Rest is an essential requirement for all of us. Human body like all other living creatures is created with its specific needs of all kinds. All of us need rest and sleep for proper functioning of our body. Experts have found out that we need approximately eight hours of proper and peaceful sleep for our body to function properly. To attain a healthy mental and physical state it is essential to get a good night’s sleep. Premium hours of night sleep are considered to be between 9 pm to 6 am. In this part of night, experts believe that the body gets maximum resting and restoring benefits. A comfortable sleep and proper ret is essential for all functions of the body including brain, skin, hair, heart, blood circulation and metabolism. The essential component to get a good sleep is a comfortable resting place which is commonly a mattress our house holds.  Mattress is an essential part of every home and no bed room is complete without a comfortable mattress.

There are different types of people with different natures and different habits. Sleeping positions are also different for people. Some people prefer to sleep on the side of the body, some prefer to sleep on back while a few are stomach sleepers. The mattresses are also of different types. One of the popular types is a pillow top mattress.

A pillow top mattress is a mattress with an extra upper padded layer at the surface of the mattress. This additional layer makes the mattress very soft and comfortable. This upper pillow like soft layer is pretty prominent on the surface and gives the sensation of a giant flat pillow attached on the surface of the common mattress. This upper layer is usually not removable.

 The padded layer can be made up of under mentioned materials.

  • Polyurethane Foam,
  • Memory Foam, 
  • Latex or
  • Batting.

General Pros of Pillow Top Mattress:

  • Pillow top mattress provides a great option for people who like an extra soft sleeping position. It is said to be a “cloud like sleeping place”.
  • It is a good combination of softness and traditional coil mattress.

General Cons of Pillow Top Mattress:

Besides being a comfortable and soft option of sleeping it has some cons as well. These are mentioned below:

  • Less Durability:

Pillow top mattresses are usually pretty comfortable in initial usage but on a general view of researchers, these mattresses are not very durable.  They get uncomfortable due to compression and sagging.

  • Turns Hot during Sleep:

The additional layer makes it almost twice hot during sleep as compared to the regular mattress.

  • Extra care requirement:

This mattress needs proper care and soft usage else it will deteriorate twice quickly as compared to a regular mattress. This feature decreases the value of the mattress.


There are many brands creating pillow top mattress. Different brands come with different specifications and features. One brand with great reviews is Serta Pillow Top Mattress.

Important Features:

The main features are mentioned below:

Budget Friendly:

This is a budget friendly option as compared to other mattresses of same nature in the market. 

Pillow Top Thickness:

The pillow top is an extra one inch layer made up of fiber for brisk cushioning.

Firmness Level:

This is a mattress of medium firm thickness. So it becomes a good choice for people who are looking for an option as a combination of comfort and support.

Supportive Material:


The inner coils are made up of pocketed structure so they provide good support.


The brand provides limited warranty or replacement time period which is not a very positive aspect for the buyers.

Plush Pillow top:

The top layer is made up of plush which is breathable and cooling gel technology makes the proper temperature regulation and sweats absorption during the sleep.


Robert M, gave his review on the official website that bought the mattress and considered it a good budget friendly option. The quilted pillow top gives you a not too firm surface which cushions around the body. It is firm and dense where you don’t feel any other movement on the bed. 

Tiffany from Pineville, KY says that she has used different kinds of mattresses ranging from beauty rest to temperpedic but she found this Serta mattress to be the best. She totally loved the quality of the mattress and gives five stars to its ability to get merged according to the curves of the body. She says that she always had body pains upon getting up from sleep but Serta Mattress solved this issue for her.


Saatva is a pretty famous brand which in manufacturing mattresses of different types. It is also creating good quality pillow top mattress. 

Its important features are as under:

  • It is budget friendly.
  • The upper layer is made up of high quality euro fiber and memory foam to provide a good cushioning.
  • The steel coils are of dual nature provide motion isolation and deep responsive support.
  • It is of durable nature.
  • It comes with 15 year warranty. This is a good time span for a product to be under warranty.
  • The brand comes with a free 120 night trial option.


Arthur Gray says he bought Saatva euro top mattress as he wanted a comfortable softer bed in his budget. He considers it a recommendable option. 

Anna Parker says that she bought Saatva and it is a good brand. Its euro top mattress is equally good as its other options.