Top 8 King Size Mattresses on Amazon

Back pain plagues millions of people worldwide and if you or your partner is suffering from chronic back pain the right mattress is one of the best solutions to your problem. You can take all the medicines and drugs but it will only give you temporary relief from your pain. To resolve this issue without having some side effects, you need to just go out a little bit from your comfort zone, carry out a small survey of the market and get yourself the best king size mattress. Right mattress with a small dose of your medicine and you can release yourself from the pain.

Basic Considerations To Be Kept In Mind Before Buying A New Mattress

Cost Effect

It is the foremost important factor that comes to the mind of every person before buying anything. It is in human nature to evaluate the pros and cons of any product before making a deal. Keeping this aspect in mind all the companies (selling any sort of item) compete for one each other in making the best items at possible minimum cost. The higher the cost of a product the lower will be the competitiveness of a company. However, one should never compromise on quality for the sake of low price. If you know your budget you would be able to save the time and surf the best king size mattress which suits your estimates the best and your demand perfectly.

Sleeping Posture

Bad sleeping posture has a grave effect not only on your health but also on your mattress. It may even be the underlying cause of lower back pain. Maintenance of the natural curve of your back is essential for good night sleep. If you know your sleeping posture only then can you make a sound decision of buying the correct king size mattress? Companies nowadays are producing mattresses that best suits your sleeping positions.

Types Of Mattresses

Different types of king size mattresses are available in the market including gel, innerspring, water bed, pneumatic, latex and memory foams. Most commonly available mattresses are innerspring and memory foam. Keeping in view the specifications and cost estimate, both are equally good and there is hardly any difference. It is the personal choice of the buyer as per his preference to purchase any of the above-mentioned mattresses.

Options Available viz-a-viz Requirements

The following are the few recommended king size mattresses keeping in view various consumer needs.

Memory Foam

If you are a side sleeper this is the ideal mattress or your comfort and support. As they comprise of copious layers of foam, therefore, it supports the contours of your body in a way that you’d feel surrounded and supported by it.

Pillow Tops

If you are a side sleeper and the memory mattress doesn’t fulfill your requirement, you can always go for the pillow tops. It is similar to the memory foam as per the material but has minor structural changes. There is an additional layer of padding on the top. Generally soft and provide you with the sinking feelings by resting your shoulders and back. 

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Pneumatic Mattress

It is also known as LiLo, airbed and blow up bed. It is inflated both manually and electrically with the help of the pump available. With the help of a gas pressure gauge, you can easily carry out the necessary inspection of air/ adjustment. Prices are generally low and are considered important in improving life/ health quality by providing effective relief to people suffering from chronic back pain.

Latex Mattress

As the name indicates in this type of best king size mattress latex foam is used instead of memory foam. It is manufactured using natural materials while the other from synthetic materials. Best suited for almost all postures of sleep


It comprises of metallic coil support inside the mattress. The number of coils of the springs dictates its quality. It provides pressure relief to the sleeper. Apart from below-average durability, it possesses a major problem of noise.

Adjustable Mattress

These are best suited for old age people and patients. Head or feet side can be elevated and lower down as per the requirement.

Mattress Sizes

There are two main types of defining the size of a mattress. Some of the companies use numeric data in terms of length and width while others use non-numeric labels i.e. King Size, Single and Double, etc. One should have a clear idea of his requirements before carrying out a survey/purchase.

Top Eight King Size Mattresses For You

With the introduction of computers and the internet, shopping has now become one of the easiest tasks in the world. Instead of going out, surfing markets and wasting your time and energy, you can search for any item you need on the internet and get in within the minimum possible time. If you are looking for a king-size mattress but unfortunately suffering from back pain or any other problem and don’t like to visit and market you can just buy it from Amazon. It is one of the best websites available for online purchasing. The following are the few best-suggested products. 

Layla Style Mattress

It is a flappable model with the course of dual sides. Both can be used by the customer. Every single side has been put together with some different levels of best firmness. It is easy for the user to flip/switch sides as per the envisaged comfort. If you don’t know yet how firm your mattress should be then this is the best choice for you. Both the sides have copper infused memory layers which offer a sense of pressure relief, especially to heavyweight people. It also plays a pivot role in smooth blood flow and helps improve circulation. Layla mattress reduces the motion transfer to a minimum extent hence, it is virtually silent. It is good for side sleepers, couples and people suffering from chronic or mild back pain. If you buy it from Amazon, you’ll not only get eligible for a 120 days trial but also the lifetime warranty. 

