Rest is essential for all of us. A good night sleep is important for proper functioning of all parts of the body. Sleep is equally important for the babies as well as adults; in fact it is much more important for the proper development and growth of the baby. Mental and physical growth is highly affected by the sleeping patterns of the baby. A comfortable and good sleep makes the baby healthy by giving positive effects on all body parts and body functions. According to the researches, a newborn baby sleeps for almost 16 to 17 hours a day. With growth, the time reduces to 50% and then keeps on decreasing further.

  Quality of sleep is important which is affected by different factors like temperature, sleeping hours, peaceful environment and comfortable sleeping-place. So the mattress on which the baby is sleeping should be highly comfortable and people try to find the best and most comfortable option of mattress for their babies. Parents usually want the best choice of everything for their offspring, so people pay good attention for the selection of mattress for the baby.


In this era of development, harmful chemicals are used in all kind of manufacturing. These synthetic products are creating havoc for the health. People now are getting aware of these harmful chemicals and want organic products for their usage and consumption. In past years certain chemicals and PBDE’s have been added in the banned list for the babies to avoid the chances of negative effects on the health of the babies. Organic products are in high demand every where; similarly organic mattresses are also a preferable option for people.  There are many good brands of mattresses for babies. Naturepedic mattress is attaining good reviews and critics are also giving positive feedback about it. The brand is making organic baby mattresses which are free form all harmful chemicals. They claim that their products are totally made up of organic materials. They believe that natural and non toxic materials are good for health. 

Team of Specialists:


The brand has a well designed team of doctors, chemists and engineers for the proper creation of a suitable non toxic healthy model. 

Inner Material:

As the name suggests the mattress is No-Compromise means all the positive features are covered by the brand. The inner material is made up of pure cotton which is much healthier as compared to the synthetic foams and fabrics used in other brands. The cotton is grown in USA and is certified for being organic, hygienic and pure. Other brands are commonly made up of chemically treated latex which can alleviate allergy.

Inner steel coils:

The inner layer is made up of coil springs. The springs are made from high-quality steel which is safe for health and provides good support. It is a combination of 150 coil innerspring which feature 13 gauged coils and a 9 gauge border wire. The weight of the coils is directly proportional to the durability of the mattress.

The fibers are made up of Non-GMO potato starch PLA plant-derived batting. The PLA is of food grade and safe from all harmful chemicals. Other brands are using petroleum instead of PLA which is not very healthy option.

Hypo-allergenic material:
The mattress has been tested for chemical emissions and is hypoallergenic. 


The mattress material provides a barrier for bed bugs and dust mites which is a very unique and positive feature making it a better choice as compared to its competitors. It is also free from harmful biocides.

GREENGUARD GOLD Certification:

The brand is green guard gold certified which makes it better than the other brands.


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The mattress is made up of inner coil springs which are not available in many other crib mattresses which make it a durable option.

Waterproof Surface:

The surface is made up of waterproof food-grade polyethylene. This is a form of plastic that is free from harmful chemicals and is used in food packaging. This material is safe to be in contact with the food materials and is easy to clean. 

Fire protection:

The fire protection is also free from all harmful chemicals. The organic cotton is less flammable as compared to the synthetic and chemical treated cotton. The material is recognized by the Federal and State flammability standards.

Absence of Harmful constituents:

The manufacturers claim that they do not use under mentioned harmful constituents:

  • Additives and glues. 
  • Latex and allergen wool.
  • Soybean and bio-based foam.
  • Memory foam.
  • Polyurethane Foam.

The harmful products are avoided which makes it an excellent choice for the baby.

Double sides for Toddler and Infant:

The double-layered firmness gives the little body an excellent supportive sleeping place.  This provides a specialized and a kind of customized sleeping place for the crib of babies of different age groups.

  • The infant side is for proper sleeping and development. It is firmer as compared to the other side. The 150 coils or 252 coils (in different models of the same brand) provide a supportive sleeping place.
  • The toddler side is softer with cushions support.

Edge Support:

The mattress provides edge support. This feature decreases the risk of child falling incidents. This also decreases the chances for suffocation of the baby, which is a very good addition in the features which make it a good choice for the crib mattress.


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This is a seamless mattress which makes it an ideal option. This also increases the durability of the mattress as the seams can not be pulled and the mattress does not get destroyed.


It comes with a life time warranty which is an excellent option.


As the mattress is organic, there is no irritating odor and no harmful chemicals.

Price Range:

The brand provides different items in crib mattress.

  • Classic mattress, which is made up of 150 coil and costs around 259$. 
  • The “Breathable” is made up of 252 coils and costs around 349$.
  • The “Ultra Breathable” which costs around 399$


Anthony Twain says that he created a surprise for his expecting wife and bought the Naturepedic mattress for the crib of the baby. My baby is now 6 months and my wife totally loves the mattress.

Sarah Brown a pediatrician says that her baby sleeps a comfortable sleep and the waterproof surface is very easy to clean and handle.