Did you know that you can create discomfort and swelling in the muscles of the trunk of the body by sleeping on an inappropriate place? People have different sleeping habits and positions like stomach, side and back sleeping positions.  According to an estimate, about 15% of people are side sleepers. Markets are flooded with products customized for different requirements. Buying a mattress according to your body type is not as easy as it sounds. You can not get any idea about the comfort level of mattress by just looking at it in the showroom. Its results are usually felt after using it for some time. Side sleepers who do not get appropriate mattress usually complain about body pains due to the issues in the trunk of the body muscles which are around 30 in number.

Side sleepers usually get the most comfortable experience in the range of 3 to 7 on the scale of mattress thickness which is soft to medium thick. Here we are discussing the top 5 picks of mattresses for side sleepers. This guide will help you to get you the mattress according to your requirement and save you from wasting your money and getting an uncomfortable sleeping experience and body aches.


Nolah is not made up of Memory Foam or Latex. It was launched in 2016 in USA. It is completely USA made product. It is made up of three layers with the first layer is made up of unique technology and is called “Air Foam”. Second layer is a supportive one while third layer is pretty thick and provides maximum support to the mattress and to your body while sleeping.

It is an innovative product with following important features:

Positive Features:

Temperature Regulation:

It retains less heat than the others mattresses. This makes it perfect for summer usage but colder regions can also use it as this feature does not make it unsuitable for cooler temperatures.

Pressure Relief Technology:

The company claims to have 4 times better pressure relief. Then other foams of competitive market which makes it suitable for users of shoulder and hip pain. They claim to be the number 1 mattress to relieve the shoulder and back pain.

Eco Friendly materials and Certifications:

These foams are recognized by the organization CentriPUR-US .One of the most positive fact about this company is that they are with all eco friendly materials like no ozone depleters, TDCPP, PBDEPS and it is totally free of harmful materials like mercury and lead. This thing makes it an excellent selection for a healthy life style.


Free Trial Nights:

They also provide free trial for 120 nights with free return.

Noise Free:

The mattress is noise free and motionless making it ideal for couples.

Negative Features:


The company is launched since three years so the experience of durability is not much confirmed.


It has a little ability of off-gassing so people with sensitive noses are not much welcomed for it.


Amber L. a verified customer says on the official website of Nolah mattress: “This is the best mattress for side sleepers ever .Seriously.” (www.nolahsleepllc.com)


This mattress is highly soft with a “cloud like” sleeping position. It is 6.5 in thickness on the scale.

It is made up of 3 LAYERS.

  • The first layer is 3 inches in thickness and made up of memory foam.
  • The second layer is 1.5 inches and is Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam. It adds to the firmness of the mattress and provides support to the layers.
  • The third layer is 5.5 inches which is which adds the support to the body.
  • It comes in two models. Nolah 10 inch and Nolah 12 inches(a flip able mattress). Flip able is having varying thickness options on both sides.

Some of the features are discussed below.

Positive Features:

Weight Adjustment:

It is made up of memory foam which gets adjusted with the curves of the body and feels like it is “hugging” you while sleeping. It adjusts with the weight of the sleeper.

Pressure Relief Technology:

It is the modern technology that gives a soft feeling while avoiding the pressure buildup on the body bones and muscles while sleeping. People who have complain of body aches are strictly advised by the doctors to sleep with pressure relief technology.

Budget Friendly:

It is a budget friendly option and the company claims to provide total value for your money.

Eco friendly material:

It is made up of eco friendly material. The cover is very hygienic and resistant to bed bugs.

Temperature Regulation:

The inner material is with proper air flow which allows temperature regulation while sleeping which makes it a perfect choice for hot weathers and hot sleepers.

Soft Cover:

The cover is made up of 1 inch gel foam wrapped with plushy surface for a perfect and soft sleeping experience. The small bumpy surface under the cover avoids the deposition of the mattress.


The mattress is 11 inches in thickness and the base layer is 5.5 inches which adds the durability.

Free Trial Nights:

It comes with 365 nights of free trial which is maximum period and enables you to be sure before finalizing the product to be suitable for you.

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It comes with a life time warranty. Isn’t it great?


