Did you know that the optimum temperature for a sleeping is around 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit? Human body automatically drops down the temperature during sleep which is essential for the proper functioning of the brain and other body parts and systems. Mattresses usually absorb heat of the body and surrounding becoming hot and uncomfortable for sleep. Hot summer nights become unpleasant to sleep for everyone specially the hot sleepers. Hot sleepers are people whose internal systems are somewhat disturbed and body produces extra heat and sweat while sleeping. Foe these people hot nights become pretty uncomfortable so doctors advise to use cooling mattress toppers and other such products to be used. So if you are a hot sleeper or generally sleeping on a cooler surface, cooling mattress products should be surely welcome to your bedroom.

A mattress topper is an additional sheet like material added on the upper surface of the mattress. It is a sister product of a mattress pad but slightly thicker than the pads. Ordinary mattress toppers are added for extra comfort and to increase the life of the mattress but these toppers tend to get hotter during the sleep by absorbing the body heat. People usually get up drenched in sweat and irritatingly hot. To solve such issues manufacturers introduced cooling mattress toppers to ensure a cool and comfortable night’s sleep.

There are many cooling mattress toppers in the market. One brand with good features and reviews is Therapedic TruCool 3-inch Serene Foam Performance Mattress Topper.


This is a USA made product offers different beneficial features making it a combination of cool and comfortable mattress topper in an affordable price range.

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The brand comes with a variety of mattress toppers with different features and varying thickness ensuring a pool of choice for the customers.


It is basically a dual layer memory foam design. It is made of enormous quantities of microscopic air capsules which add support feature while reducing the pressure on the body. It is made up of breathable inner technology to maximize the cooling. It is made in USA and the materials used are USA made and some are imported from other countries. The cooling memory foam is infused with gel to ensure the cooling.

The bottom is made up of GripWell anti skid material which ensures the topper to remain fixed on its position.


The face is made up of pure Rayon. The cover and sides are made up of pure polyester blend. It is a breathable double knit high quality fabric. The cover is soft and quilted foam.

Motion Control Technology:

The motion control internal technology ensures the non bouncy place. If one partner moves or wakes up, it does not creates much disturbance for the other.


The product comes with a 5 year warranty from the manufacturer making it a good investment.


It is recognized by the American Sleep Association which attracts the customers to buy it and adds the product satisfaction.

The foam is also recognized by Certi-PUR US .


The mattress topper is available in different sizes. Twin, Extra Twin, Full size, Queen size, King size and California King size. These sizes cover a wide range of dimensions to ensure the availability for all kind of mattresses.

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The topper is soft and made with technique to minimize the pressure on the body while sleeping. This feature maximizes the comfort.

Health concerns:

The material provides anti microbial protection and odor control. So it controls the harmful organisms and unpleasant odors to be accumulated in the sleeping place.

After Care:

It is spot clean only, while the cover is washable. This feature makes it somewhat less attractive for some people that the mattress is not completely washable.


The Queen size is around 450 $ on famous online stores.


Lara Smith says that she had hot flashes due to menopause and this was causing uncomfortable hot and sweaty sleep. After buying the TruCool mattress topper I have felt noticeable difference and I am enjoying a good night’s sleep.

Mark Lewis says that I am a hot sleeper, while my wife keeps on getting up to check and change the baby. This mattress topper has solved our both issues. I feel cooler at night and its motion control technology prevents the disturbance at night. It is a recommendable product with warranty and is surely worth buying.

Maria T reviews on the official website that the mattress topper is so comfortable that she finds difficult to get up in the morning.

Mario R. says that his TruCool Mattress topper is very comfortable. He and his family gets a cool and comfortable night’s sleep which also supports the back. Motion transfer is reduced which ensures a comfortable sleeping experience.