Best Place to buy a Mattress in 2020

Top 10 places to buy a mattress in 2019

A mattress is an equally important item for the majority of the customers. They want to buy a quality mattress from well-known sources. With time, online shopping has become the talk of the  town. Almost every need of life is readily available on the internet. The same is the case with mattresses too.

But, customers aren’t sure which platforms and brands are best for purchasing a mattress online. There are many vendors, brands, and online marketplaces. But the customers aren’t aware of their pros and cons. For the ease of such customers, we have listed down the ten best places to buy mattresses in 2019.  

1: Casper sleep


Casper Sleep is hands down the best place to buy a mattress on the internet. The brand has been offering high-quality mattresses at a reasonable price for a long time now. People trust Casper’s sleep, and this brand has a ton of positive reviews. Casper sleep has to offer something for every user. They have a complete range of premium and luxury mattress. If you want the best quality mattress at a fantastic price, Casper sleep is the site to place the order. 

Apart from the quality mattress, Casper’s sleep also has another positive side. The brand aims to contribute towards the water crises in some of the crucial areas of the world. They are continually working with reputed NGOs to cater to the need of water in countries like Nigeria. The majority of the people have appreciated the other side of Casper’s sleep. As there are very few brands that care about the environment we all live in.  

2: IKEA 

IKEA is another famous brand for shopping quality mattresses online. The website is all in one place where you can find mattresses of various sizes and qualities. The affordable price tag of IKEA makes it one of the best places to buy a mattress online. 

IKEA has to offer several types of mattresses option for every customer’s needs. Their mattress range starts from $15 and goes all the way up to $900. So, for everyone, something is being offered by this famous brand name. The online user reviews of IKEAA are also pretty satisfactory. Their premium mattress range comes with multiple firmness options. Users can easily choose the mattress for their desired needs. Also, you get a 25 years warranty with almost every bed of IKEAA brand. Moreover, the trial period is also 365 days instead of a few months. Users can thoroughly test out their mattresses before returning them.  

3: Amazon

Talking about online shopping, how one can forget the name of Amazon? On Amazon, you can find a mattress according to your budget. Their range starts from $99 and goes all the way up to a thousand dollars. Users can find the mattresses according to their budget with ease.

Being one of the largest online marketplaces, you can shop for your favorite brand’s mattress on Amazon. The user’s feedback regarding the quality of services is also up to the mark. There is nothing against to talk about the services of Amazon. You should know which mattress you want to buy and your budget. Rest, everything is there on Amazon and they also provide free shipping services to their loyal customers.  

4: Purple

 Purple is one famous brand name when we talk about buying mattresses form the internet. Two brothers in 2015 founded it. Currently, Purple is one of the best online mattress brands. The range of mattresses this company has outstanding. The pricing of the mattresses from Purple might not be ideal for every user. As their price range starts at $700. But one thing is for sure that you will get the value for your money spent. Their mattresses are made from high quality cushioning materials and are definitely worth the price.  

So, if you need high-quality matters, Purple might be the perfect brand. Their range of mattresses won’t disappoint you in any case. One great aspect of this brand is that they also offer financing services for their range of mattresses.  

5: Leesa

For an average man, Leesa is an excellent option for buying a mattress. Their varieties of mattresses have a special feeling. It’s nothing negatively, it a sort of a compliment. If you want to buy a mid-range mattress at an affordable price, Leesa might be the best online place for you. Leesa offers decent size mattress to satisfy the needs of several customers. 

Their classic mattress model is for those customers who don’t want to spend too much on their mattresses. It offers average firmness, and the cushioning quality is also satisfactory. On the other hand, the pricier mattress known as the premium mattress has better stiffness. Though, there isn’t a vast difference between those two. So, you can buy the classic version with true peace of mind. If you are suffering from back pain issues, then you can purchase the premium version as it offers better firmness. Overall, for the price, Leesa offers some decent mattress options for an average user.  

6: Saatva Classic

Ever seen those fancy mattresses in hotels? The Saatva Classic (Luxury firm) is one of those mattresses and has a premium touch to it. Those users who have back pain issues can use this mattress with ease. The Saatva Classic (Luxury firm) mattress provides excellent side support for those who like to sleep on the sides. The addition of two-layer coils makes it an ideal mattress for multiple types of users. The coil spring makes it a bit bumpy, which some people like. The great thing about this mattress is that it comes with a free 120-day trial option. You can sleep on this mattress for up to 3 months juts to test it for your type of sleeping position. If you find it convenient, you can keep using the bed, and if you find it uncomfortable, send it back, and you will get your refund. This type of facility is quite uncommon among expensive mattresses. This mattress is excellent for those people who want a high-quality spring mattress. If you are suffering from back pain due to improper sleep position, you can always try this mattress. The Saatva Classic (Luxury firm) mattress feels quite firm and helps reduce back pain. It is kind of in-between luxury firm and Firms. Some people may like it while some may not. It is not a perfect mattress option for fat and heavyweight people. 

