Every living creature is created in a specific manner with unique and proper set of needs. Likewise human beings are created in a unique way with certain requirements of the body. Different basic requirements include proper diet, socialization, and proper sun exposure and good night sleep. Rest is essential for all living creatures and so is for human beings. A good night sleep at proper time, peaceful environment and comfortable sleeping place is essential for a healthy body and proper functioning of life. In this era of advancement, doctors and researcher have found all the details and criteria of health standards and measurements. A good night sleep must be of 8 hours, at a peaceful environment, suitable temperature and comfortable sleeping place.

Mattress is a common household item and no bed room is complete without it. When buying or creating a mattress, comfort is the main aim to be obtained from it. There are many forms of mattresses. Now-a-days, innerspring mattress is a common and pretty popular type.

Layered Structure of Inner spring Mattress:

Most innerspring mattresses consist of two main components.

  • The comfort Layers.
  • The comfort layers are supported by the base layers or the core layers.

Comfort Layers:

Comfort Layers are usually made up of under mentioned materials.

Poly foam, Memory foam or the latex Layers. Poly foam is more commonly used. Latex layers are thinner as compared to the poly foam. 

Support Core:

The support core is made up of steel coils. The common steel coil types are as under:

  • Bonnel,
  • Offset,
  • continuous wire 
  • Pocketed.

There are many brands of inner spring mattress available in markets these days. Saatva mattress is considered to be a good option by critics and mattress researchers.

Saatva Mattress:

The basic features of the mattress are shared below:

  • Thickness Options:

One of the most prominent feature of this brand that t provides different thickness options to be purchased according to the different sleeping habits and preferences. The options are of 4, 6 and 7.5. So mattress with 4 thicknesses will be a medium soft mattress while 6 will be medium firm. And 7.5 will provide a thicker and firm option. In this era of customization, people want customized products to cater their specific needs. So availability in different thicknesses makes it a popular choice. The competitors are usually making thick inner spring mattresses.

  • Warranty:

It comes with a 15 year warranty which is considered to be a good time span for the product to be covered under guarantee.

  • Free trial:

It comes with 120 night free trials with a concept that it can be changed if you don’t like it.

  • Pressure Relief:

It provides close pressure relief for a comfortable night sleep. The layered structure makes it to provide more pressure relief than other mattresses.

  • Euro Top Cushioning:

The topmost layer is a cushioned layer made up of poly foam and Dacron fibers. This increases the comfort level.

  • Supportive Edges:

The support core is made up of low-gauge bonnell coil support which makes the surface of the mattress to be flat and even. This makes the edges supportive and the sleeper does not sink in while sleep and mattress also remains flatter for longer time period.

  • Cooling system: 

The layered structure provides a good air flow across the layers which make it cooler during usage. It is cooler then other innerspring mattresses.

  • Ideal for couples:
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This is a responsive mattress and liked by couples during combine sleep. It does not make much noise as compared to other mattresses.

  • Free Delivery:

The company offers free white glove delivery across the USA. Home assembly and old mattress removal is also included in the delivery service.

  • Suitable for all sleeping positions:

As it is available in different firmness options so it is ideal for all sleeping positions, like stomach sleeping, side sleeping and back sleeping. It is also good for people with back pain.


Mark Lewis of USA says that he is a person who does a lot of research before buying bedroom stuff as it plays a great role in sleeping routine and health of the person. I got Saatva Mattress with official delivery option and I am totally in love with the product. It is comfortable and that his wife also liked its comfort level.

Anna White bought the Saatva Mattress with 7.5 thicknesses and she felt that it helped her to get relief from back pain. 

Mark Cullen is a fitness freak and he says that he purchased the four inches Saatva Mattress which was comfortable choice. After long working hours and intense workout , he totally loved the sleeping and resting experience.

Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid:

Another good option in reasonable price in innerspring mattresses is Brooklyn Bedding Bowery Hybrid Mattress. 


  • Thickness:

It is medium Firm and the thickness on the scale is 6.5

  • Edges Support:

The edges provide good support which is above average as compared to the competitors.

  • Low Price:

Its price is much lower as compared to other innerspring mattresses which makes it a good option for people who are budget maintainers as well as comfort lovers.

  • Multifunctional: 

Due to its above features, it provides a good all around option for the mattress buyers.

  • Four Layered Construction:

It is made up of four layers. The upper quilted layer is made up of memory foam and is one inch in thickness. Then there is a transition layer of 2 inches, made up of memory foam. Final Layers is 6 inches made up of coil springs. The layers are mixed and matched to provide a suitable combination of bounce and pressure relief. The spine gets aligned while the body remains comfortably table without sinking in.

  • Temperature Regulation:

The layered structure provides good temperature regulation during sleep.


Lisa Smith says that this mattress was a nice purchase for her bedroom. She found the product budget friendly and comfortable.