All living creatures are created in a specific manner with unique needs. Similarly human beings are created in a unique way with certain and specific requirements of the body. Different basic requirements include proper diet, socialization, and proper sun exposure and good night sleep. Rest is essential for all living creatures and so is for human beings. A good night sleep at proper time, peaceful environment and comfortable sleeping place is essential for a healthy body and proper functioning of life.

As people are different from each other, they do things differently. Everyone has his or her own unique nature and set of habits. Sleeping habits are also different for different people. Some popular sleeping positions are mentioned below:

  • Side sleepers
  • Back sleepers and
  • Stomach sleepers

Stomach Sleeping position:

Stomach sleepers are the ones who sleep on their front side of the body i.e the stomach. This is not a common position and is considered to be a finicky position. According to a research, almost 7% of the population is stomach sleepers. This position is not considered as a healthy sleeping position.

Mattress is a common house hold item. Buying a mattress needs some specific things to be under consideration.

Sleeping style, size of the bedroom, thickness, budget of the buyer and if the sleeper has any kind of body ache or not.

Back sleepers can manage to sleep well on any kind of mattress while side sleepers need soft to semi firm mattress. Stomach sleepers need a particular mid range firmness of mattress for a good and comfortable night sleep. The mattress should be soft enough to maintain the minimum pressure in the stomach, ribs and face of the sleeper. On the other hand it should be firm enough to maintain a proper support for the spine to be properly aligned. The sleeper can sink in if the mattress is too soft and can feel uncomfortable if the mattress is rigid. So these sleepers need a well managed semi firm mattress to ensure a comfortable sleeping position. People who have a habit of sleeping on stomach cannot sleep at all if the mattress is not appropriate. The ideal firmness is somewhere in between 3 to 6 on the firmness scale.


There are many popular mattresses for stomach sleepers. Casper Hybrid mattress is currently having great reviews from the critics and the common people.

Casper Hybrid Mattress:

This mattress is with a pretty low price level which makes it a good choice and a valuable purchase.

The mattress is made up of unique technology of pressure relieving which come with supportive pocketed coils. The layered structure comprises of the first layer of triple inched poly foam and memory foam. Then there is a transitional layer made up of the poly foam, and the final layer is 6 inches pocket coil support core which is supported by a thick base of foam. The coils create a bouncy surface for the sleeper. All these layers are amalgamated for higher comfort for the stomach sleepers. The air flow is quite strong across the coiled layers which make it a good choice to maintain a cool temperature during the night for the sleeper. The mattress is 12 inches thick in total, which makes it included in high profile mattress.

Casper Hybrid has just been introduced in 2019.

This is medium firm mattress which a thickness of almost 5.5 on the scale of firmness.

This is ideal for the stomach sleepers as it provides a balance for the body during sleep. It gets contoured closer to the body. This ability of contouring is higher as compared to other hybrid mattresses of same nature in the market.

Effect on pressure Points:

Some people get uncomfortable due to improper pressure on the pressure points of the body during the sleep which is not a very good thing for the health. Casper Hybrid is medium in softness and firmness so it does not insert any pressure on the pressure points of the body ensuring a healthy sleeping experience for the user. It is ideal for people who weight around 230 pounds or lesser.

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Ideal for couples:

The Casper Hybrid mattress provides motion control because the coils are embedded in thick foam base so it is suitable for couples to sleep.  If one person moves during sleep it does not creates much disturbance for the other.

Noise Reduction:

This product is less noisy as compared to other coiled mattresses. This is a plus point for its users.


The cover of the mattress is made up of pure polyester and the sides and bottoms are made up of a blend of polyester and spandex. The cover makes a very plushy feel for the sleeper, so stomach sleepers enjoy the softness of the mattress during sleep.  The cover is zippered which can be easily removed and cleaned. The officials also offer a replacement cover on demand.


Mark Smith of Florida says that his wife is a clean freak. I bought this mattress for my new bedroom and she loves it up till now because of its removable cover and comfortable surface.

Anthony Lewis says that I and my wife both are stomach sleepers by chance. And we are very positive about our latest purchase of Casper Hybrid Mattress. It is a very comfortable option. We hope it will prove to be a durable option as well.


Another good option with good reviews for stomach sleepers is the Saatva mattress. It is made up of eco-friendly organic material. It is provided with free white glove delivery and mattress removal. The base is adjustable. This is sold in online stores and liked by many people. In a review done in 2016, it was attained a good ranking among the mattresses in the market. It is durable. The makers of Saatva were way ahead of their competitors Fitbit, WayFair and the Honest Company.

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Teeny Brown says that she bought the mattress from its online store. She is a stomach sleeper and recommends the mattress for others.