7: Tempur Adapt

The Tempur Adapt (Medium Hybrid) has been the favorite of the majority of people because of the extreme comfort it provides. This mattress offers excellent edge support as its 11 inches thick. The standard matters of this size have 10 inches of thickness, and an extra inch of thickness gives this mattress the edge. It also has denser Tempur memory foam, which is 4.5 pounds per cubic feet denser than other foams providing an extra layer of comfort. Due to this much density of Tempur memory, this foam can easily bear the weight of people who are fat and weigh over 200 pounds. Fat people need high-density mattresses for their comfort level, and this foam has the ability to suit such people’s needs the best. This foam has been there in the market for decades now. This shows that how good this foam is and what comfort it provides to heavyweight people. The Tempur Adapt (Medium Hybrid) is an ideal mattress for people who weigh over 200 pounds. This foam has 11 inches of thickness and can bear the weight of heavyweight people easily. We found the Tempur Adapt (Medium Hybrid) to be one of the best mattresses for people who weigh over 200 pounds, but it does have a con. The pricing of this foam is something that can let down several potential buyers, but it is not even a deal-breaker thing. For the price you pay, you do get the level of comfort and peace of mind that is needed.  

8: Loom and Leaf mattress

Loom and Leef mattress is available in with multiple as you can get it in Firm or a relaxed firm version. Both versions are readily available so that users can buy the one they feel comfortable with. The relaxed firm version of Loom and Leef mattress provides extra cushioning that helps in reducing back pain. If you like to sleep on the edges or side of the mattress, then this relaxed version will suit you the best. The other firm version is also a very comfortable option but is recommended to those who like to sleep in the center of the mattress. Overall, the Loom and Leef mattress is a good option for most of the users. It also has 4 pounds per cubic foot of gel swirl memory foam. Usually, you don’t get these figures with the other memory foams. With extra-thick densities level, the Loom and Leef mattress is an ideal option for those who need a thick and heavy mattress. People who weight over 200 pounds can use it with ease. The firm version of the Loom and Leef mattress might not be suitable for too heavy people. While the other version is already designed for people, who need the best comfort level?  

9: Tulo Comfort

Tulo Comfort (medium) provides an excellent comfort level for half the price. The great thing about this mattress is its sale price, and you get the same level of comfort as other expensive options. The Tulo Comfort (medium) is quite durable despite its low price tag. You get 3.25 pounds per feet cubic density, which means even heavyweight people can use this foam. The medium-firm level is ideal for those users who are suffering from severe back pain. The edge support is great, too, and people who like to sleep on the side of the mattress won’t feel uncomfortable. The Tulo Comfort (medium) also has a secure version, but it may not be perfect for heavyweight people. The standard version has excellent cushioning compared to the secure version and has no flaws. Heavyweight People can use the Tulo Comfort (medium) mattress with ease. People who need an affordable, high-quality mattress should go with the Tulo Comfort (medium) mattress. The comfort level is decent, and you don’t have to pay a hefty amount for the standard features. There is nothing much to complain about, but people over 200 pounds of weight might not find this mattress that comfortable. But overall, it’s an excellent all-round option.  

10: Leesa Hybrid mattress

This mattress provides a better innerspring experience than most of the other mattresses of the same range. Through the better innerspring comfort, you can enjoy a great sleep on Leesa Hybrid mattress. You can enjoy the excellent cushioning on the mattress that will help you sleep better every night. You won’t feel the same level of back pain once you start using Leesa Hybrid mattress. The excellent edge support is also one strong point of this mattress, and you won’t have any issues if you like to sleep on the edge of the bed. This form has 4 pounds per cubic feet density level and is ideal for heavyweight people. Leesa Hybrid mattress is one great option for those people who have over 200 pounds of weight. The excellent edge support makes it an ideal form for even those who like to sleep on the sides of their mattress. The price of Leesa Hybrid mattress is a bit on the higher side compared to other options. But we think it justified as you do get an excellent comfort level for the price you pay.


These are some of the best places to buy a mattress online. All of these brands and market place are renowned and have a ton of positive reviews. We have discussed the types of mattresses according to the range of a variety of customers. So, if you want to buy an inexpensive, mid-range, or a premium mattress, you won’t have any issues. A few of these places also offer free shopping services.