Every living creation is created in a specific way with certain specific needs and demands which are essential for the proper functioning of the living body. Like all other living creatures, man is also created a specific way that it has particular needs of each nature. Diet, exercise, sunlight exposure, socialization and proper rest are the basic need of all humans. These necessities can not be ignored by anyone if he or she wants to achieve a healthy life style and healthy body. Doctors and experts have created certain levels for each requirement. Like all details of dietary components are designed for regular intake of healthy body. Like all other needs sleeping time is also calculated by doctors. According to doctors, 6 to 8 hours are essential for every human body to maintain its proper functioning. Quality of sleep is a very crucial factor. Sleep is affected by many factors. Some of these factors are proper sleeping time, suitable temperature, peaceful atmosphere, and comfortable sleeping place. Experts have also defined a particular time span for the proper and a restful night’s sleep. Time of sleep is also very important as according to the experts the best time to sleep is around 9pm to 5 am in the morning. Mattress is an important part of each and every house these days. No home and bedroom is complete with a mattress. Nature and quality of a mattress is very important in the comfort it provides to the sleeper.

This is an era of modernization and competition. Market is flooded with different kinds of mattresses by different producers and companies. The following key factors created difference in the nature of the mattress are Quality, nature, internal stuff, price, size, shape, durability and thickness.

Best Mattress under500 $:

In this era of competition and innovation there are many products which are way much expensive than their actual value. Mattress is a simple thing which can be created in low budget. Like all other products mattresses are available in market with a huge range of price differences. Here we will consider some low budget options with best features.


  • This mattress is certified by the CentriPur-Us .All mattresses of this brand are made up of polyurethane foam. These are tested by proper techniques to fulfill the criteria of good quality , high level inner material, durability and comfort. 

This foam is made up of Eco Friendly materials which are non ozone friendly and thus are not a source of destruction for the planet. The foam is also free from under mentioned materials:

PBGDE, TDCPP, TCEP flame retardants:

  • This foam comes with a 30 year warranty which is a good time period for the product to be under the warranty of the manufacturer. This is actually a good investment when a product of long time span warranty is provided. As compared to the market where others are providing a warranty of 10 to 12years, 30 years is a really good covered time span.
  • This can be purchased from official website with the opportunity of free delivery. 
  • The brand comes up with a free 120 try out trial.
  • Its price is around 379$.which is very reasonable amount for this quality mattress.
  • Its height is 12 inches.
  • It is a great deal that this product comes with free two gel memory foam pillows, which makes this deal even more economical.
  • This is a medium firm mattress according to the scale of firmness.

Layered Structure composition:

  • This mattress is made in layered structure. Four layers are created with a specific technique to maximize the comfort level. 
  • The first layer is 3 inches of gel memory foam to keep the body temperature moderated while sleeping.
  • Next two layers are each of 2 inches of convoluted Air Flow foam created to provide maximum pressure relief allowing the compression for the sleeper during sleep. 
  • The layers are made in egg crate structure which provides maximum air flow across the layers.
  • The last layer is of 5 inches which is of high density so it provides maximum support to the sleepers.


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This is available on online stores including Amazon. People prefer online purchase as it provides free delivery and free trial nights as well.


Some great reviews are available on the official website of the Dynasty mattress. 

According to Paul Blue Whiskey, he conducted some online and this mattress is with good features which are nothing lesser than an expensive mattress. He regretted his purchase of an expensive mattress of 9000 $.

Another review by a customer states that he and his wife both have different sleeping needs ass they have different sleeping postures. But this mattress satisfied both of them.

According to Martha Lewis, she is never in favor of expensive and over priced products. And mattresses are never meant to be expensive. This dynasty mattress is a great and recommendable choice in this price range.


Another good option is Allswell mattress. It comes with a different range of sizes. 

Queen Size is 375$, Twin is 265$, Twin extra large with 39inches width and 79 length is 295 $, the full size mattress is 345$ which is 54 inches in width and 74 inches in length. Even the king size mattress which is 76 inches in width and 79 inches in length, its price is 465$. The cal king is 465$and 72inches in width and 83 inches in length.

This mattress comes with a 10 year guarantee and is available with a 100 night trial offer. While the delivery and installation fees are not included in the package for return.

It is created with individually wrapped unique technology which provides a comfortable sleeping place and minimizes the motion transfer. This is made with charcoal and copper gel infused memory foam internally.


Mark Andrew says he bought the king size for his new apartment and his wife considered it a recommendable option for low priced and good quality comfortable mattress.