It is CentriPUR-US certified for being an eco friendly product. It is free from mercury and lead. The cover is Oeko-Tex Certified which checks the material for being hygienic on various levels.

Negative Features:


This mattress has a particular kind of odor which comes out of it. This off gassing is like that of a new car. The mattress is made up of foam basically and is vacuum sealed in a factory. This makes it slightly less preferable for people with sensitivity to odors. The smell can be nullified with proper ventilation in some days.


People who like the particular coil mattress and its springy comfort do not give a very positive feedback about its comfort. As they feel the bounce against their body weight which gives them an uncomfortable feeling.


Mark Lewis of California says that he bought the mattress for his bedroom and found it pretty comfortable for himself being a side sleeper. His wife is a combination sleeper and she also liked it.


According to the makers it has much better qualities as compared to other memory foams. This is infused with Copper which is antimicrobial and promotes blood circulation.

Positive Features:

Dual Thickness:

It is made in flip able design. One side is a softer foam and firm from other side. This feature makes it very useful .The softer side is almost 4.5 in thickness while the thicker side is 7.


It comes with money back and life time guarantee and a free trial of 120 days will be given.

Pressure Release Technology:

Its pressure release system makes it a good option to be used for people with body pains like shoulder, back and hip pain.

Temperature Regulation:

This is made under thermo gel technology which makes it a good temperature regulator.

Budget Friendly:

The price is around 850$ while it keeps on fluctuating under 1000$ during holiday season and other sale offers.

It comes in different sizes:

Twin XL is around 550 $, full size is 750 $, Cal king is 950 $, while king is 949$.

Negative Features:


It has a specific odor especially in the beginning.


The firmness is not as much satisfactory because of dual sidedness.


The official website displays some of the reviews and certifications.

According to Tuck, it is tested by the testing team and they found it to be the best mattress for the side sleepers. It is suitable for the weight of all kind of sleepers.

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According to Frederic C. a verified buyer, he and his family uses this mattress and is a comfortable option. Even the guests also feel that this Layla mattress is better than the one they are using at home.



This is pretty much suitable for all sleeping positions. It is made on “zoned technology” which is firmer from the centre and softer form edges, which makes it perfect in spinal alignment. It is 10 inches with basic poly foam layer of 5.5 inches. Above it is a 1.5 inch zoned layer which provides support. Top layer is 1.5 inch memory foam. The company comes with many options. The important features of Signature Casper Mattress are given below:

Positive Features:

All sleeping Positions:

It is softer under the shoulder so perfect for side sleepers. Zoned construction makes it firmer for the back and stomach sleepers. it is a good option for all sleeping positions including the combination ones.

Moderate thickness:

The thickness is moderate giving a moderate and balanced foamy fee while sleep.

Temperature Regulation:

The breathable and open-celled top layer material makes it to control heating up during sleep.

Budget friendly:

It comes with price range under 1000$.

Motion Transfer:

Its motion transfer is controlled which makes it ideal for couples.

Eco-friendly materials:

The eco friendly materials are used and the brand is CentriPUR-US certified.

Price Range:

It is in the moderate level in price range. Queen Size mattress is around 1195$ while largest size is  1495 $.

Free Trial Nights:

The company provides 100 nights of free trial


10 years limited warranty is offered by the brand.

Negative Features:

Compression in Edges:

It shows some compression in edges due to being a foam mattress.

Weight Unsuitability:

It is not fir enough for light weight sleepers and not enough supportive for the heavy weight ones.

Difficult After Care:

The cover is not machine washable which makes the after care somewhat difficult.


This is high quality Luxury memory foam with great pressure relieving features making it ideal for side sleepers.

Positive Features :

Temperature Regulation:

It is best to give a cooler sleeping experience. The cover is made up of Celliant, which has its particular health benefits as well.

Bio-based foam:

The materials used are more eco friendly as compared to other memory foams. CentriPur certification is available.

Motion Isolation:

It comes with motion isolation technology which makes it ideal for couples.

Negative Features:


Feedbacks about durability are not much positive.

Heavy Weight sleepers:

It is not much suitable for heavy weight sleepers as it does not hold much pressure appropriately.