Sleep on Latex Pure Best Green Mattress

It is made of organic wool and cover. Latex gives a freshening effect by absorbing the heat emitted from the sleeper’s body. It is available in multi firmness levels and various sizes including king size mattresses with 10 years warranty. When bearing weight it minimizes the noise. Buying from Amazon will get you a 30-night sleep trial.

Tuft and Needle

This mattress is designed with a 3” polyfoam comfort layers which embrace the sleeper’s body. It is economical and helps align the body/spine thus alleviate the back pain. The Tuft and Needle isolate motion transfer to an extent and produces no noise effect. It is highly recommended for individuals and especially couples who are sensitive to sleep disturbances. It is good for all weight categories i.e. light, medium and heavy. Customers buying this mattress directly from Tuft and Needle are entitled to a 100 days sleep trails along with 10 years warranty. The same facility is being provided to amazon customers (including free shipping).

Original Purple Mattress

It conforms closely to align the spine and provide a high level of pain relief. Its comfort layer has been manufactured from a special material called “Smart Grid” featuring buckling column gel dispersed throughout the foam. It reduces the discomfort and enhances protection against any sort of deterioration. It has a comparatively longer life span. The bed provides an isolation effect and bears almost all types of weight categories without producing any noise. Those who buy it from amazon will get 100 night’s sleep trail with 10 years warranty. It is available in king size, queen and double size. It suits couples and those who tend to sleep hot. 

Blue Value Nector

Blue Value Nector provides closer conforming and more pressure relief as compared to all other mattress types. Price is lower than average memory foam. It is designed with a comfort layer of gel memory foam and is considered a medium-firm. Purchasing on Amazon gives 2 extra pillows, 180 night’s sleep trial, and lifetime warranty as well as 2 free days shipping. It is good for back sleepers, sleepers in all weight categories, back pain sufferer and couples.

The Casper

It is best for lightweight sleepers and has thick pressure relieving layers.

There is a huge number of customers who prefer the soft and medium-firm mattress as compared to hard or above the average firm mattress. Casper’s best king size mattress has been designed for lightweight sleepers. It has three layers i.e. a single layer of memory foam in between layers of poly foam. It is best recommended for side sleepers who need a soft mattress for spine alignment. Due to its high-density polyfoam base, the chances of its shrinkage and sagging on the sides have been reduced to a minimum and in certain cases very much negligible. King size mattress of Casper is good for couples and people with severe back pain issues. 

Saatva Classic (Luxury Firm)

These are mattresses that are mostly used in hotels. A person who suffers from chronic back pain can use this with ease. It provides side support to people who prefer to sleep on the side. The addition of two 2 layer coils makes it an ideal mattress for multiple types of users. It comes with 120 days free night sleep trial. After the trial period, you can return the mattress if not comfortable with it. Such type of facility is not very common on luxury mattresses. However, it is not suitable for heavyweight people.

Tulo Comfort (Medium)

It is very economical and durable keeping in view its low price. It has 3.2 lbs per cubic feet density and is more suitable for heavyweight people. It offers better side support on the edges which is useful for people who sleep on the sides of the mattress. The comfort level is decent and you don’t have to pay any substantial amount for the standard features. 

Denver Mattress 

One of the most important benefits of buying a Denver Mattress is that for a long period your bed won’t absorb any odors and will provide you with a comfortable sleep. It doesn’t absorb the heat hence offers a fresh and cool sleep. It is very economical. It has variant models for all types of customers. However, if you buy a king size mattress worth 300$ it may probably not be very effective for long term use but if you get a variant worth 400$ and you won’t feel the need to buy another mattress for years.

Buying Precautions on Amazon

Amazon is a staple for millions of people. Approximately 130 million people in the U.S visit amazon monthly. The site has additional domains based in 13 countries other than the U.S.

One of the most important factors to be kept in mind is to make sure that you are buying the mattress from the brand and not the private seller. There are many king size mattresses sold on list brand’s name but are sold through a vendor in real. One must check the trail period card and warranty card offers. Make sure to go through the question/answers section before the purchase of an item as it will give you an insight into the product. You can easily make your decision after seeing the specifications on the brand’s website and people’s reviews or answers in the above-mentioned section.

After a long day, what you need the most is a good night’s sleep. For this purpose, the importance of a suitable mattress, compatible with your needs cannot be ruled out. All you have to do is to set your requirements, carry out a market survey and get yourself the mattress you consider best for yourself. The advancement of technology has made the survey/purchase very easy and user-friendly. Even if you are not going for an online purchase still it is recommended to go for a quick survey on the internet.

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