between 3 to 7.

Unsuitable mattress options:

Thick mattress:

If the mattress is not of good quality it does not allow proper positioning of parts of spine like head, neck and back. Firm mattresses are not suitable for side sleepers as it will not get merge according to the shape of the body. 

Sagging Mattress:

Shoulders and back may not get enough support by the sagging mattress .Extra number of pillows also may be the reason of shoulder pain.

Best options for shoulder pain side sleepers:

There are many mattresses for shoulder pain side sleepers, two of the famous ones in USA are described below:


Nolah Air foam is especially designed by Nolah. It was launched in 2016 in USA. It is completely USA made product. It is an innovative product with following important features:

  1. It retains less heat than the others mattresses.

This makes it perfect for summer usage but colder regions can also use it as this feature does not make it unsuitable for cooler temperatures.

  1. The company claims to have 4 times better pressure relief. Then other foams of competitive market which makes it suitable for users of shoulder and hip pain. They claim to be the number 1 mattress to relieve the shoulder and back pain.

It comes in two different models and the company gives around 7% of its total profit to the wildlife betterment. This feature makes it popular among the users. They also provide free trial for 120 nights with free return. 

These foams are recognized by the organization Centripur-US .One of the most positive fact about this company is that they are with all eco friendly materials like no ozone depleters, TDCPP, PBDEPS and it is totally free of harmful materials like mercury and lead. This thing makes it an excellent selection for a healthy life style.


Amanda Smith of Florida says: 

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“I and my husband both are side sleepers but my hubby has terrible shoulder pain when he gets up in the morning .In 2017 I switched to Nolah and my hubby gave a positive feedback about it. I would give a 5 star to this brand.”

Amber L. a verified customer says on the official website of Nolah mattress: “This is the best mattress for side sleepers ever .Seriously.” (


Another great option in mattresses for side sleepers with shoulder pain is Dream Cloud.

Important Features:

It is of Hybrid Nature. It is internally made up of gel memory foam layer and the material is initially breathable. It is with best Rest pocketed coils which absorbs excess pressure during movement of the sleeper at night. Its foam base is dense with the cover made up of hand made cashmere material. The feature of softness is highly preferable by its users.

In online reviews, this brand takes almost 95% of positive ratings which is a great success. 

Negative Features:

It is very hard to find a perfect product with no negative feature. So this product has a few not so pleasant features as well.

This is somewhat heavy weight which gives it a bulky appearance. 

It has weaker edges which gives it a poor control. 


Mark Lewis:

Mark Lewis share his opinion that he and his wife are  both comfort freaks, so they selected Dream Cloud Mattress, which surely is according to its name and is a good option for people with shoulder pain. I would recommend it to other users for sure.”