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When you go visit multiple mattress stores we know how frustrating it can be for you. At this moment, you have so many mattresses, from so many brands with multiple options available that you can easily get confused.

One thing that separated Bed in a Box from these traditional mattresses is the concept of a compressed foam mattress, that is folded and rolled into a box and delivered to you on your doorstep! You can also place an online order without any sales pressure; in just a week’s time!

Sounds interesting no?

Let’s have a look at where Bed in a Box came into being.

The History of Bed in a Box

The pioneer,, is the bed in a box mattress which was founded back in 2006. The company sells and ships Bed in a Box Memory Foam Mattresses through an online purchase to the customers. During the first 6 years of the launch, it was the sole owner of this type of product in the market who was providing this service.

After a good 12 years of, numerous other mattress companies joined the league. Statistically, we see more than 100 mattress brand who are selling online by 2018. And all running to be the best in this market.

However Bed in a Box has a very specific market. But it has shown some remarkable growth in this category.

Majority of these beds are foam but a few manufacturers have also introduced ways to box up adjustable innerspring and air mattresses in cartons.

Here are some of the pros and cons of buying a Bed in a Box Mattress.

What are the Pros of buying from Bed in a Box?

Being the pioneers behind the concept of bed-in-a-box, there are many benefits the original company provides:

1. Easy To Handle:

Unlike traditional mattress, Bed in a Box mattresses are way lighter, and a large King size can easily be carried by one person. So if you have a bed upstairs, you won’t need any help!


Once you’ve decided on opening the box and placing the mattress on the bed, the mattress slowly expands and it’s quite fun to watch! But remember, once it’s out, it won’t go back in the box, so always take the mattress out just before you want to install it somewhere!

2. Storage:

Consuming a small storage space, the mattress can be stored for about a month (or more, depending on the material). So even if your mattress arrives early, before you are moving or renovating, it can stay in a corner and be popped out and installed whenever your house décor is done (in the given time, that is)!

3. Online Ordering and Shipment:

Bed In A Box only has an online source of order, so your mattress will be easily delivered within prescribed time. And even better is that the shipping on most of their products is absolutely free! While ‘free delivery’ may not apply to every Bed in a Box product, the shipping cost is lower than others in case it applies.

4. Higher Quality:

Bed in a Box is the original successful brands to introduce such a product in the market, have generally better, more luxurious and comfortable quality than other brands which ship boxed mattresses. Their original memory foams are great for people who prefer body-hugging beds!

5. Complimentary Deliveries:

With the fact that the site usually displays sales aside, Bed in a Box is known for sending complimentary gifts to the buyers, as a thank you! Sometimes people get blankets, bedding or other minimal or small accessories, on certain products they purchase. While it may not be the biggest thing, it is still a cute way of gratitude towards customers!

6. No Misguidance:

While the staff is always trying their best, sometimes in physical outlets, salesperson pressurizes into buying a mattress that may not be the best option for you, and in short, may misguide you towards the average-at-best products. With Bed in a Box being a spread out the online store, it’s easy to decide by yourself reading descriptions!

7. Warranties and Trials:

Bed in a Box offers 3 months, or 120 nights of free trial (sometimes even a year!), while the shortest warranty is of 10 years. The average warranty, however, is of 20 whole years! So even if your mattress sags by an inch (1.25’’ to be exact) or two, Bed in a Box has you covered!

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What are the Cons of buying from Bed in a Box?

While the company has garnered a decent amount of customers and has its name in their good books, there are a few disadvantages you should know of, before considering to buy from them:

1. No Physical Outlet:

Having no retail stores to physically test the mattresses, it can be quite a hassle. While online delivery is easy, if the product feels like it’s not up to the mark, you may have to wait for 40-60 days before it is returned or exchanged, which may take a lot of your time. Even if they have free trials, it is still hectic. A place to go, check what you are buying, is always appreciated!

2. Slightly More Expensive:

Without a doubt, they have great quality. But compared to other brands, their prices, especially since boxed mattresses are supposed to be on the cheaper end, are quite higher than one would think. This may be due to their well-reputed and trusted sources and product quality, but it would be better if they were less costly!

3. Firmer/Softer Than Required:

Some of ‘Bed in a Box’ mattresses are known to be firmer or softer than one would think of, which may throw off buyers looking for their preferred firmness of softness.  A call to the helpline may help get this issue resolved, however.

Best Bed in a Box Mattresses


Available in all sizes (excluding Full XL), this 9’’ bed ranges between the prices of $399-$799, which is an overall affordable price.

The mattress packs a 3’’ gel memory foam layer that settles with the shape of the curves of your body, while also reducing motion transfer, so not to wake your bed partner with constant movements. A 6’’ high-density foam layer provides support, aligning your spine and equally distributing your body weight. The mattress is covered in a soft knit cover, which gives the sleeper coziness!

ii. AZUL:

This 11’’ mattress is a Soft to Medium-Soft one. It is available in 07 sizes including Split King, costing between $799-$1,799, which is fairly costly and may make you consider monthly plans.

The mattress features a 5’’ layer of high-density support foam that aligns your backbone while balancing the pressure of your body equally. A 3’’ layer of Cool-Rest gel memory foam is present to increase air-flow, relieving pressure and reduces the transfer of motion from one end of the bed. A 3’’ transitional layer is also there to cushion your body and providing greater support.


And to top all that off is a soft-knit cover with durable fibers, with the ability to function best with a Cool-Rest gel-infused foam, to help you sleep cooler and balance temperature. This mattress is perfect for a cool nap!


This luxurious and very plushy mattress is perfect for those who prefer to sink into the cloud-like feeling of a cushion! A nifty feature of temperature control is induced, however, it is better for a warm sleeper.

The 13’’ mattress features 2’’ quilted top cover for thermal comfort, absorbing and storing heat. A 3’’ layer of comfort foam traps air and provides relief to pressure points by contouring, while the gel memory foam layer involved cradles you to sleep. And at the base is an 8’’ layer of support foam that accommodates all types of sleepers.

The mattress is quite expensive and isn’t affordable to most, as it ranges between $1,299-$2,598 for 6 different sizes, although for those who desire royal-class luxury, it is an option to definitely consider!

Final Verdict

Before bed in a box was introduced in the mattress world, people used to purchase mattresses off of a retail store or a showroom. However, these traditional mattresses have slowly been taken over by the bed in a box.

Some people are skeptical about whether or not they should purchase their mattress online and chances are these individuals find purchasing through online order, extremely hard since being physically present in the store seems more convincing to them.

To conclude these reasons should be enough to buy a bed in a box mattress the next time you think about getting one for yourself:

A.  Convenient and compact

Just sit down, relax and have a cup of coffee while selecting your mattress online. Go through multiple online stores, compare prices and quality and specs and choose what is best suited for you!

B.  No Sales Pressure

Don’t worry, no one will convince you to buy the latest version of what you never wanted, when you shop online you can easily go through all brands at the same time and make a decision of your own without the interference of a salesperson.