Avocado Mattress Reviews – 2020 Eco Vegan Mattresses

Avocado Mattresses is an eco-friendly hybrid mattress brand. Recently established in 2015, the mattress firm has grown quite large, attracting to especially young audience among those who care about their impact on nature. The mattress company is based in New York City, with an Experience Centre there, a place to visit and examine what could potentially be your new partner!

Why should I consider buying an Eco-friendly bed from Avocado?

All the products produced by Avocado mattresses are organic, with no toxic chemicals used. The company believes in sustainability and uses materials from trusted sources, conserving the plants along the way.

Giving back to Earth, or at the very least causing minimum effect on the environment is their key moral. Using organic and natural products, while finishing handmade is a big part of what they represent.

Pros of buying an Avocado Mattress

1. Eco-Friendly:

The main motivation for Avocado mattress was introducing a mattress brand which only used natural, organic, ozone-friendly and toxin-free compounds with a clear trail of their sources. This dream of theirs came true, and they are undoubtedly the best eco-friendly mattress brand in the market!

2. Motion Isolation:

A great quality of Avocado mattress is the ability of motion isolation, which generally lacks in innerspring mattresses. This doesn’t wake up your partner and both can have a peaceful night’s sleep!

3. Vegan-Friendly:

Vegan-friendly products are manufactured by Avocado, which include things from pillows to the actual mattress itself. Since Avocado already only used sustainably harvested plant-based products, and now have introduced wool-free products as well, to cater to their vegan audience!

4. Naturally Luxurious:

Even though Avocado mattresses use organic compounds, they still provide the luxury feel, even well than the synthetic counterparts. The level of comfort is high and the handmade design and pure products used, give a very fancy feeling!

5. Free Delivery and Setup:

Avocado ships boxed, free to all states, including Hawaii and Alaska, and can set up your new bed for the price of $199. The heavier sizes are curbside delivered; meaning they are left at front door or bottom of the stairs.

6. 1% Donation:

Believing in giving back to nature, 1% of all their revenue is donated towards non-profits that deal with wildlife conservation, forestry, land management and foundations that work to alert about climate change, pollution and unhealthy basic routines.

7. Long Warranty, Financing and Trials:

All mattresses by Avocado offer a whopping 25-year warranty! The first 10 years cover any major or minor issues while the next 15 cover major defects only. Avocado also offers at-home trials for 100-nights, allowing customers to decide if the mattress is worth it. Financing and monthly payments are available through Affirm, within a span of 6 to 18 months.

8. Mattress Toppers:

Alongside mattresses, mattress topper (non-vegan and vegan) are offered by Avocado. Since the mattresses are all slightly firm, mattress toppers can either make the bed plushier or very firm, according to your liking!

9. Other Products:

Avocado doesn’t only offer mattresses and toppers, but natural and vegan Green-certified pillows, cotton mattress pad protectors,  classic natural wooden bed frame with color and size options and eco wood bed frame!

10. Buyer’s Guide and FAQs:

Avocado Mattresses has a Buyer’s Guide, to help solve any doubts about the products used and the intricate details. Their help center page features a long list of potential questions, and their answers or solutions, which helps consumers a lot!

11. Accommodating All Positions:

Avocado mattresses accommodate all types of sleepers, including side, back and stomach. While side-sleepers prefer their pillow-top attached mattress, the standard mattress works best for back and stomach sleepers!

Cons of buying an Avocado mattress

1. Heavier on Pocket:

The smallest size from both the models provided by Avocado mattress costs at least around a thousand dollars, making it one of the costlier brands around. While latex foams are generally expensive, and Avocado offers financing options, the cost still is quite not affordable from an average person’s perspective.

2. Lack of Models:

Offering only two models with minor difference, Avocado is lacking in variety. There isn’t even variety for firmness and sizes, which can turn off potential buyers. The brand has been around for a while, and is successful, so they should launch at least 3-4 new models.

3. Firmer and Heavier:

Avocado Mattresses tend to be firmer than advertised, which may require you to buy a topper. The mattresses are also pretty heavy to move around the house, even with a handle attached, taking some muscles to shift!

