Rest is an essential requirement for all of us. Human body like all other living creatures is created with its specific needs of all kinds. All of us need rest and sleep for proper functioning of our body. Experts have found out that we need approximately eight hours of proper and peaceful sleep for our body to function properly. To attain a healthy mental and physical state it is essential to get a good night’s sleep. Researchers believe that maximum level of rest and repair is achieved by the body if we sleep between 9PM to 7AM. A comfortable sleep and proper ret is essential for all functions of the body including brain, skin, hair, heart, blood circulation and metabolism. The essential components to get a good sleep are as under:

  • A peaceful environment
  • Comfortable sleeping place
  • Suitable temperature of the environment and the mattress(sleeping place)

Some people produce body heat during sleeping. Excess sweating and warmer body are the signs that you are a hot sleeper. This body condition leads to somewhat uncomfortable sleep and this may effect negatively on the health of the person. So to help the hot sleepers, there are “cooling mattresses” in the market by different brands. These mattresses are advised by the doctors to the hot sleepers helping a pleasant night sleep and healthy life style. Cooling mattress helps to regulate the body temperature of the sleeper while resting.

Markets are flooded with products and brands providing different features making the choice of the product to be a not so easy task.


WinkBeds Cool Control:

This is a USA made product and is pretty preferable in the market of the cooling mattresses. It is made on special technique of CoolControl which is a cooling technique serving as an internal air conditioning system in the mattress. The base is controlled with an application on phone(or other android device) or a remote control.


The base of the mattress is made on unique technical method. Air flow tubes are used to monitor the air flow. These tubes connect the base with the mattress and move the cool air along the inner material of the mattress.

Customizable Temperature:

The temperature of the base is customizable and is usually around 40 degrees. So it is not only for summers but is suitable in winters as well.

Dual Temperature Setting:

Both sides of the mattress can be kept on different temperatures which an excellent feature is making it suitable for sleeping partners with sleeping requirements. Majority of brands do not provide this dual temperature feature, so this makes it standout from the flood of competitors.

Thickness Options:

The mattress comes in different thickness levels creating a vast choice and customizability.

  • Luxury firm.
  • Plus designed for heavy weight sleepers.


The cover is made up of special material TENCEL created from Eucalyptus. Other brands use linen cover which gets hot and uncomfortable for the hot and sweaty sleepers.


The mattress comes with unique pressure point relief technology which does not create discomfort for the body. This makes it ideal for all sleeping positions like stomach, back and side sleeping.


Factory Details:

It is made it Watertown USA, Wisconsin factory by uniquely skilled laborers who create the products with hands. So these mattresses are hand made.

Eco friendly material:

The mattresses are made up of eco friendly materials which makes it a good option for a healthy life style. The materials are also derived from USA.

String less Design:

The company claims that there are no strings attached with the mattress.

Spine Support:

The mattress comes with a superior decompression support ability which provides support to spine and related body parts during the sleep making it an excellent choice for people with backache and other body ache issues.  Senior Citizens also prefer it due to the good support feature. The hybrid design beautifully blends the coils and the foam keeping the joint and muscles relaxed and supported during the sleep. It also comes with an inner Lumbar pad providing the maximum support.

Ideal for couples:

The comfortable design makes it an ideal choice for warm couples.

Warranty and Durability:

The mattress comes with a life time warranty from the manufacturer which a great feature is giving it a competitive edge. Cooling mattresses usually get issues in the base remote control system but by giving life time warranty, the mattress is made a good investment. The company promises about the durability of the product which is ensured by a life time warranty.


The company provides free shipping which is a valuable service.

Free Trial Nights:

The mattress come with 120 nights of free trials with money back guarantee ensuring the customer that the product will be taken back and refund will be provided if its not liked by the customer. This picking service is also provided for free.



James Palo ,CA, reviews on the official website that the mattress is best of both worlds. He feels that he is sleeping on a cloud because the mattress is way too comfortable.

Clayton B. from Dallas, TX says that besides being hesitant on buying an unseen bed, the experience is totally satisfying.

Jennifer R. from Palm Springs, CA says that her family could not be happier with any other mattress as this mattress provides the comfort of a 5 star hotel bed mattress.


Winkbed wins the most comfortable innerspring mattress for three straight years.

The mattress researcher, Girl on the Mattress says that the mattress is the most well made mattress reviewed by her so far.

SLEEPPOLIS says that many mattresses claim to be a cooling mattress but this mattress takes the cake.


The brand has been awarded as the best inner spring hybrid mattress by most of the mattress researchers and critics which surely makes it a good choice to be selected for a guaranteed comfort and temperature control for hot sleepers and all kind of sleeping positions.