Life has become pretty fast and materialized in our urban societies. People like the opportunities to enjoy the simple life style of previous decades. Camping is one such opportunity in which we get a break from our daily life in the modern world and taste the peaceful and primitive life style. Although we want to have a taste of the simple life but we still are unable to completely adapt to it. Accessories typically made for camping are commonly available in markets these days. Camping air mattresses are an essential part of the luggage packed for this trip. A good rest in essential for the bodies of people of all age groups and should not be ignored even on picnic or camping trips. People with old age and body pain patients need special air beds for camping. This is the reason people pay good attention on the type of camping air mattress they buy for them selves and their families.

Camping mattresses are to be carried in backpacks during camping so it is different from common mattresses. The main features to be considered while buying a camping air mattress are mentioned below;

  • Size of the mattress:

The size of the mattress should be chosen according to the size of the camp and the height and weight of the sleeper.

  • Weight of the mattress:

Light weight mattresses are easy to carry while heavy mattresses are much more comfortable as compared the lighter ones.

  • Inflating method:

Camping air mattresses are filled with air so need to be inflated. This inflating process could be manual, by electric pumps, battery powered pump etc. People who have to do hiking prefer hand or foot inflating mattresses while the ones who keep their cars around during camping can use the electric or battery operated inflating mattresses.

  • Price:

Markets are full with camping mattresses in each price range. You can select the mattress according to your budget and requirements.

Each quality has its own pros and cons and should be selected according to your conditions and requirements.

In this article you will get an out look about the top 5 options for camping air mattresses available in the market.

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The “SoundAsleep” is a popular brand commonly known for comfortable products. This mattress is for those who want to maximize the comfort even during camping. The pros and cons are mentioned below:

Pros of Soundasleep dream series air mattress:

  • Comfortable Internal Structure:

The Dream Series camping mattress has 40 air coils maximizing the levels of comfort and support. These coils keep the bed inflated and firm at the night providing maximum comfort.

  • Thick and water proof Upper Layer:

The upper layer is extra thick and water proof which increases its usefulness.

  • Double Height:

The height of the mattress is double as compared to others. This double foam structure makes it easy to use.

  • Durability:

The thick upper layer adds in the comfort and durability of the mattress. This layer is puncture resistant and made up of multiple layers.

  • Good quality Pump:

The pump provided with the mattress is of high quality which inflates the mattress in just 4 minutes.

  • Carry Bag:

A carry bag is added in the packing of the mattress.

  • Different Sizes:

The mattress is available in different sizes.

Cons of Soundasleep dream series air mattress:

Some features are much liked by the users:

  • Noisy Pump:

The pump is quick and efficient but it is somewhat noisy.

  • Initial PVC Stretching:

The initial PVC stretching is somewhat uncomfortable.

  • Non-compatibility with sheets:

This mattress is non compatible with many standard sheets.


This mattress also provides great comfort and luxurious night sleep even during sleep. This is usually preferable for heavy and large size sleepers. Important Features are mentioned below:

Pros of Therm-a-rest mondoking mattress:

  • Biggest Size:

This is a large sized mattress as compared to other camping mattresses. Its side walls are vertical and create 20 % more sleeping surface available.

  • Warm surface:
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The material and surface is created specifically to maximize the warm feeling during sleep. Upper surface is made up of 75D polyester with urethane foam in the base.

  • Quick Inflating Valves:

It is with dual valves which make the inflating quicker. This is self-inflating.

  • Compressibility:

It is easily compressible and can be carried easily.

  • Carry Bag:

This comes with a stuff sack which makes it easily packable.

Cons of Therm-a-rest mondoking mattress:

The mattress is a good product but some features are not much positive;

  • Un suitability for Sensitive skinned people:

The upper material is some what unsuitable for people with skin issues and sensitivity.

  • Price:

The price level is some what higher as compared to others in the market.


This is an option with multiple features. You can use it as a camping air bed as well as an emergency bed for guests. It is a good option for any kind of camper. Some of important features are given below:

  • Detachable cot and size tables:

The mattress comes with elevated cot, which can be used or removed according to the circumstances. The size tables can be used to keep the important stuff which is not available in any other camping mattress.

  • Support:

It provides support of up to 600 pounds so it is suitable even for heavy sleepers and multiple sleepers.

  • Durability:

The raised cot frame makes it a leak and cut free product. It also adds to the durability.

  • Safety Maximization:

The product provides safety during sleep as compared to ordinary flat mattresses. This is a much needed feature during camping. It remains higher from ground, so also keeps the sleeper warm.

Cons of Therm-a-rest mondoking mattress:

  • Refilling Requirement:

When more than one heavy sleeper is using the mattress it needs to be refilled.

  • Cot:

The cot is some what unsuitable to be taken to the camping; anyways this is detachable and can be left at home.


The AeroBed Queen 18 inches Double Height mattress comes with head board.  This is suitable for people who have large to medium space and want to do not want to compromise on comfort. Important features are mentioned below:

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Pros of AeroBed Queen Mattress:

  • Built-in AC pump:

This comes with a built-in AC pump which allows automatic inflation.

  • Comfort Adjusting Wand:

The mattress comes with an in-build wand, through which you can adjust the comfort level according to your requirement.

  • Durable Material:

The material is thick and puncture resistant and can withstand rough usage.

  • Breathable Material:

The upper material is durable yet breathable to ensure the circulation of air and prevent body heating during sleep.

  • Head Board:

The mattress comes with integrated headboard which can be inflated or deflated.

  • Double Height:

The mattress comes in double height which makes it a good option for camping.

Cons of of AeroBed Queen Mattress:

  • Expensive Product:

The product gets somewhat expensive due to its feature of being durable.

  • Slippery Surface:

The material is slippery which gets uncomfortable according to some reviews.


This mattress is a decently comfortable yet easy to carry option. It is preferable for professional hikers who do not want to carry a fancy mattress.

Pros of LightSpeed Outdoors deluxe TPU airbed:

  • High Portability:

The mattress is made up of small light material which is easy to carry and a light weight product.

  • Easy Inflating DC Pump:

It comes with Internal DC pump to allow easy inflation.

  • Stabilizer system:

The mattress comes with a stabilizer to adjust the comfort level.

  • Pressure management:

The mattress is thin but comes with a patented pressure managing mechanism. There are 192 connectors for the pressure management.

  • Leak Prevention:

There is only single seam running internally which decreases the risks of leakage.

  • ECO Friendly material:

The mattress is made up of eco-friendly material TPU.

Cons of LightSpeed Outdoors deluxe TPU airbed:

  • Lower Height:

The only con observed is its lower height, so it rests nearer to the ground which makes it a somewhat uncomfortable option for comfort loving campers.


The people who love camping have a wide range of mattress varieties available in the market. With the different types of camping mattresses available in market, this hobby is surely much more comfortable and enjoyable as compared to the past. You can select a camping air mattress according to your camping mode, weight, comfort preference, camp size and budget.