4. Noise Potential:

Avocado mattresses are prone to squeaking or creaking because of defect in innerspring. This may be covered in the warranty, but lacking peaceful sleep for even a few days and hassle of changing mattresses isn’t an ideal situation for a buyer!

5. Lack of Physical Stores:

Having only one outlet across US, you can’t test their mattresses before purchasing or getting the fluff friend delivered to your doorstep, and in case you find a fault, returning after trial can take time.

The Mattresses:

Currently, Avocado Mattresses offers two models, both a hybrid of latex and innerspring.

1. The Avocado Green Mattress:

This is the original mattress that brought Avocado the recognition it has today. The natural mattress can come with an optional pillow-top layer, which tones the firmness down and gives a plushier feel. The pillow-top features a 2’’ layer of latex, to give a luxurious feel.

Standard mattress is 11’’, while with the pillow-top the height is raised to 13’’. The mattress is mostly medium-firm but flexible with toppers. It possesses 8’’ of innerspring coils; all produced from recycled steel, which functions to contour to the shape of the body, make the bed durable, provide support and reduce motion transfer.

Toxic-free chemicals are used to make the mattress fire retardant. The latex used in the mattress is all organic and contains no signs of petroleum. The mattress features a Dunlop natural latex foam layer over the coils, which is harvested from tree-tapped sources. This layer works to maintain temperature, offer resilience and provide durability.

The mattress is covered in a blend of pure cotton and high quality fireproof, anti-microbial wool, with soft hand-tufted buttons for a marvelous design!

The mattress is available in 6 different sizes; Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King. The Twin size is available for $959.00 ($1,199.00 with pillow-top), Twin XL is available for $999.00 ($1,299.00 with pillow-top), Full size is available for $1,199.00 ($1,499.00 with pillow-top), Queen size is available for $1,399.00 ($1,799.00 with pillow-top), and the King & California King sizes are available for $1,699.00 ($2,199.00 with pillow-top).

2. The Avocado Vegan Mattress:

The new 11’’ mattress by Avocado is vegan-friendly. How you may ask? Well, the main difference is that no wool is involved in the production of this mattress, nor any sort of animal product. The cotton substitutes for wool, being 100% pure and keeping the mattress anti-microbial, fresh, breathable and moisture-free cool!

The mattress also features an 8’’ base of innerspring coils made with recycled steel, giving bounciness, balance, support, and comfort. The 3’’ top layer of natural latex rubber foam from sustainable sources gives the durability, temperature control and resilience of high quality. The mattress can be made plushier with the topper. No petroleum or chemical products with distinct odor are present, to ensure no worries regarding health issues!

The product is vegan-verified by The Vegan Awareness Foundation, Virginia.

The mattress is offered in all standard 6 sizes. The Twin size costs $959.00 ($1,199.00 with pillow-top), Twin XL costs $999.00 ($1,299.00 with pillow-top), Full size costs $1,199.00 ($1,499.00 with pillow-top), Queen size costs for $1,399.00 ($1,799.00 with pillow-top), and the King & California King sizes cost $1,699.00 ($2,199.00 with pillow-top).

Final Thoughts on Avocado Mattress:

Avocado, as a mattress brand, should clearly be a motivation for the modern world. By using only organic compounds, staying away from much carbon footprint or industrial wastes, recycling old materials and making all of that a luxurious mattress, they’ve introduced a new way of mattress making.

Being innovative while doing what every brand does with excellence gives the brand the recognition it deserves!

But the brand’s products are generally quite costly, so for those who can afford it, Avocado is definitely a great option and we hope they release newer, versatile but cheaper products in the near future of their not-so-soon-running-out-business brand!


Q: What is a Latex Rubber Foam?

Latex is basically the raw material of rubber. Latex is taken from several trees and is processed to produce rubber. The Latex Rubber foam produced by Avocado is natural, comes from trusted tree-tapped sources and is friendlier with the environment

Q: How do I get a bad odor from my Avocado mattress to go away?

In case you get a bad smell stuck to the bed, refreshing the mattress is fairly easy and is done by sprinkling Baking Soda, patting it on the bed, leaving it for an hour, and then vacuuming. You can also induce few droplets of lavender oil or lemon zest in the baking soda.