In this age of modernization and development, markets are flooded with different products to cater to the needs and requirements of all kinds of people in a customized way. Brands and manufacturers try their best to create innovative and different products which could satisfy the needs and attract the customers. Bedroom accessories are always in demand as it is essential for one of the basic needs of all living creatures i.e. to take rest.  The ideal temperature for a sleeping body is around 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a natural process that the human body cools down while sleeping which enables healthy development and functioning of the body.

There are different products in the market to regulate body temperature while sleeping and maintain a cooling effect for sleepers and hot summer nights. Cooling mattress pads and mattress toppers are sister products that are added on the mattress like an extra upper layer to add softness, comfort and cooling effect along with temperature regulation of the mattress during the sleep. 


The chili pad cooling mattress pad uses the unique Chili Technology. This is from the famous brand Sleep Comfort which has a vast variety of products. It has the unique feature of dual temperature control. The temperature ranges from 55 to 110 degrees. 


The Chilipad technology uses microtubes for temperature regulation. These tubes facilitate the flow of water for the functioning of the pad. The tubes are embedded in the pad which is placed below the sheet.

The micro-sized tubes of medical-grade silicone tubes are used internally. Large feeder tubes feed the water for circulation. The basic technology is of tubes, water, and electric heating system. In the case of a queen mattress pad, two main tubes feed the water to both sides of the mattress pad.


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The pad is made up of 150 thread designs of poly-cotton blended to maximize the comfort level. It is breathable and soft. The elastic straps at the corners place it properly in the place on the mattress. It can fix easily on the deeper mattresses easily.

Cube Technology:

The Cube is with dimensions 9*9*7 inches connected to a tube of 8 feet. In the dual system like the queen size, two cubes are used. The cubes are easily removable. 

The cubes have inner air vents which enable the circulation. 


A remote is provided in the package which is easily adaptable with the cubes. The steps are as under:

  1. Turn the cube on.
  2. Hold the remote for 5 seconds until it displays 888.
  3. Then the remote is turned on and the cube will beep showing that the sync is completed.


The cooling pad is available in all sizes. The range is a single, twin, extra-large, full, queen king, Cal King, and Split Cal King. The queen size comes through Cal King size which is the only pad with the dual-chamber system only. 

Usage Versatility:

The temperature setting ability provides effecting usability in all kinds of weather like summer and winter.

Power specifications and Economical Usage:

It uses 170 watts of power. It uses the electricity smartly and ensures reduced billing. 

Constant Temperature:

The temperature is kept constant by the pad which ensures comfortable sleeping through out the night.

Queen Size Cooling Pad:

The queen size comes with a dual pad system in which both sides can be maintained with different temperatures according to the sleeping preference of the sleepers. This is actually a great feature that makes it on the competitive edge as compared to other brands in the market. Couples with different sleeping needs prefer this mattress pad.


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The cooling pad is perfect in comfort level without any uncomfortable feeling of the tubes. The upper material is soft cotton which gives a maximum comfortable sleeping experience.

Placement and After Care:

The company sends proper information for handling and placing the vents. These are never to be kept under the bed while a flat surface is required with minimun24 inches of clearance. People prefer to place the cubes in the foot of the bed or a separate shelf for this purpose.

 Pads are easy to use and washable. The tubes are folded and held above during washing.


Distilled Water is added to the unit before starting it. If the water is lower then the desired level, it gives an indication on the display. Servicing is done to clean the buildup of inner materials which is not much expensive.


 It produces the sound of a white category like a computer is there which is not much disturbing.

Warranty and Free Trial:

The product comes with a 2-year warranty and 90 nights of free trial. The delivery is free by the company.


The pad comes around a price range of 500$ for the queen size. While Half king is 600$ and the full size is around 700$ on the official website.

Cons of the ChiliTechnology Cooling Pad:

No product can be considered as perfect. So there are some cons to the product:

  1. It creates white noise which may be unpleasant for some people.
  2. In case of puncture of the pad, safety will be lesser. So it is better to use a waterproof sheet over the pad.
  3. The silicone tubes are exposed which may attract dust.


Cynthia M. verified buyer reviews on the official website that the REM and comfortable deep sleep in increased by using this mattress pad.

Justina M. says that she was living in an apartment which is hotter and mattress gets to hot while sleeping. By using the mattress pad I can sleep even without opening the windows.

Jamie R. says that the product is noticeably beneficial even after the first night of usage. Her family feels energetic on getting up after started using the ChiliPad cooling mattress pad.

Jill S. used to had an uncomfortable night due to sweating and body heat but after using the ChiliPad , her nights are pretty comfortable.