In this synthetic era, finding purely organic products is not an easy task. Organic products are basically made from basic free form all harmful chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified items and ionizing radiations. As the population increased, the demands of products also increased. To fulfill the increasing needs scientists discovered different ways to increase the yield and create ease in production. In this experimentation different forms of harmful chemicals, hormones, pesticides and other products were created. By the time, medical researchers and scientists started founding the harmful effects of non organic products in all things including food products like crops, fruits, milk, meat, medicines, cosmetics, fertilizers and other items of daily usage.

Mattress is a common household item. Common mattresses are made up of many harmful products and chemicals which are not very healthy for the users. To cope up with these health hazard mattress makers got directed towards making organic mattresses. These mattresses are made up of materials which are free from all harmful chemicals and materials, hypo-allergenic and biodegradable. This is considered to be safe from hazardous products. People are now becoming thoughtful of avoiding harmful materials in their all products of usage including mattresses to sleep on “a safe material”. Healthy sleep and a good night’s sleep is essential for proper functioning of body and to maintain a good condition of all body parts like brain, heart , skin , hair, nails and eyes. Body functions are also affected by the quality and quantity of the sleep. According to the medical science, 8 hours of comfortable night sleep is essential for human body. It is said the body absorbs the materials on which it is sleeping so to keep the body safe from absorbing harmful chemicals during sleep, people are more interested towards organic mattresses.


Many manufacturers are making organic mattresses in USA. One brand with good reviews is Avocado green mattress.

The manufacturers claim it to be the finest natural and nontoxic mattress which are made up of 100% certified organic materials. They say that their products are good for health and environment friendly avoiding all harmful materials.

Inner Materials:


The mattress is made up of inner materials which are certified by GOLS. The materials used for manufacturing are as under: 

  • Latex made from sustainably harvested rubber tress.
  • Organic certified wool.
  • Organic certified cotton.

 Factory Details:

The Factory is in Los Angeles where hand made mattresses are made. Hand made products are also in trend these days and liked by people so this is also a plus point for the brand.

Safety Standard Certifications:

Currently most of the mattresses are made up of harmful toxic materials which can even be smelled from some of the brands. The Avocado green mattress is made up of all organic products and the finished product has tested by OKEO-TEX and certified as 100% by them. 

MADE SAFE Certification:

One other certificate MADE SAFE, which is an American certification of mattresses. This is certified to be safe from all possible toxins. It is also safe from fire retardants. Avocado is one of the three mattress brands in the world to be MADE SAFE certified.

GREENGUARD GOLD Certification:

All products of this brand are Green Guard Gold Certified which means it emits low emission. They are up to the mark and meet the most strong emissions standards for chemical exposure. They are also free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and pollutants.

Formaldehyde Free Certification:

It is a harmful chemical substance used commonly in mattress making but Avocado Green is free form formaldehyde, without smell and zero risk of off-gassing. These Gold standards are not commonly met by other mattress brands.


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Most of the other brands are providing warranty of 15 years or lesser while Avocado green mattress is providing warranty of 25 years which is a good time span to be covered under manufacturer warranty. This makes it a good and safe investment. The first 10 years are covered under complete replacement. This service is with free pick and replacement services. After initial 10 years the next 15 years are with prorated coverage. It comes with a while one year trial option.

Environment friendly Mattress:

The company has successfully attained the standard of total zero carbon emissions which is a very positive feature for the environment. This is the only mattress which is Climate Neutral Certified which makes it a great mattress.

Hybrid Firm Support:

This is 10 inches mattress made up of different layers of different materials.The latex hybrid mattress combines organic latex for cushioning. After the basic layer, there comes a layer of around 1441 innersprings which are in support of the upper cushioning. These springs are made in USA from recycled steel. The edges are strongly reinforced to provide support to the body during sleep. This provides a non sinking sleeping experience.

Good option for body Ache patients:

As the mattress provides supportive feel, the spine, hips and shoulders are aligned properly which is good for people with body aches. 

Good option for all sleeping positions: 

The supportive structure makes it a good option for all kind of sleeping positions including the stomach, back and the side sleeping.

Breathable material:

The mattresses do not trap the body heat leading to perspiration.  While the latex used in the production allows natural circulation of air so body temperature remains regulated. This helps to be a cooler sleeping place in the summer. 

Anti Microbial material:


The natural material used is resistant to bacteria, mold and other microbes which make it an excellent choice for a healthy sleeping place.


Some of the reviews taken from the official website of Avocado Green mattress are shared below:

Denis J., a verified buyer said that it’s a wonderful company and the mattress is wonderful as well. 

Kristi K. gave her review after using the mattress for one month that she totally loves the Avocado mattress.

Jennifer C. says that she recommends Avocado mattress to other buyers without any hesitation. 

Heather L. was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and arthritis. He is a stomach sleeper and after the medical recommendation he bought Avocado Mattress and found considerable betterment in his body aches.